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The "Power of the Primes" figures have begun to appear at retail, mostly due to intrepid fans using a combination of Target DCPI codes (which Tformers has kindly listed here) and The Brickseek Target inventory checker. (Read more...)

With the Earth military more hostile than ever towards Transformers, Bumblebee has joined Cade Yeager to defend Cybertronians in need. When the Decepticons return however, he must join his fellow Autobots to defend Earth once again! Today's review takes a look at the first Premier Edition Bumblebee from "The Last Knight".

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Have you figured out the upcoming bot from the Easter Egg we left in the Halloween image on Facebook? If not, be sure to check out our Facebook page for one last treat before learning about Shockwave’s new plot this weekend.

Close Encounters

Fearing an unscheduled rapid disassembly by Megatron when he heard that the Quintesson Fear Virus couldn't be weaponized, Shockwave quickly hatched a new plot!

The new and improved plan involves wings, mass-hypnosis, and VICTORY!!!

Event type: Individual Totaliser
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With the Black Panther Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic and movie–based Marvel characters. Each 6 and 12-inch scale Black Panther Legends Series figure is highly articulated and features a movie or comic-inspired design, making them another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends Series.

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Cybertron lies damaged after the Combiner Wars. As the Cybertronians work together to repair the damage, a new and ancient threat arises! Check out my review of the first episode of "Titans Return": "Aftermath and Rebirth".

This weekend's reveal of official Masterpiece Dinobot photos has sparked a ton of discussion online about the figure. Many fans are in agreement that the robot mode looks great, but many are also questioning why it is so big. Photos of MP Dinobot with MP Optimus Primal and Cheetus (aka Cheetor) show that Dinobot is much taller than his fellow Maximals.

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The other day it was revealed that fans were beginning to find many of the (former) Walmart exclusive "Autobots Unite" figures at discount chains such as Ross. It seemed that perhaps Walmart had given up on the line. However, the "Autobots Unite" line may still have some life left in it at Walmart after all! (Read more...)

Today's reveal of official Masterpiece Dinobot photos has fans around the world talking. The photos show a triumph of engineering and shows how far we have come since the mid-90's in Transformers engineering. However, in an attempt to ensure fan interest in this figure, Takara Tomy has released an awesome video that shows off not only the Masterpiece Dinobot figure, but also shows the key scenes from "Beast Wars" that influenced the design of the figure! Check out the video in the embed below:

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Several Transformers news sources have revealed official images of the upcoming Masterpiece Dinobot figure including Taghobby (which appears to be the original source). These are the clearest shots yet of the Predacon-turned-Maximal from "Beast Wars" and the photos help explain some of the $250 USD price point he is averaging for in most shops. The figure towers above Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Cheetor, so his size is substantial. The seeming complexity of the transformation also appears to be a factor. (Read more...)

Starting in 2017, Hasbro continued the line of "Movie Masterpiece" figures that began with the 2010 release of the Leader Class Starscream figure as a Masterpiece in Japan with new sculpts featuring Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Now thank to a new post on Hasbro Pulse it has been revealed the Movie Masterpiece series will continue with Barricade! Featuring the character as seen in the original "Transformers" live action film, there are a lot of details revealed. (Read more...)

Earlier this year it was revealed that Walmart would be carrying an exclusive sub-line of figures tying in to "The Last Knight" under the banner "Autobots Unite". Bumblebee and Hot Rod were to be the feature characters in this line. (Read more...)

The talented and long time Transformers artist Guido Guidi has revealed the artwork for a new Japanese Transformers Blu-Ray set on his Twitter page! This gorgeous artwork has a classic, G1 Sundbow vibe. This set features a Blu-Ray release of the pre and post "Transformers: The Movie" episodes. There is no information on which cuts of the episodes these would be (there are various ones out there such as the Rhino versions with "extra" sound effects).

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Laser Prime is a triple changing Titan Master threat to any Decepticons who threaten the freedom of sentient beings! Wrapping up my reviews of the "Chaos on Velocitron" set, check out my look at Laser Prime!


Heihachi Mishima is one of the main and most recognized characters in the Tekken series and is the first Tekken 7 character to be released by Storm Collectibles! $64.99

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Experience the conclusion of the Triple Changer saga and learn how Rodimus Prime and Motormaster are created and what the community chosen ability will be for each of these new bots!

Triple Threat

One Quintesson, crippling fear, and hundreds of snapping jaws is more than Springer and Astrotrain can handle…

It’s time for Plan B: tactical retreat! Time to disengage and fly away!

After all, there’s a lot to be explained about the Triple Threats of Quintessa.

Event type: Alliance Leaderboard
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The Prime Wars Trilogy continues! Following the Combiner Wars, the Titans return to Cybertron to cause new levels of mayhem! Check out the trailer posted by Machinima today on Facebook to get a hint at what is to come. "Titans Return" debuts on go90 November 14, 2017.

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Long before Cybertron arrived on Earth, Hot Rod was on Earth trying to defend the innocent side by side with Bumblebee. In more recent years he has served as Vivian Wembly's hidden protector, only revealing himself when Cybertron threatened the entire world. Today I bring you a look at "The Last Knight" Hot Rod!

"Transformers: The Last Knight" concept artist Furio Tedeschi has posted some awesome concept art from "The Last Knight" to his Instagram account. You may recall Tedeschi's work from the Optimus Primal concept art revealed earlier this year. This time out we get an early look at Hot Rod. (Read more...)

This past weekend reports began to circulate online that "Titans Return" Arcee was going to be cancelled. Thankfully it turns out this was more an administrative issue with how Toys 'R' Us was charging people rather than them not actually carrying the figure.

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Thanks to the folks over at TFCN on Facebook, fans now have in package photos of "Power of the Primes" Grimlock, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime to stare at as we get closer to the end of "Titans Return" and the beginning of the third chapter in the Prime Wars Trilogy! Want to see more of these awesome figures? Check out my coverage from both HasCon and New York Comic-Con 2017.

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