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The Official Transformers Facebook page has posted an image teasing Saturday's episode of "Robots in Disguise". The "First Decepticon" of course refers to Megatronus, a character who has been the center of Toys R Us' current "Clash of the Transformers" toy line.

The Transformers Collector's Club has updated its Twitter feed with a close up look at the render for Thunder Mayhem's head sculpt! Thunder Mayhem is the Combiner formed by the Mayhem Attack Squad and is part of the fourth iteration of the club's subscription service. Tweet is embedded below:

Cyclonus always stands by Galvatron's side, but that doesn't mean he is not a potent force all by himself. Not only is he a powerful warrior, but he can mind control other Transformers into combining with him to form the titanic Galvatronus! Check out my review of Voyager Class Cyclonus from "Combiner Wars"!

Amazon Japan has put up several new listings for upcoming "Transformers Adventure" figures. "Adventure" is the Japanese version of the "Robots in Disguise" (2015) series and features sculpts pulled from various lines including "Generations" and "Animated". The new listings include:

Bumblebee Supreme Mode (TAV 29)
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When Bumblebee needs stealth, he dons his Night Ops armor making him almost undetectable to Decepticon sensors! Combined with his speed and battle sword this makes him the perfect 'bot for almost any mission. This morning's review brings you a look at One Step Changer Night Ops Bumblebee!

The news for "Transformers Devastation", the upcoming video game from Activision keeps on coming! This time out it's a video focusing on the awesome moves of Sideswipe, the Autobot warrior! Check it out in the embed below:

Check out this Sideswipe gameplay footage from Transformers: Devastation.

Posted by Transformers Game on Friday, August 28, 2015

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Q Transformers is a cute sub-line exclusive to Japan that focuses on releasing characters old and new in adorable, super deformed vehicle and robot modes. Up until now the Q Transformers have primarily been cute land vehicles like cars and trucks. Now thanks to Takara Tomy Mall we have a look at the first set of Seeker Jets in the line! Representing the original trio of Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker, these three figures use the same base body - but each has a distinct face sculpt! (Read more...)

Ben's World of Transformers sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up its listing for Masterpiece Thundercracker. The item is now available for pre-order with a ship date of December 2015. Help support Ben's World of Transformers by putting in your preorder at BBTS today!

Toys R Us has put up a listing for "Robots in Disguise" (2015) Stomp & Chomp Grimlock. Fans who played with the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app knew this toy was coming since he appeared as a playable character in the game. (Read more...)

The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed the Combiner for the Mayhem Attack Squad! Check out the attached image and their blurb below:

"We Are THUNDER MAYHEM! The Combined mode of the Mayhem Attack Squad has been revealed! Can Impactor stand a chance against the might of this powerful Decepticon? Get these 6 EXCLUSIVE Combiner Wars figures ONLY from the TCC. Order your set now at"


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When Drift and Fracture face off in battle, they quickly deploy their Mini-Cons. Sawback and Slipstream are ready to defend the innocent from the evil Divebomb and Dragonus!

Nacelle may seem absent minded at times as he works away inside a laboratory, but he has created many advances in Seeker design including the modified wing and head designs for the likes of Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. Check out my review of Nacelle from the Transformers Collector's Club!

The Autobot known as Drift is a famous bounty hunter, but he does not do his job alone. He sees part of his job as training Mini-Cons to their full potential and they in turn help him capture his prey! Check out my review of Deployer Drift and Jetstorm!

Continuing its reveal event for the Mayhem Attack Squad, The Transformers Collector's Club has posted its latest reveal: Bludgeon! Bludgeon is a retool and redeco of the upcoming Onslaught figure. He will feature new head sculpts for both the robot and combiner! From the looks of the mock up, the regular head is based on the head from the G1 Bludgeon robot. I'm looking forward to this guy and I can't wait to see the Combiner head!

Platinum Dunes has released a new video from "Transformers Devastation"! This time out the video focuses on the Autobots and their abilities in battle. Some interesting moves include Grimlock's "cannonball" (similar to "Robots in Disguise" Grimlock's) and a rapid stomp to smash his enemies into the ground. Sideswipe also has swords, another "Robots in Disguise" tie in and Wheeljack gets to use his...well, watch the video to find out!

Logical and one of the most brilliant tactical minds among the Autobots, Prowl is an invaluable asset in the battle against the Decepticons! He may not be the most pleasant Autobot to talk to, but he always gets the job done. Check out my review of "Combiner Wars" Prowl!

While some fathers may be content going into Toys R Us and buying a Transformers action figure for their son, this father decided that wasn't enough! Using a pile of spare parts from various cars Wang Liansheng built a giant Bumblebee inspired statue for his son! The eyes light up and it's strong enough to support the weight of a grown man which makes it extra impressive in my book. Check out the original article for more photos of this awesome art piece!

As a kid one of my favorite parts of watching morning or afternoon cartoons were Transformers toy commercials. In recent years these are harder to come across and some of them don't quite have the punch of the ones from the 80's. Then you have this "Combiner Wars" commercial featuring Defensor and Menasor! Dynamic, action packed and fun, this commercial totally makes the fanboy in me squee a bit. Check it out!


In the Premium Color Edition, Trunks’ coloring is applied with the ultimate care, bringing out details that could not be recreated before. Trunks comes with interchangeable hair parts for changing from normal to Super Saiyan, as well as interchangeable hands, interchangeable face parts, and swords. $45.99

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