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Freed of being contained within Soundwave, Rumble rolls along the streets of Earth causing havoc wherever he goes. Check out my review for the unreleased Go-Bot Rumble from Generation 2!

Two heads are better than one, or so Twinferno believes! This monstrous Autobot is a heroic warrior armed with flame swords to take down Decepticons who stand in his way! Today my review brings you something a bit different, a review and gallery of "Robots in Disguise" Twinferno!

Orion Pax was a young Autobot who only knew peace during the Golden Age of Cybertron. Once the Decepticons started the Great War, Orion was upgraded into Optimus Prime at the hands of Alpha Trion! Check out my review of Leader Class Optimus Prime from "Power of the Primes"!

Before Botcon 2016's theme was switched to "Combiner Wars", Fun Publications had planned on a very different boxed set focusing on the "Beast Wars Uprising" storyline. Now thanks to Pete's Robot Convention we now have a look at what could have been! Here's the description from the Facebook post:

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Cyclonus and his team are on the cusp of their greatest victory, conquering Cybertron and expanding the Decepticon Empire. However when Team Bee shows up to stop them they combine into the powerful Galvatronus to smash their enemies once and for all! Check out my review of the "Robots in Disguise" Galvatronus boxed set.

For fans who have wondered "What's next?" in the world of Takara Tomy Masterpiece figures, Dengeki Hobby has released photos of Shadow Panther, a redeco of Masterpiece Cheetor! Long time fans may recall that the original Cheetor figure was given a black and silver deco in Japan and released as "Shadow Panther" (who many people used as a substitute for Ravage until the X-9 Ravage figure was released). Now fans will be able to take their "Beast Wars" collection to the next level with Shadow Panther in Masterpiece form!

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Last month photos of 4.5 inch scale "Authentics" figures were released on Amazon. These figures appear to be lower priced figures that are aimed at younger kids and appear to be aimed at discount stores like Family Dollar or Dollar General. The initial line up featured Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream. Now a different size class of these figures has been revealed via Hasbro's web site: 7 inch figures! These are not only larger, but appear to feature more articulation than their 4.5 inch counterparts. (Read more...)

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Play this weekend's event to witness the start of a new saga and win Energon, Boosters and Crystal Shards!

Heavenly Signals

Something strange is happening in the sky and this time it’s not Cosmos’ fault!

Earth’s orbit is being disrupted by powerful signals of unknown origin while the very fabric of spacetime rips apart.

Something -or someone- is forcing its way to planet Earth!

Event type: Individual Totaliser
Start Date: 19/01/2018 11:00 UTC
End Date: 22/01/2018 11:00 UTC
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Collect each Acid Rain 1/18 and 1/28 scale vehicles and figures from Ori Toy and Beaver! Each scaled military-style collectible features interchangeable parts, weapons, and accessories.

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In the latter days of Generation 2, a set of Go-Bots figures were planned but never released in their original forms. One of these eventually came out as Spychanger Side Burn and Jazz, but today I bring you a look at its original release "Black Viper"!

Grimlock is the powerful leader of the Dinobots. At his core he is believes in defending the innocent and Autobot ideals, but his methods sometimes shock his fellow Autobots! Check out my review of "Power of the Primes" Grimlock!

Shockdrive and Warnado are enough trouble for the Autobots individually, but when they crash combine they form the powerful Shocknado who uses his electricity based powers to fry his enemy's circuits! Start your day off with a look at my review of "Robots in Disguise" Shocknado!

Honorable, brave and valiant, Silverbolt embodies a lot of the ideals of the Maximals. Unfortunately he is sometimes a bit too trusting and naive which can lead him into a world of trouble! Today I have restored my review of "Beast Wars" Silverbolt complete with new commentary and photos!

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Witness the conclusion of the saga and fight on this weekend's event Leaderboard for a chance to unlock a 3 or 4-Star Rodimus Prime or Motormaster!

Power Beyond Measure

The tides of battle change as an unexpected contestant jumps into battle. A new leader and a new hope for the Autobots: Rodimus Prime!

The new Prime faces Motormaster's destruction derby the only way a bot knows…

Bot vs. Bot and Wheels vs. Wheels! The Real King of the Road will be declared today!

Event type: Alliance Leaderboard
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Before the Beast Wars Dinobot was a Predacon follower of Megatron. However after losing a challenge to Megatron he wound up joining the Maximals, becoming one of their most powerful warriors and loyal ally. I have restored my review of "Beast Wars" Dinobot complete with new commentary and photos on the figure. Enjoy!

Thanks to the kind folks at Hasbro and Rogers & Cowan Ben's World of Transformers now has official images and information on the upcoming Movie Masterpiece Ironhide action figure! In an interesting change, this item appears to be a general release instead of a Toys 'R' Us exclusive. Check out the official description and attached images.

Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Ironhide MPM-6
(Ages 8 and up/ Approx. Retail Price: $XX.XX/Available: Fall ‘18)

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The Hollywood Reporter has posted an exclusive article announcing the casting of Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy) in the upcoming "Power of the Primes" cartoon which concludes the Prime Wars Trilogy.

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If you have been wondering who the next Movie Masterpiece figure will be, you are in luck! At a press conference in Hong Kong last night, Hasbro revealed Ironhide will be joining Barricade, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in the Movie Masterpiece line. Thanks to ToysTV 玩具TV we have video of this reveal. Ironhide transforms into an officially licensed Topkick pickup truck and features a 45 step transformation! Other neat features include an articulated mouth and finger articulation. Hopefully Hasbro will send over official information on this soon!

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While many of his fellow Dinobots are surly, Swoop is much more good natured and positive. However his beast mode terrifies his enemies, something he takes full advantage of as he blasts them from the sky! Today I bring you my review of "Power of the Primes" Dinobot Swoop!

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