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Fellow Transformers fan Ren Gayas has reported on Cybertron Philippines that he has found "Titans Return" Ramhorn at a Five Below store in New Hyde Park, NY for $3! Five Below stores sometimes receive product that did not make it into wider release, but this is the first time they have received anything in quite some time. (Read more...)

The Official Transformers Facebook page has posted a new fan vote! Unlike previous years where the fan vote involved a survey or breaking down a new character by colors and so on, this one gets right to the heart of the matter, asking for fans to vote on a versus pack featuring an Autobot or Decepticon! The choices are:

  • #ImpactorVsMirage
  • #NeedlenoseVsTracks
  • #SpinisterVsWheeljack

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Hasbro has provided Ben's World of Transformers with official renders and artwork for the upcoming "Studio Series" Transformers sub-line. Here is Hasbro's official description of the series:

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The Prime Wars Trilogy concludes this year with "Power of the Primes". Bringing together various play patterns including Pretenders, Combining and "Evolution" figures this line has already been warmly received by fans since last year when the figures first hit retail! Check out the official images and artwork from the new reveals along with official product descriptions below!

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Hasbro has provided Ben's World of Transformers with official photos and product descriptions of the upcoming Cyberverse figures. Cyberverse is the series replacing "Robots in Disguise" as the "kid-centric" line of Transformers focusing on kids who have graduated from "Rescue Bots". This line focuses heavily on G1-based characters and action features. Check out these images and descriptions!

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The Transformers Studio Series was officially announced today during Hasbro's Toy Fair 2018 Preview event. While this line is not due out in force until April of 2018, a small supply of the first wave of Deluxe figures has been made available for purchase on HasbroToyShop ahead of their regular release! I have linked to the listings below along with adding the official images right from HasbroToyShop!

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Hong Kong based Flame Toys was on hand at Toy Fair 2018 in the Javitz Center and revealed a series of model kits based on Transformers characters. These non-transformable kits focus on design and exaggerated proportions over transformation but they do look rather slick. Among the characters they had on hand were Optimus Prime, Tarn, Starscream, Star Saber and Drift. A Bumblebee and Hound are also planned. The target launch date for these 1:144 scale models is September 2018. (Read more...)

At Hasbro's Showroom during Toy Fair 2018 Transformers team member John Warden gave an overview of Predaking! Check out the video below:

Hasbro has provided Ben's World of Transformers with official images of upcoming Rescue Bots products! Check out these official images and product descriptions below:

TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS 2018 Product Descriptions

(HASBRO/ Ages 3-7 years/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/ Available: Spring 2018
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Today fan media gathered in Times Square, New York City to see what Hasbro has to offer from its key collector brands in 2018. Transformers was among them and Ben's World of Transformers was on hand to snap pics of items for your viewing pleasure! Follow the links below to check out each of my Facebook albums filled with Transformers goodness!

Thanks to the Official Transformers Facebook Page we now have official renders of upcoming (and current) "Power of the Primes" releases including the recently released Wave 2 figures and Optimal Optimus! This also gives us a look at Predaking and the next wave of Prime Masters including Bludgeon and Octopunch. I will be uploading my own photos this evening so stay tuned!

Thanks to the Official Transformers Facebook page fans now have official renders of the upcoming "Studio Series" to check out. The Studio Series uses the CG files straight from Paramount as the basis for a series of new figures celebrating the history of the live action Transformers films. Stay tuned for my own photos of these beautiful figures coming soon!

Ahead of BWTF's visit to the Hasbro showroom, fellow fan and intrepid shutterbug Steve Kushnir has provided BWTF with photos of upcoming Transformers products by Super 7! Known for their large scale figures with a nod towards nostalgia, some of these newly revealed figures call back to the Decoys of Generation One while others are more like the vinyl "garage kits" of days past. Check out the photos below!

Years ago Hasbro released a series of vinyl figures inspired by popular brands like Kidrobot called Mighty Muggs. These figures all shared the same basic construction, but their deco allowed the generic bodies to represent various characters (I a few of them back then for your reference).

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Yesterday it was revealed by Dengeki Hobby that Masterpiece Prowl would be given a new deco based on his appearance in the G1 cartoon show. According to Dengeki Hobby, the Japanese release will be a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive. However now thanks to a pre-order listing on Entertainment Earth it appears this figure will also be released in the United States!

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Decepticon Pounce is not the most pleasant Decepticon to be around. Anti-social and generally unlikable, his value is in his willingness to take on missions other Decepticons refuse to do. Check out my review of Pounce from the "Siege on Cybertron" boxed set!


The Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics Displates are gallery-quality giclées printed onto thick metal plates. Each Displate includes a magnetic mounting system for easy hanging and swapping. Each Displate comes in three different sizes. $54.99

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Hasbro is not the only venue releasing toy news this week. Dengeki Hobby has revealed that Takara Tomy will be releasing a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive redeco of Masterpiece Prowl in cartoon colors! This mainly means the windows will be blue and he no longer says "Highway Patrol" on the doors. In addition to his rifle he will also have the two (non functioning) missile launchers to go over his shoulders. These can also attach to the figure in vehicle mode.

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The Official Transformers Facebook page has posted several new images featuring renders of the upcoming "Cyberverse" figures. While most of these renders were already seen in today's io9 article, some of these reveals are new including Warrior Class Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as well as a wider look at the Scout Class and their action features!

All images mirrored here are from the Official Transformers Facebook page.

With Toy Fair coming this weekend, toy reveals have been popping up for many toy lines online. Now Transformers has its turn with io9's reveal of Transformers Cyberverse! Taking the place of "Robots in Disguise", this G1 inspired series will focus on Bumblebee regaining his memory. (Read more...)

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