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Since the character's introduction in Generation One, Grimlock has always been a potent force of destruction and sheer will! With his dinosaur mode he stomps enemies before showing them his battle prowess in robot mode! Today's review takes a look at the Cyber Battalion Grimlock from "Generations"!

Earlier this summer it was announced that Hasbro would be re-releasing Masterpiece Starscream in a new color scheme as part of the ongoing releases of Masterpiece figures as Toys R Us exclusives. This time out Starscream's deco appears to be based more on his animated counterpart than the 2007 version.

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Earlier this year it was announced that The Transformers Collector's Club would be releasing G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover figures. Now the first set of these figures has been released!

Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker (aka Afterburner)
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TF Yuki has opened up his toy box again and this time he's taken a pic of the upcoming "Legends" release of Ultra Magnus alongside his "Prime" counterpart and the recently released TAV21 Optimus Prime! The photo shows off some major color differences from the U.S. release including white weapons, more deco on the legs and Autobot symbols on the shoulders. I'm really excited about this release and I can't wait to see it in person!

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Those who face Rattrap see a wise cracking, dimunitive Maximal and think that he will be easy prey. However Rattrap is no easy mark. With a combination of skill, bravery and gadgets at his disposal, he has proven himself formidable many times on and off the battlefield! Check out my review of "Generations" Rattrap!

Long time "Transformers" fans know Andrew Wildman whose work spans from "Generation One" to IDW Publishing's "ReGeneration One" title. Recently he launched a Patreon age where you help fund an artist and in exchange you get access to exclusive content. His current project is doing sketches of every character who had a profile in Marvel's "Transformers Universe" series! Check out his page to see samples of his art and how to support him!

Starscream has always been ambitious, whether he was a scientist or warrior he always hungered for more - sometimes beyond his own abilities. Whether he succeeds or not, he is always a force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield! Today's review brings you a look at the elusive Cyber Battalion Starscream!

In a surprise reveal Takara Tomy Mall has posted a listing for an exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker with the number designation MP-11T! This version is based on his appearance in the animated series, giving him lighter blue colors than the 2012 Toys R Us Exclusive. Thundercracker costs 14,904 Yen (approximately $120.45 USD) and is due for release in November 2015. (Read more...)

This is a reminder that today is the day HasbroToyShop is due to list exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 for sale on its site! Items of interest for Transformers fans include the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Devastator (you can read reviews here), the "Combiner Hunters" set featuring Arcee, Chromia and Windblade and the "Class of 1985" KRE-O set, a follow up to last year's sold out "Class of 1984" set!

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Taking a break from his recent focus on "Unite Warriors", TF Yuki has posted a couple photos featuring the newly released TAV 21 Optimus Prime figure and it is huge! This figure stands shoulder to shoulder with "Unite Warriors" Superion and is about half the height of Titan Class Devastator! This figure doesn't just have height. It is also full of features including light up parts and the ability to fit a Warrior Class figure in its trailer in vehicle form!

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Rodimus isn't the ideal soldier. He doesn't always follow orders, he often takes on more than he can handle alone. However, within this Autobot beats the heart of an honorable and capable leader. With experience this is Autobot will one day be a warrior that the Decepticons should fear! Today's review brings you a look at Legends Class Rodimus.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's major Takara Tomy Mall update, the ever awesome TF Yuki has posted a new image featuring the upcoming Deluxe Groove with his smaller Legends scale U.S. counterpart and the upcoming Override redeco of Legends Groove! It looks like a fun meeting of the Groove sculpts with Legends Groove and Override shaking hands.

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Yesterday it was revealed that there would be a boxed set of Platinum Edition Dinobots. Many people were disappointed that they appeared to just be repackaged "Age of Extinction" Dinobots from SDCC 2014. However, thanks to Hobbybase we now have a clearer look at these figures and it turns out they all have new heads! Each head is based on the G1 "counterpart" of those "Age of Extinction" sculpts.

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Takara Tomy Mall has put up listings for new products that are beginning to go up for preorder at retailers online. The items include a mix of "Transformers Adventure" and the super cute "Q Transformers". These include:

Last year rumors floated around the web about a 2015 reissue of Dinoots. Some fans held out hopes that this meant the G1 Dinobots would finally see some type of reissue. Last night weibo user Alucardlee put up a photo revealing the Dinobot set and it is not a reissue of G1 Dinobots. Instead, it appears to be a repackaged set of the Dinobots sold at SDCC 2014 (you can see my reviews of those Dinobots here). (Read more...)

Garry Chalk has been a part of Transformers since he voiced Optimus Primal in Beast Wars. If you're attending TFCon, you'll get a chance to meet him! From their Facebook page:

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Hero of Steel Optimus Prime is a stylized non transforming figure with over 40 points of articulation. He stands 9 inches tall and will include some die-cast parts. $139.99

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General Optimus Prime is one of the many Primes given amnesty to be part of the Axiom Nexus. There, he manages security with Sgt. Hound in the Lowetech area where refugees from other realities live their lives until they can be returned to where they belong. Check out my review of General Optimus Prime!

Thanks to the awesome TF Yuki, fans now have a new look at the upcoming "Unite Warriors" Menasor boxed set! Like the recently released Superion boxed set, five Stunticons will be packaged in this set. Staying true to the G1 roots of the character the Brake-Neck/Wildrider sculpt is included in place of Offroad in the set. The photos show off the box art for the set and the giant combined in both "Combiner Wars" style and "G1" style. (Read more...)

Dear fellow fans,

In 1997, I started Ben's World of Transformers out of a love for Transformers born in 1984 after getting my first set of G1 toys (which included Ravage, Rumble and Sunstreaker). After years of communicating with fans over snail mail, the web finally gave me a chance to express my love for Transformers to a wider audience. Through my site and the old newsgroup I made friends and met people who remain friends to this day.

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