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Bumblebee is on the run and in hiding, but when a young human named Charlie Watson finds him he sets off on a whole new adventure! Kick off your Saturday with a look at my review and gallery of "Studio Series" Bumblebee from the upcoming "Bumblebee" movie!

Watch company G-Shock and Takara Tomy have officially announced a new collaboration bringing two famous brands together: G-Shock and Transformers! While this was leaked a few days ago, we now have clear photos and information right from Takara Tomy's web site! This Optimus Prime figure transforms into a "Resonant Mode" which is really a stand for the watch. There are two versions of the figure:

Tricking Autobots always puts a smile on the face of Barricade. When he sees an Autobot or one of their wretched human friends, he converts into a police car to attack his prey when they least expect it! This morning's review brings you a look at Nitro Series Barricade from the "Bumblebee" movie.


Intergalactic guardian of Sector 2814, John Stewart, is presented in his Green Lantern Corps uniform - intricately detailed and featuring a 3D chest insignia. This figure features a real light-up Power Battery lantern as used by the Green Lantern Corps to recharge their power rings. Activate the light-up feature by placing the right fisted hand in the recess of the lantern. $80.00

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The long-awaited new Triple Changers are arriving in the game! Battle hard this weekend for a chance to get Sandstorm or Octone!

Apex Predator
Fight this event to unlock a 2, 3 or 4-Star Sandstorm or Octone and get:

- Up to 2,000 Premium Shards
- Up to 1,500 3-Star Shards
- Up to 800 4-Star Shards
- Up to 25 Mk3 Battle Boosters
- And Bonus XP per Battle!

Want more? Go for the extra mile and unlock extra Spark from the hardest tiers and rank among the TOP 500 Alliances for guaranteed rewards!

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The BotBots have begun to make into the wild via Amazon in the US (and stores in Asia). One of the first packs released are the "Techie Team" packs including two members of the Techie Team with members from the other teams thrown in for fun (and to encourage trading). Today I kick off my BotBots reviews with a look at the "Techie Team" Pack #2 which includes:

Paramount Pictures has released a new poster for the upcoming "Bumblebee" live action movie. The poster has a very retro quality to it, showing Bumblebee, Charlie and Agent Burns in the sky over the Golden Gate Bridge.

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.

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After a couple weeks of the new "Siege" Transformers figures starting to make their way into the hands of fans across the United States, BWTF affiliate Entertainment Earth has put up pre-orders for the first wave of figures! Even better? They have the first wave of Deluxes in stock now! The Battlemasters are out of stock but once the link is up I will add it to the list below. Follow the links below to order your figures and support BWTF!

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In October 2018 Hasbro gathered select Fan Media outlets in New York City to not only see the upcoming "Transformers: Siege" but also to experience these figures firsthand! Check out my report from the Hasbro "Transformers: Siege" unboxing event.

In the past few years, Metal Earth put out a series of Transformers model kits. These were based on G1 versions of characters like Optimus Prime and Soundwave. Each was made out of metal and offered quite a challenge to assemble. Fast forward to 2018 and the are following up these model kits with Metal Earth Legends. These are stylized, super-deformed style figures featuring characters such as Bumblebee, Soundwave and Shockwave. (Read more...)

"The Goldbergs" is an American sitcom that started in 2013. Set in the 80's, this show follows Adam and his life partly told through reenactments of videos series producer and creator Adam F. Goldberg recorded during his childhood. Naturally, for any kid in the 80's toys would come into play. Among the various toys shown on this program are Transformers! "The Goldbergs" has shown Transformers figures before, even working them into a storyline in one episode. Now the Robots in Disguise have appeared again!

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Space Ape has released details for this weekend's "Earth Wars" Alliance event! Check them out below:

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

5-Star Shards event this weekend and 5-Star Legacy Crystals are arriving in the game!


Gather your Alliance members and take part in this weekend's event to win:

- Up to 3,000,000 Energon and Alloy
- Up to 30,000 Spark
- Up to 3,000 Premium Crystal Shards
- Up to 600 5-Star Shards
- Up to 60 Guardian Crystals each containing 5, 4 or 3-Star Shards!

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With the release of Optimal Optimus and all the announced Amazon exclusives for the Prime Trilogy, it seemed to many fans (yours truly included) that the "Power of the Primes" was over, especially with "Siege" figures beginning to show up at US retail. However, two new listings on the Midtown Comics web site reveal two more figures are on their way! The listings are:

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Violent and nearly uncontrollable at times, Twin Twist is an unusual Autobot that even Optimus Prime sometimes expresses concern about. Good thing he's on their side! Check out my review and gallery of "Titans Return" Twin Twist.

The Official Transformers TCG Facebook Page has posted images of the main characters from the upcoming Metroplex expansion pack! These cards feature beautiful artwork including a look at Scamper and Sixgun. This expansion will include a 40-card deck of battle cards including three battle cards--Rally the City, Height Advantage and Protected by Metroplex. The set is due for release on November. 21, 2018.

The menacing Acid Storm aids the evil Deceptions seeker jets by showering enemies with toxic rain. Today's review and gallery bring you a look at "Cyberverse" Acid Storm.

Actor and singer Hailee Steinfeld has released a new song from the "Bumblebee" movie soundtrack titled "Back to Life". Steinfeld plays the role of Charlie in the film, teaming up with Bumblebee to foil a Decepticon plot. Steinfeld is also a singer, making her a perfect choice to provide a song for the film.

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Wreck-Gar is the leader of the Junkions, a mysterious race of robots who are seemingly indestructible. Speaking mostly in radio and TV clips, Wreck-Gar is a very unusual Autobot ally! Check out my review and gallery of the newly released Walgreens exclusive Wreck-Gar!

Pop Culture Shock has revealed its exclusive version of their G1 Starscream statue due in 2020! Right from their web site, here is the description of the statue which includes an exclusive hand with Megatron's gun that you can swap out!

“I will rule the universe, even if I am the only one left in the universe.”

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Transformers fans know actor Blu Mankuma from his work as Tigatron on "Beast Wars Transformers". His credits also include shows like "Robocop: Alpha Commando" and "Sabrina's Secret Life". Unfortunately Mankuma is going through some rough times and a fundraiser has been set up to help him out. Here is Blue' story:

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