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One of the most fun features revealed about Titan Class Trypticon during Toy Fair is his ability to literally EAT Titan Master figures! The designers worked hard to make sure his "esophagus" could accommodate the small figures. Check out this video from Toy Fair demonstrating this fun feature!

Thanks to Hasbro, BWTF presents you with a look at the opening sequence for "Robots in Disguise" season 3. The changes are minor but there are a couple quick shots that allude to "Combiner Force". Check it out in the embed below.

During Saturday's Hasbro presentation, fans were very quickly shown turnarounds of the animation models used for Ultrabee and Menasor in season three of "Robots in Disguise". It is not often fans have the chance to see animation models like this so this is a nice way to look over details of these characters from different angles. Check out the two videos in the embeds below:


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At Saturday's presentation by Hasbro it was revealed that "Combiner Force" would be the theme of "Robots in Disguise" season 3. Of course this means fans will be getting Combiners in "Robots in Disguise"! These Combiners will come in boxed sets that will retail for about $30 USD.

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While the "Generations" segment of the Transformers toy line has moved away from Combiners, the younger skewing "Robots in Disguise" is just getting started with them! This upcoming season will feature Combiners as a major component of the story arc. Hasbro has shared two of these animation models. The first is "Ultrabee" who is made up of the core Team Bumblebee members: Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm and Sideswipe. On the side of evil is Menasor, who is formed by Dragstrip, Heatseeker, Motormaster, Slashmark & Wildbreak. (Read more...)

After much anticipation, Hasbro announced the winner of its "Power of the Primes" vote during today's Toy Fair 2017 presentation. The winner is the Boss Monkey himself, Optimus Primal! Many were surprised that Optimus Primal beat out other characters such as Star Saber and Deathsaurus. However, do not despair! Just because a character does not win the vote, that does not mean they will never be made into a toy. As "Combiner Wars" and "Titans Return" have shown us, Hasbro is mining the history of Transformers in unexpected ways for "Generations". (Read more...)

In case you missed it, I live Tweeted from the Hasbro presentations today at Toy Fair 2017! Nowadays Hasbro's presentations go really fast, so I was not able to capture every last detail, but I did my best to grab as many fun details as I could and Tweet them. Check out the Tweets from today's Hasbro presentation.

Thanks to the amazing folks at Hasbro, Rogers & Cowan, Litzky PR and Kabam! this has been one amazing day at Hasbro's showroom and Kabam's "Forged to Fight" cocktail party! As always, I will be providing a write up on my experiences at Toy Fair, but I know eye candy takes priority so if you'd like to see photos from the Hasbro showroom, check out these galleries:

Hasbro has sent out a Tweet that provides a sneak peek at their showroom for tomorrow's Toy Fair 2017 event! The most prominent figure in the photo is Trypticon in both dinosaur and base modes. Along with him are some familiar figures already released including Triggerhappy and Gnaw. But wait, there's more! A quick scan of the image seems to also hint at some other potential goodies including:

  • Quickswitch (or at least a 'bot with his colors) in the background.
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The folks over at have an exciting scoop revealing "Generations" Trypticon! Voted on last year by fans, this Titan Class figure is finally revealed in its three form glory. In addition to official photos we also have a look at prototype and concept art!

Some fun points:

  • Trypticon will be released in the Fall at a price point of $149.99.
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Autobot Ptero is a skilled flier and bombardier who can take out ground-based targets from miles above. When he unites with other bots, he gives them the power to fly at supersonic speed! Check out my review of Titan Master Ptero.

As this week ramps up to Toy Fair 2017, Hasbro Pulse has posted an article featuring "Robots in Disguise" Blurr and Starscream! The article discusses the two characters being redesigned for the series with Senior Product Designer Sean Carmine Isabella. The post contains neat tid bits like this about Starscream:

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Mezco presents Harley Quinn in all her deranged glory for the Living Dead Dolls series! Wearing her traditional red and black harlequin clown costume with matching jester hat, Harley is ready to do whatever Mistah J needs. Her look is complimented by a permanently affixed domino mask and oversized hammer. $44.99

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New Bots Preview - Kup & Hun-Gurrr Gameplay Design

In previous weeks, we’ve taken a look at art concepts for Kup & Hun-Gurrr as well as their modeling and animation pipelines. This week, we’ll be diving deep into gameplay territory.

Kup and Hun-Gurrr are both members of the Special class, yet their in-game stats and abilities differ widely. Upon release, they will be paired to an as of yet unannounced Autobot and Decepticon.


Design Goals & Role
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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

With the Sharkticons cleaned out of the Space Bridge, both factions turn their attention back to Perceptor and Lockdown.

Working the Sharks Out

Now, the Autobots and Decepticons must focus on keeping the opposing faction busy while attempting to lock onto their bots’ coordinates.

Help distract the enemy faction and earn Energon, Alloy, Spark, 3-Star Shards and 4-Star Shards.

Start Date: 17/02/2017 11:00 UTC
End Date: 20/02/2017 11:00 UTC

How do I participate?

A mysterious post appeared on the Official Transformers Instagram feed but was quickly taken down. It appears to have been a reveal of the upcoming Titan Class Trypticon! The aesthetic matches the preview pictures shown months ago and he is very much identifiable as the G1 Dinosaur City. Fortunately the internet never forgets so check out the attached screen capture from Facebook. (Read more...)

One is a master Autobot spy. The other is a destructive punk who loves serving the Decepticon cause. Together they make up a pair of reviews for you to enjoy this morning! Check out my reviews for "Titans Return" Bumblebee and Rumble.

Imaginarium Art has revealed yet another Transformers project: Devastator! Via their Facebook page they have posted renders of a wonderfully detailed G1-based Devastator statue! If that wasn't enough, also check out the render below featuring a concept for Grimlock and Wheelie taking on attacking Sharkticons! (Read more...)

Hong Kong based Soldier Story Toys has revealed an upcoming Generation One inspired Unicron "lamp" via Weibo. Based on the planet munching Transformer from the original movie, the "lamp" is more of a light up statue. Featuring Unicron in robot mode standing on Cybertron, Hot Rod is below holding up the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. (Read more...)

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Two new bots reach out to Earth for help, but something fishy is happening!

Feeding Frenzy

The Autobots have attempted to recall Perceptor through the Space Bridge, but every time it has resulted in a Sharkticon appearing! Likewise, Lockdown is requesting preparations for the Decepticons to recall him, but there's a problem… the Space Bridge seems to be failing to successfully target Lockdown and keeps pulling Sharkticons… from somewhere...

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