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Online retailer In Demand Toys has come through again with official photos of upcoming "War for Cybertron: Siege" figures, and these are sure to be a crowd pleaser! First up are new photos of the previously revealed Greenlight. The big surprises are the Skywarp Battle Pack including Skywarp (a redeco of Starscream) and three Battle Masters. (Read more...)

Earlier this year it was revealed that "Cyberverse" would be switching gears with a new subline known as the "Power of the Spark". Among the figures in this line is a large Optimus Prime figure that comes with The Ark! The Ark is both a ship and armor for Optimus Prime. While the scale makes zero sense, it is a fun play pattern and 30+ years later after its introduction, toys of The Ark are still rare in the Transformers line.

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Stephen Zavala is a concept artist at Industrial Light and Magic, the folks behind the special effects and famous "Cybertron" sequence from the "Bumblebee" movie. Now thanks to Mr. Zavala's Instagram, we have a look at some beautiful concept art for the G1-based designs used in those sequences. Not only does Zavala provide concept art, but he also discusses his G1-based reference points for the designs. Check out the pictures in the embeds below!

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Earlier this month Takara Tomy revealed a teaser image for what fans speculated would be a "Generations Selects" Snaptrp figure. Now thanks to a photo from (what appears to be) Figure King magazine we have our first look at the grey model for a "Combiner Wars" style Snaptrap! The figure appears to be a heavy retool of the "Combiner Wars" Silverbolt sculpt, which went on to be reused several times over the past couple years. (Read more...)


Siege’s Deluxe Class WFC-S36 Refraktor comes with HPR Telefocal Shield, EMM Distortion Blaster, Bioscale Compression Rotor accessories, while WFC-S37 Brunt Weaponizer breaks apart into 9 weapon accessories that can equip other Siege figures. Generations Smokescreen comes equipped with a W-45 Acid Pellet Blaster accessory and 2 W-50 Volt-Beam Cannon accessories that can mount on his shoulders or the hood of his vehicle mode.
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In "Dark of the Moon", Optimus Prime rolled into battle with a trailer that transformed into a weapon storage platform. This was a dramatic callback to G1 Optimus Prime's trailer. However, the "Dark of the Moon" toy line never included a trailer that transformed in quite the same manner, leaving it to "Studio Series" many years later. (Read more...)

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
Spring is just around the corner and so is Impactor! Find out what his ability is!

The Last Blast

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When Bumblebee takes on Nemesis Prime, he knows he has to pull out all the stops. Employing his powerful War Hammer, he attempts to stop his former leader before all is lost! See what Takara Tomy did with their release of Bumblebee in my review and gallery of War Hammer Bumblebee from "Movie The Best".

Dropkick is immature, cruel and ready to get into a brawl at a moment's notice. This makes him a great henchman while Shatter schemes against the humans and Bumblebee! BWTF brings you a review and gallery of Nitro Series Dropkick, check it out!

As part of their promotion for the upcoming "Generations Selects" Star Convoy figure, Takara Tomy has posted a two page comic featuring Optimus Prime (aka Convoy) and Galvatron taking on some nasty invaders with a little help from the Matrix of Leadership! This comic plays off of the play pattern on Star Convoy, showing Convoy changing into the larger "Star Convoy" form and the creation of his Matrix blaster. (Read more...)

After the exciting news about "Generations Selects" Smokescreen was revealed on Saturday, BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore and affiliate Entertainment Earth have both put up the figure for pre-order! Smokescreen is due to ship in September 2019. (Read more...)

Back in March, a "Siege" Deluxe Class Barricade was revealed, and many fans picked up on its design cues as resembling the G1 Autobot Smokescreen, leading to speculation that Smokescreen would be released as part of "Generations". Now thanks to Previews World, we have our first official look at "Generations" Smokescreen! (Read more...)

Once only a glorified set of accessories with Generation One Metroplex, Sixgun is now a full fledged Deluxe Class figure! Today BWTF brings you a review and gallery of "Siege" Sixgun.


Each 5.5-inch Vintage figure comes with accessories, while 5 of them feature a spring-loaded mechanism: Turn the waist and the figure swings back with a punch! These and more never-released figures and collectibles are available now for pre-order.

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
A long-awaited 5* Shard event this weekend! And who is the next bot coming to the game?!

Sharp Edges

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Don’t forget to play this Transmission to watch the latest episode of Simon Furman’s story!
Event type: Alliance Totaliser
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Thanks to IGN and the Official Transformers TCG Facebook Page we now have preview images and information on the next expansion set for the "Transformers TCG".

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Last week Takara Tomy officially released photos of the upcoming "Generations Select" Star Convoy. This figure is a retool of "Power of the Primes" Optimus Prime based on the G1 character of the same name. Soon after, the figure went up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse and BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore. (Read more...)

Megatron does not just have a brilliant mind, when necessary he will charge into battle with his troops, blasting away with his powerful Fusion Cannon! Check out my review and gallery of One Step Changer Megatron from "Cyberverse".

When Optimus Prime's new design was first revealed for the "Bumblebee" Movie, many fans were thrilled. Now thanks to the "Studio Series" we have a Voyager Class figure of this design! Check out my review and gallery of this awesome figure!

Today, Kabam is celebrating the second-year anniversary of its TRANSFORMERS-themed mobile fighting game Transformers: Forged to Fight with all new-updates and an anniversary video which lists the following amazing in-game stats:

  • Over 452 Million Crystals opened by players
  • Over 32 Million Players Worldwide
  • Over 1 Billion Total Fights

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