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After damaging Cybertron with relentless battle, Megatron leads the Decepticons to wage war on Earth. With superior strategy and dominating strength, Megatron will stop at nothing to force his rule over Autobots and humans, alike. Today i bring you a look at "Mission to Cybertron" Megatron!


Finally! Pacific Rim, the mecha masterpiece from 2013, joins the Soul of Chogokin and Robot Spirits lines! These posable action figures feature interchangeable armor, hands, and movie-accurate details.

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Thanks to Weibo user 淘宝店变形金刚改造工厂 and DaimChoc Reports fans now have their first look at what appears to be the card art for a "Titans Return" Arcee. The art suggests that she will be a redeco and retool of "Titans Return" Blurr. Yesterday's reveal of a "Leinad" Titan Master makes it likely "Leinad" is indeed Daniel, Arcee's Headmaster partner in the G1 "Rebirth" mini-series! (Read more...)

Thanks to the folks over at Hasbro Pulse we now have a virtual avalanche of images to look at showing off everything from CAD models to photos of grey models from "The Last Knight". Among the figures in this collection of images are Megatron, Leader Class Dragonstorm, Mega 1 Step Dragonstorm, Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Deluxe Bumblebee and Deluxe Class Cogman! Check out the eye candy below.

Last month a Weibo leak revealed that a new two pack was being released focused on Optimus Prime. This set would include a redeco of "War for Cybertron" Optimus Prime and "Titans Return" Sargeant Kup as Orion Pax. Now this boxed set is in stock at Amazon! Use this link to order your set and support!

During today's San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Hasbro Transformers presentation, the Hasbro team showed a fun piece of art featuring a design for a cereal box for "Trypticon's Titan Master Crunch", a reference to the ability of the Titan Class figure to "eat" Titan Masters! Aside from being funny, the box also features a checklist of Titan Masters on the back. Interestingly, several Titan Masters are listed who have not been previously announced including Ultra Magnus, Leinad (Daniel!), Parsec, Dynamus, Professor Go (a Masterforce character) and Fathom.

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After today's awesome reveals from San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Hasbro has posted official renders of their "Power of the Primes" reveals to the Official Transformers Facebook Page. In a bonus, these render composites also include hints of the character art from the packaging in the background. BWTF has mirrored these images here for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has kicked off and this morning Hasbro is currently holding its annual breakfast event where it shows off exciting new products. This is the event where "Combiner Wars" was first revealed and this year is no less exciting! Revealed this morning were several "Power of the Primes" toys. I am getting photos from friends at the event but for now I wanted to start off with the few low-res photos I have received. New figures you can expect include:

  • Leader Class Rodimus Prime
  • Legends Class Beachcomber
  • Skullgrin (Titan Master size)
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Amazon Japan has put up a listing for a re-release of the Read more...)

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has kicked off and with it comes photos of exciting new Transformers product! One of the surprises is a spectacular looking "Beast Wars" Megatron statue by Prime 1 Studios! This high quality statue features Megatron as he appeared in season one of "Beast Wars" with a defeated Dinobot at his clawed feet. I have been told by fans who were there that this statue will be retailing for about $1000 USD. More information as it is revealed by Prime 1.

Photos are courtesy of fellow fans Omar Q & Joe Deas.

IDW Publishing has released its solicitations for October 2017. Here are the descriptions and covers of the Transformers related titles for October!

First Strike #5—Cover A: Freddie E. Williams II—SPOTLIGHT
Mairghread Scott & David Rodriguez (w) • Max Dunbar (a) • Freddie E. Williams II (c)
Prison Break! After a daring escape, Optimus Prime, the Autobots, Scarlett, G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. must venture into the heart of Cybertron to stop Cobra’s devastating weapon that will kill every Transformer on the planet!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Little Bots, Big Bites:

Snarl and Hun-gurrr's argument hasn't gone unnoticed...

A group of Sharkticons have converged on the unwary arguers ready to devour the brave who are foolish enough to visit their home!

Death's Trap

Quintessa is an inhospitable planet where every bot risks life and limb to the jaws and fangs of the local inhabitants.

Snarl and Hun-gurrr find themselves surrounded by an old enemy, small in stature but great in numbers, the Sharkticons are ready to strike!

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Toys R Us has been updating its web site with some new entries. One of the latest is the addition of "Rescue Bots" Knight Watch Bumblebee. Revealed at Toy Fair 2017, this large Bumblebee figure transforms into a dragon. He is partnered with two Mini-Cons: Wingblaze and Freezer Burn! This is an interesting set as it takes some of the themes from "The Last Knight" and introduces them to "Rescue Bots". (Read more...)

One of the legendary Knights of Cybertron, Steelbane upholds an ancient oath to vanquish threats no other bot can combat. Unleashing the power of his dragon mode, he soars into action, even when the impending battle threatens to be his last. Check out my review of Steelbane!

After last year's "Combiner Wars" series, there has not been much information released about the follow up Machinima series "Titans Return", based on the "Generations" line released last year and continuing into this year. Finally we have some solid information on the show. According to Bleeding Cool several new "big names" have been brought onboard as voice actors!

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Once known as the thief Deadlock under the command of Shadow Raker, the Autobot known as Drift left his life of crime ages ago to become a bounty hunter with a code of honor. In an attempt to make up for his past he has adopted the Mini-Cons Jetstorm and Slipstream and taken them under his wing as students. This morning's review brings you a look at Warrior Class Alpine Strike Drift!

Thanks to both the Toys R Us Canada and Toys R Us USA web sites we now have product photos and descriptions of several new "Robots in Disguise" releases. Check out the descriptions below and attached photos!

Crash Combiner Dragbreak
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Back in May 2017 Hallmark announced its Soundwave Christmas Ornament. For fans who have been waiting for this piece, you may now purchase the ornament starting today! Today is Hallmark's Ornament Premier which lasts from July 15 to 23. No worries however, if Soundwave is like previous Transformers ornaments he should be available for a few months. Can't find a Hallmark store near you? (Read more...)

Imaginarium Art has posted two photos of upcoming Rodimus Prime statues! These early prototypes show off the Autobot leader in two different poses. One has him standing triumphantly holding his rifle while the other has him in his iconic pose holding the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! Imaginarium has stated their next photos of these statues will show Rodimus in color.

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As part of the introduction of "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron to the "Forged to Fight" game Kabam has provided new material including a video (below), turnaround GIFs and a development team Q&A!

The Making of Megatron

The master of metallic mayhem becomes available for the first time in The Fight this week, so we went behind the scenes with his makers to see what info they can make available about Megatron!

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