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DaimChocReports has posted images that appear to be from a Japanese toy magazine featuring a new Masterpiece Megatron! If these are the real deal then this features an amazing new piece that has more G1 animation style proportions (the first Masterpiece Megatron leaned more towards G1 toy proportions in some areas). Among other features are:

  • Removable face piece.
  • Different expressions.
  • "Battle damaged" head and chest.
  • Posable mace weapon.

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Visitors to the Takara Tomy Mall front page received a fun piece of news this morning: a banner announcing an upcoming "Unite Warriors" release of Baldigus! This set will be a redeco of "Unite Warriors" Bruticus. The banner indicates something is coming on October 25th. Perhaps a full announcement with pictures? Whatever it is BWTF will bring it to you!

sah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The Sharkticon Saga continues. Scour the earth to win Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets in this weekend’s event!

Sharkticons have infested Aquatron and are now on Earth, the connection between these anomalous Crystals and the Sharkticons is undeniable!

Battle for Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets! Just be sure you're not scrapped or blown up in the process…

Start Date: 21/10/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 24/10/16 10:00 UTC

How do I participate?
Reach Headquarters level 4
Tap the Event button!
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The Mini-Cons have joined the Autobots and Decepticons in force! Instead of just transforming into buzzsaws and torpedoes, the Weaponizers can be anything from swords to hammers to blasters! Check out my review of the Mini-Con Weaponizers 4-pack from "Robots in Disguise".

After months of speculation, Hasbro has announced Hascon, a large event combining several of its properties including of course, Transformers. Check out the official press release below via BusinessWire.

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If you have been falling behind on IDW Publishing's Transformers and G.I. Joe comics, boy is there a deal for you! Humble Bundle is currently offering a fantastic deal. If you go to the highest level (which starts at $25) you can get "More than Meets the Eye" volumes 1-9, "Combiner Wars", "Infiltration", "Devastation" and more! If you choose the highest tier, you will also receive exclusive trading cards later this year.

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The "Transformers Earth Wars" game has been out for a few months though. While its focus is on group combat long time Transformers writer Simon Furman was brought in to provide a loose series of storyline threads that have run throughout the game since it began.

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Playing news catch up, Takara Tomy recently revealed an upcoming figure in the "Legends" series, the Japanese version of the "Generations" line. The figure is Leo Prime, aka Lioconvoy! This is a redtool and redeco of "Titans Return" Alpha Trion featuring a new head and the colors feature the white, red and gold associated with Lioconvoy. In addition to the official photos released by Takara Tomy, the Takara Tomy PR Twitter also posted the image embedded below.

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To Transformers fans, Garry Chalk is best known as Optimus Primal from the "Beast era" of cartoons as well as Optimus Prime from the "Unicron Trilogy". To fans of the DC superhero show "Arrow" however he is now known as a military commander working with the lead character John Diggle!

"Arrow" focuses on the character Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who returns to his home city after several years to restore order and avenge those who betrayed his family.

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Annalisa Iadicicco is an artist in New York City's Long Island City area. As part of a recent educational workshop she used reclaimed materials (including car bumpers) to create a Transformers inspired sculpture. The statue was huge and 6 feet tall. However, in August the statue disappeared! According to DNA Info:

"She went out for about three hours on Aug. 31, she says, only to return around 8:30 p.m. to find the piece had mysteriously vanished."

You can check out a video featuring the artist working on the piece below:

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Celebrate 50 years of G.I. Joe with Hasbro’s Versus 2-packs and Squad 3-packs! Each articulated figure comes with a base and weapons. Collectors can grab Cobra Legion figures, Special Forces figures, and many more exclusive villains and heroes!

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2017 is the 10th Anniversary of the first live action Transformers film. To celebrate this Takara Tomy is releasing a small set of figures that celebrate characters across the four movies released over the years. Each is a redeco of pre-existing sculpts and in some cases there are new accessories or mini-figures included. Here's a rundown with links to my reviews of the original figures:

MB-01 Optimus Prime
A redeco of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime with a G1 inspired "worn" look.

MB-02 Bumblebee
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Hasbro designer manager John Warden and Takara designer Shogo Hasui have teamed up to produce a video focusing on the recent Toys R Us exclusive release of Masterpiece Bumblebee. The video features some fun G1 based green screen work with Warden standing "in" the Ark. I enjoy these fun videos and appreciate the effort that goes into them. Check it out in the embed below:

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Paralon is part of a group known as the Scavengers. Their mission is not one of conquest but of hunting ancient relics for their own gain! Along with his Mini-Con partners Paralon is an enemy to be reckoned with. Check out my review of Toys R Us exclusive Paralon!

Space Ape has announced its next Event happening this weekend. Check out the details below!

The Sharkticon Saga continues. Travel to Aquatron in this week’s event for the chance to unlock a guaranteed 3 or 4 Star Seaspray or Octopunch!

Depths of Aquatron Event

Destination: Aquatron
Objective: Analysis

- Travel to Aquatron.
- Locate ocean Crystals.
- Perform a full analysis.
- Report Findings Back to Earth.
- Warning, Crystals may attract…
~ ERROR -- Message corrupt.

Start Date: 14/10/16 10:00 UTC
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This weekend's "Earth Wars" event will bring two new characters to the game: Octopunch and Seaspray! Both models appear to be based off the "Hunt for the Decepticons" Seaspray figure. Check out the official descriptions below:

New BOTS Arriving this weekend!
These two are primed for aquatic combat. Seaspray and Octopunch are making their way through the Space Bridge this weekend!

In many ways, Seaspray found his spiritual home on planet Earth, or rather, its oceans.

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The Transformers Collector's Club has put up their pre-orders for exclusive G.I. Joe and Transformers crossover figures! These sets all reference a crossover between the two groups either from the cartoon (via the episode "Only Human") or the Generation 2 comic book.

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One of the mainstays at New York Comic-Con is Hallmark. While best known for greeting cards, the company has also become a creator of collectibles over the years in the form of both their ornaments and more recently their plush "itty bittys" line. At NYCC 2016 their booth displayed both an image (via a cardboard cutout) of the 2017 Christmas ornament: Soundwave! Like the three previous ornaments this will be modeled on the G1 action figure. (Read more...)

This past weekend BWTF attended New York Comic-Con 2016. This amazing event ran across four days and drew in hundreds of thousands of fans across media ranging from Anime to movies to TV shows and comic books. Check out my coverage of this event!

The awesome folks over at Transformers at the Moon have managed to procure a series of cassettes featuring recording sessions from Sunbow Productions. If you have not yet heard these tapes, check out the videos below. One of the best parts of this find are the unused scenes and snippets of dialogue. Enjoy these amazing finds below!

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