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The Transformers battle explodes into uncharted territory when the Titans Return! To control an ancient race of giant city-sized warriors called Titans, the Autobots and Decepticons must harness the power of Titan Masters, smaller bots that give bigger bots increased abilities in battle. Don’t miss out on the latest wave of Titans Return!

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Taking a break from her press tour for "The Last Knight", actress Isabel Moner reveals the new "Premiere Edition" Barricade action figure. This figure is slowly trickling out into the market, but fans can get it now via the Toys "R" Us web site.

You can check out Moner's video below:

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Space Ape has sent along details on this weekend's event for "Earth Wars"! Also included are details on app updates including abilities of characters and a new "gifting" option.

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The Polyhex Saga begins. Fight in this weekend's event and earn resources, Spark, boosts, and Crystal Shards!

Dark Deeds

Be it by chance, mistake or sheer curiosity, Dinobot Slog has unknowingly ventured deep into the darkest and most treacherous corners of Cybertron...

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Bumblebee is a loyal scout dedicated to the Autobot cause. When the time comes for battle however he is more than willing to take on any Decepticreep who stands in his way! Today's review brings you a look at Cyber Battalion Bumblebee.

The toys for "Transformers: The Last Knight" are set to hit brick and mortar stores later this week while some online stores have already begun selling the figures. In celebration of this week long launch, the Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a fun video featuring characters from "The Last Knight" going to see the upcoming Transformers film! Shenanigans ensue as someone gets a bit loud during the movie. Check out the fun video in the embed below:

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Today is the official launch day of "The Last Knight" products. In celebration of this event Peter Cullen and Frank Welker (aka Optimus Prime and Megatron) themselves made the following video where the two old friends show off the helmets/role play toys based on their characters. Check it out!

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Autobot Hound is a rowdy commando who is always ready for action with an arsenal of heavy artillery. When a cataclysmic foe threatens massive destruction, he will bring out all of his firepower in a legendary battle fought alongside his Autobot comrades. Check out my review of One Step Changer Autobot Hound from "The Last Knight".

Soundwave is one of Megatron's most loyal allies. His mastery of intercepting communications has been critical to the Decepticon cause and when he needs to mix it up he can use his deadly sonic cannons to destroy Autobots! This morning I bring you a look at Tiny Turbo Changers Soundwave!

Early trailers for "The Last Knight" revealed that at least one Transformer in the film would transform into a dragon. In an effort to tie into this theme, it was revealed at Toy Fair 2017 that many 2017 "Rescue Bots" products would feature a dragon/creature theme. Thanks to HasbroToyShop, we now have official images of one new figure and one redeco that serve as the entry point into this new theme.

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Thanks to the folks at Dengeki Hobby we now have photos of the upcoming International Tokyo Toy Show exclusive LG-EX Black Convoy! This figure is based on the "Car Robots" Black Convoy character and uses the Voyager Class Optimus Prime sculpt as its base. Directly from Dengeki's site, here are some details:

  • Price: 5,600 yen, excluding tax (about $51 USD)
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Optimus Prime is a powerful warrior, but sometimes he needs an extra edge to even the odds. When things get tough, Knight Armor Optimus Prime can deploy armor to pretect himself and fight the Decepticons! Check out my review of "Knight Armor" Optimus Prime from "The Last Knight"!

For folks who have been wanting a bit more "Beast Wars" in their "Forged to Fight" game, the Predacon Waspinator has joined the game! Here is his official profile: Despite his loyalty to the Predacon cause, the stalwart Waspinator never gets the respect he deserves from both his team mates or the universe. He has a knack for being crushed, smashed, and torn apart, but this bug has shown himself to be nearly indestructible, always appearing reassembled and ready for the next battle.

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From the Nintendo Wii game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption comes a figma figure of the main character, Samus Aran! She comes with interchangeable hands and a stand to pose and display her on. $79.99

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Treating Fans to Five Days of Exclusive TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Content and Product Reveals

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Space Ape has been leading up to the introduction of Optimus Primal and Megatron from "Beast Wars" into the game for weeks now, and this weekend they finally arrive! In celebration of this event Space Ape has sent over some fun images showing off the Maximal and Predacon leaders. In addition, BWTF was sent images of the Dinboots aloong with bios. Since Grimlock's shenanigans play an role in the event, it makes sense to include them. Check out the Dinobot descriptions and images below!

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Hang on to your hats Transformers fans, the new season of "Robots in Disguise" is coming your way April 29th on Cartoon Network! This season will focus on "Combiner Force", the "Robots in Disguise" take on combiners. Here are some details and an awesome trailer below with some fun surprises!

  • In 2017, Hasbro’s hit animated series, TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE will return to Cartoon Network for a third season.
  • Created by Hasbro Studios, the series focuses on Bumblebee as the leader of the Autobots as they seek to save the Earth from the Decepticons.
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Space Ape has announced this weekend's event: Blast from the Past! After several weeks of build up Optimus Primal and Megatron will finally be joining the game as playable characters. Check out the details below!

Well, that's just PRIME!

Our Beast Wars saga concludes this weekend with the arrival of two prehistoric bots...

Optimus Primal and Beast Wars Megatron have successfully made their journey through space... and time.

The Autobots and Decepticons both converge on the point of transference to retrieve the bots they believe will turn the tides of the Earth Wars!

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Check out the latest update from Pete's Robo Con featuring reveals of the cool Action Master theme that was being developed for Botcon! This includes mock ups of figures and some beautiful artwork:

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One is a wild, powerful beast of a warrior. The other is a wise and dedicated leader. Together they are my first reviews of the "Tiny Turbo Changers" from "The Last Knight"! Check out my reviews of these Super Deformed versions of Grimlock and Optimus Prime!

A couple weeks ago, Takara Tomy revealed its releases of Hot Rod, Kup and Sharkticon. Fans were excited for these releases thanks in part to Hot Rod and Kup both coming with Targetmaster partners that were not included with the "Titans Return" releases. However, many fans were not sold on Kup's colors, which made him look mostly grey. (Read more...)

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