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TFW2005 has posted several photos from Wonder Fest in Japan showing off upcoming "Transformers" product. Two of the most exciting photos are a color prototype of Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Unite Warriors Blast Off! Two two pics attached are from TFW2005, check out their news post for more!

According to a Bloomberg Business report Hasbro approached Mattel for a possible merger. This isn't the first time this has happened. According to the article:

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Brawl has a terrible temper even by Decepticon standards. Fortunately for him he has the power to back that up in robot or tank mode. When the Autobot forces are overwhelming, he combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the giant Bruticus! Today's review takes a look at "Combiner Wars" Brawl!

Thanks to Sam Fulton of the Edmonton TF group (by way of the Transmasters Facebook group) we have photos and news of the first North American release of the Platinum Edition "Junkion" set (featuring Hot Rod, Wreck-Gar and a Junkion) and Optimus Primal, a redeco of the "Air Attack Optimus Primal" figure from 2001. The prices on the items are $109.99 CAD (about $80 USD) for the Junkion set and $200.00 CAD (about $145 USD).

Bumblebee has taken on the mantle of leadership on Earth but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have a unique sense of style as he adopts a new paint job including cool flames on the sides in vehicle mode! Check out my review of Night Strike Bumblebee.

Dispatched to Earth by Primus himself, Windblade has been given her special abilities to carry out her mission: find the Decepticons and stop them! With her ability to create powerful blasts of wind and a sharp sword, Windblade is one dangerous Autobot. Check out my review of Legion Class Windblade from "Robots in Disguise"!

The Official Fun Publications Youtube Channel has posted a new commercial for Botcon 2016 featuring voice actor David Kaye reprising his Megatron role from "Beast Wars"! At the end some artwork is shown for Megatron whose head appears to be on a very familiar form: Gigatron aka "Robots in Disguise" Megatron! Could this be a new Botcon toy reveal? Time will tell! Check out the ad below:

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Scattershot's combat style is very simple: charge into a pile of enemies and don't stop shooting and hitting until they are all scrap! When called upon he can combine with various combinations of Combiner limbs to form Betatron and duke it out Combiner style. Today's review brings you a look at "Combiner Wars" Scattershot!

Clampdown is not the bravest Decepticon around. In fact he's basically a coward who will do whatever it takes to profit while not getting into direct conflict. While he calls himself a Decepticon, he's more than happy to sell out anyone to protect himself! Check out my review of this weird and wacky Decepticon.

When the Autobots need an espionage expert they go to the best Autobot for the job: Bumblebee! Among the many forms the little Autobot has taken over the years is a Daihatsu Copen. Today's review brings you a look at "Q Transformers" Bumblebee!

It was revealed back in October 2015 that Hasbro was planning Warrior Class versions of the Decepticons Thunderhoof and Quillfire. Now Takara Tomy has revealed its decos for these figures which seem to feature more metallic paint and additional details not seen on the Hasbro prototypes. You can view the listings on Takara Tomy Mall's web site: Quillfire and Thunderhoof are 2700 Yen each (about $23 USD.

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When Megatron wanted to add a level of terror to his Decepticon forces he introduced Triple Changer technology, creating warriors who had three modes to enable them to spread triple the terror! Two of these warriors were the bombastic Astrotrain and the terrifying Blitzwing. Check out my review of the Platinum Edition Triple Changers!


Transformers Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus is a combiner consisting of five transforming figures: Blast-off, Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl and Vortex, and he is listed for $134.99! We have also listed eleven new single and multi-pack items in the Transformers Adventure lineup!

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According to Variety, DMG will be launching a "Transformers" based attraction in 2017. According to the article:

"A custom-built theater seating 4,500 will host a live show combining shape-shifting robots, aerial stunts and large-scale special effects."

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Sideswipe has faced many Decepticons since arriving on Earth, but one of the strangest is Decepticon Anvil, a Mini-Con who transforms into a weapon that can knock Sideswipe out for the count! Luckily Sideswipe has special armor and weapons that can help him fight the Mini-Con. Check out my review of Sideswipe versus Anvil!

Later this year Takara Tomy will be releasing Masterpiece Optimus Primal, the Maximal leader from "Beast Wars Transformers". In the 90's this series helped revive the "Transformers" franchise. In celebration of this line Takara Tomy has launched a new web site focusing on Masterpiece Optimus Primal featuring screen captures from the TV show and information on the upcoming Masterpiece figure. Check it out!

After being freed from captivity Onslaught ordered Blast Off to change his form to a more military based jet mode. Now resentful of this change Blast Off takes out his anger on Autobots using his X-Ray blasters and ionic blaster! Today's review brings you a look at "Combiner Wars" Blast Off.

Hasbro Studios has uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel in preparation for season 2 of "Robots in Disguise"! This video goes over the Autobot roster and features some new footage. We get to see Optimus Prime in new colors, Overload in action and a new, alligator-like Decepticon! Check out the video via this link (embedding was disabled for some reason).

Opening new Transformers toys is awesome and this fun infographic (a riff off this graphic) talks about just what happens to you as you unbox your latest acquisition!

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As part of my ongoing effort to improve Ben's World of Transformers I have added new photography and thoughts to my review of Super Mach Alert! Before there were only three small photos, now there are plenty more photos bringing this review up to current standards you've come to expect from my work. Enjoy!

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