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When Hasbro announced the HasLab Crowd Funding campaign for Unicron, one of the features many fans asked about was whether or not the planet-eater's head would be removable. Fans may recall that in Transformers: The Movie, Unicron's head flew off of his body before it exploded. It would be revealed in season 3 of the animated series that Unicron was not actually dead but rather was dormant as his head orbited Cybertron.

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
Final Thrust Crystals in this weekend’s event! And check out the final look for Defensor & Abominus!

Defend & Protect

Take part in this weekend's event to win:

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Go for the extra mile and unlock Final Thrust Crystals from the harder tiers, each one containing up to 100,000 Spark!

Event type: Individual Totaliser
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They may be small, but Scraplets always come in swarms and threaten any Transformer in their path with their razor sharp teeth and voracious appetites! Check out my review and gallery of the Scraplet from "Cyberverse".

Hasbro has released a new video with a focus on the HasLab Unicron's Robot Mode. Global Design Manager John Warden takes fans through a look at features of the figure including articulation, action features and close ups of the detail on the figure. Check out this video below:

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With the Autobots and Decepticons pursuing the Allspark, Megatron has upgraded his arsenal. With his Chopper Cut Drone he can attack Autobots from above or combine with it to armor up with more firepower and weaponry! Check out my review and gallery of "Power of the Spark" Megatron!

Created by Unicron and tortured until he became an evil being devoid of all compassion or mercy. Doing his master's bidding, Nemesis seeks to destroy the Autobots once and for all! Check out my review and gallery of Transformers Universe Nemesis Prime!


From the anime series Beast Wars II, Lio Convoy joins the Masterpiece line as MP-48. Faithfully reproduced based on his appearance in the anime, Lio convoy is fully posable allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from the series. Lio convoy transforms from robot to lion and is armed with several pieces of weaponry. $184.99

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Thanks to a user on imgur, fans now have a first look at what appears to be a "War for Cybertron: Siege" Hot Shot action figure! This figure is a redeco and retool of Siege Hound. It appears to be a homage to Cybertron Defense Hot Shot from Cybertron. Fans have speculated on this figure for a while now when they noticed that Hound's box art actually shows the Hot Shot head and not Hound's! (Read more...)

August 2019 has seen an influx of new Transformers products both online and in stores. As the "Power of the Spark" figures from Cyberverse hit toy store shelves, Amazon has listed several figures from the next wave of figures! These include Grimlock, Ratchet and Shockwave. Check out the official product photos direct from Amazon below. Amazon has not posted individual product descriptions so I offer some commentary below each item:

Spark Armor Grimlock
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A day after Takara Tomy listed "Masterpice" Lio Convoy on its site, pre-orders for the figure have gone up via online retailers! Check out the official information for the figure below:

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A day after the "Generations Selects" Seacons went up for pre-order on BigBadToyStore and then quickly vanished, Hasbro Pulse has put up both items for pre-order! Interestingly, unlike other "Generations Selects" figures, these will be imports of the Japanese versions, complete with Japanese names and instructions. Check out the official product descriptions below for more information:

Turtler $59.99
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One of the most highly anticipated figures in "Siege" is Springer. Based on his G1 design, Springer transforms into both a ground and air mode! Check out my review and gallery of this awesome figure.

With the beginning of August came a slew of new figures including the Cyberverse "Power of the Spark" line. In addition to the "Spark Armor" figures hitting stores now, there are also new Warrior Class figures to look forward to. Amazon has put up listings for two of these figures. Check out the official images and product descriptions of "Cyberverse" Deadlock and Gnaw below. You can also follow the links to order your figures today and support BWTF!

Action Attackers Warrior Class Gnaw

Takara Tomy Mall has posted new listings for several upcoming "Siege" figures including Ratbat and Rumble! These figures were first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Unlike the renders released by Hasbro so far, these are photos of the actual toys (or painted prototypes, take your pick). Check out the information on these figures along with the photos below:

Ratbat/Rumble 2-Pack ¥ 1,944 (about $18.27 USD), January 2020
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Back in June it was revealed that Takara Tomy would be releasing Lio Convoy as a Masterpiece figure! Originally featured in the "Beast Wars II" series in Japan, this character has received the homage treatment several times over the years, but this is the first time in a while he has received an original design/release all his own!

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IGN has released an exclusive video featuring Unicron's transformation! You may recall that Hasbro showed off the prototype in both modes at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, however due to the complexity of the figure (and some technical issues) the figure was transformed "behind the scenes" while we waited. This time we get to see the figure actually being transformed.

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This past week, the "Power of the Spark" line of Transformers began to hit stores. As part of this launch, Burger King has announced a King Jr Meal promotion featuring Transformers action figures based on the Cyberverse versions of Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime and Starscream. Each figure features the character with their "Spark Armor" attached. There is no specific date cited on the Burger King page so I recommend starting to look for these now.

Once a combat support drone, Magna Convoy was given life by his leader and granted the Matrix Sword to use in battle. As part of the Prime Vanguard, he seeks revenge on the traitor Straxus! Check out my review and gallery of Magna Convoy!

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