Archive - 2009

December 29th

Revenge of the Fallen "Fury of Fearswoop" Three Pack Reviewed

So what happens when a Seeker finds an artifact that makes him exponentially powerful? Two Autobots have to stop him of course! Three Transformers come together in this three pack known as "The Fury of Fearswoop". Take a look at my review of this three pack exclusive to Wal-Mart!

December 28th

Revenge of the Fallen Sword Slash Starscream Reviewed

One of the few survivors of the battles from the first Transformers movie was Starscream. When he returned, he had taken on Cybertronian markings as tattoo patterns all over his body. Sword Slash Starscream represents this new incarnation of Starscream and I've reviewed the figure here.

Transformers Animated Armor Up Optimus Prime Reviewed

Transformers Animated pays homage to a classic late-G1 era character: Star Convoy! Take a look at my review for Armor Up Optimus Prime to check this guy out!

December 26th

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Megatron Reviewed

In "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron returns from his watery grave in a whole new form. One of the larger versions of this Decepticon is the Voyager Class figure released back in May. finally gets down to photograph and review this cool figure here, take a look!

December 23rd

Transformers Animated Activators Cliffjumper Reviewed

While many characters who appeared in "Animated" were inspired by prominent characters in G1, some got more screen time than others. Cliffjumper made few, but notable appearances in the series and earlier this year he was made into a figure as part of the Activators line. Check out my review of this hard to find figure and see if he's worth hunting for!

December 22nd

Gameinformer reports on the art of "War for Cybertron"

Publicity for the upcoming "War for Cybertron" video game is ramping up and as part of that initiative, Game Informer has posted artwork and a video with High Moon's Ivan Power, Sean Miller, and Jim Daly regarding the process of creating the art for the game. Take a look at the artwork and video on the Game Informer site.

Botcon 2010 will be at Walt Disney World!

The official Botcon 2010 web site has announced the location for next year's convention. According to the site: "The Transformers Collectors' Club is happy to bring you this Christmas wish: Join us at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel and Convention Center for BotCon 2010 June 24-27, 2010!". You can now make room reservations by phone or online. This is exciting for fans who have wanted Botcon by a more popular venue over the years.

December 21st

Revenge of the Fallen Rampage Reviewed

I'm easing back into working on BWTF, thanks for everyone's patience. My first new entry is a review of one of the first deluxe class "Revenge of the Fallen" figures, Rampage. This wacky Decepticon was seen in the film in two forms: a red version and a yellow version. This represents his yellow version. Check out his review here.

December 13th

Administrative Note: Way behind on user registrations

Due to recent personal losses and the busy holiday season I have been way behind on my confirmations of registrations for users on this site. I have been trying to keep my updates going as much as possible however and regret any inconvenience.

Transformers "War for Cybertron" teaser trailer released

High Moon Studios, makers of the Bourne Conspiracy video game released a teaser trailer for a new Transformers video game set in Cybertron's distant past. From this short trailer you'll see incredible graphics and an Optimus Prime inspired by the Transtech design. It's quite a sight and really gets me excited for the game. The official site has a countdown set for December 15, 2009 as the release date for the full length trailer, but for now check out the embed below to view the teaser!