Archive - 2010

December 30th

Generations Cybertronian Bumblebee Reviewed

Long ago, Bumblebee fought alongside the likes of Optimus Prime and Ironhide on Cybertron against the evil of the Decepticons in the "War for Cybertron". Now fans have a figure representing Bumblebee's form from that bygone era. Take a look at's review of Cybertronian Bumblebee!

Transformers Timelines Botcon 2010 Rapido Reviewed

This past summer at Botcon 2010, Generation 2 came alive again as a whole new group of exclusives offered us a look back at an age where Transformers were super brightly colored but still waged a titanic war! One of the key Autobots in this set was Rapido, the Autobot speedster. Check out my review to see the modern day version of this character.

December 27th

Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks Reviewed

Sure guys like Jazz and Bumblebee get tons of attention, but one Autobot that's popped up over and over again in Transformers history is Tracks. He may sound like a snooty elitist, but when called upon he can be a brave warrior! Take a look at my review of one of the newest additions to the Transformers "Reveal the Shield" toy line!

December 26th

Retro Review: Transformers Energon Roadblock Reviewed

Starting with Generation One, it became an oft used story point to have a Transformer become another character by changing their outer form (and sometimes aspects of their personality). In this "retro-review", takes a look at Energon Roadblock, the "upgraded" form of Energon Inferno!

Botcon 2008 "Shattered Glass" Blurr reviewed

In an alternate universe Blurr is not quite the fast-paced, neurotic character we have come to know. Rather, he's a meticulous and brilliant evil Autobot! For today's "retro" review, take a look at my review of Botcon 2008 Blurr.

December 19th

Michael Bay discusses "Transformers Dark of the Moon" and issues with "Revenge of the Fallen"

Movie web site Collider recently went to Bay Films to see preview footage of "Dark of the Moon" and were part of a question and answer session with Michael Bay himself. Bay offers some of his thoughts on what went "wrong" with "Revenge of the Fallen" and how he plans to make "Dark of the Moon" a stronger film. Among the reasons he cites are timing:

"On the second movie we got burned. We had a writers strike, we had to agree on a story in three weeks, and then we knew they were going on strike."

Power Core Combiners Grimstone with Dinobots Reviewed

Over twenty years after the introduction of the original Dinobot team, there is now a team of Power Core Combiner Dinobots led by the powerful Grimstone! Take a look at my review of Grimstone and the Dinobots and find out which of the Drones is most likely named incorrectly!

December 17th

Reveal the Shield Fallback Reviewed

In 1986, the Generation One Transformer Brawn was given some new parts and colors and made into a character named Outback. Now over twenty years later history has repeated itself as "Revenge of the Fallen" Brawn has been given a new deco as Fallback! Check out my review of "Reveal the Shield" Fallback to check out this redeco.

December 16th

Generations Blurr Reviewed

While the DC Universe may have The Flash, the Transformers have their own super speedster hero - Blurr! In the Generations toy line this character joins the latest group of revamped Generation One characters. See if you'll want this Autobot as part of your "Classics" army after reading my review here!

December 13th

"Reveal the Shield" Special Ops Jazz reviewed

Forget Michael Bay's universe, the original Jazz is alive and well in the "Reveal the Shield" toy line! Check out the latest version of this character inspired by his G1 roots! Check out my review of the awesome Special Ops Jazz!