Archive - Jan 18, 2010


Revenge of the Fallen Brakedown Reviewed

The latest waves of "Revenge of the Fallen" figures have begun to take inspiration from characters introduced in past Transformers toy lines, bringing new interpretations of these characters into the Movie universe. One of the G1 characters to get this treatment is the Stunticon Breakdown. Now simply known as "Brakedown", this Scout Class figure can join the ranks of your Decepticons! Check out my review of Revenge of the Fallen Brakedown.

New Product Photos: Divebomb, Recon Ravage, Skystalker, RPM Soundwave and more! has obtained images of several upcoming Transformers figures. These include several "Revenge of the Fallen" figures including Skystalker (who combines with Voyager Class Mindwipe) and the mail away Recon Ravage! Also featured are new RPMs including a redeco of several previous releases and a new sculpt, Soundwave!