Archive - Jan 2, 2010


Transformers: Zone screen capture gallery restored

Once upon a time, several combiner Decepticons were given armor, swords, spears and horns and sent to recover a power source from the Autobots known as "Energon Z" - all by a guy with three heads and a big cape. Check out the wackiness that was "Micromaster Zone" in my freshly restored gallery.

Revenge of the Fallen Magna Missile Sideways Toy Reviewed

Sideways may not have done a whole lot in "Revenge of the Fallen", but boy has he gotten a lot of attention in the toy line! Today I take a look at Magna Missile Sideways from the Fast Action Battler sub-line of toys.

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Ironhide Reviewed

Among the Autobots returning in "Revenge of the Fallen" is the Autobot weapons specialist Ironhide. This redeco of the 2007 figure includes new weapons! Check out my review of Voyager Class Ironhide.