Archive - Oct 2010


October 29th

"Transformers: Prime" commercial on IGN!

IGN has released a commercial for "Transformers: Prime", the upcoming television show where our favorite robots in disguise return! Check the video out below!

October 28th

"Transformers: Prime" preview on USAToday!

USA Today has posted an article that discusses the upcoming "Transformers: Prime" series and has a brief clip showing battle footage! The article recognizes the role of Transformers history as it states:

"In a touch that should please fans of the original 1980s series, Peter Cullen and Frank Welker will reprise their roles as the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Cullen also supplied Optimus Prime's voice in the films."

You can read the entire article here along with a link to the video. "Transformers: Prime" debuts at 3pm ET on November 26, 2010!

October 25th

Power Core Combiners Leadfoot with Pinpoint reviewed

After a brief hiatus thanks to business travel and school, new reviews start with the Power Core Combiner Transformer Leadfoot with Pinpoint! Check out my review of this Autobot duo to see if they should join your army!

October 14th

"Transformers United"/Generations Wheeljack and Rumble/Frenzy images! sponsor Bigbadtoystore has posted listings for the upcoming "Transformers United" (the Japanese version of "Generations) Wheeljack and Rumble/Frenzy.

"Transformers 3" producers cleared of wrongdoing in September accident

Back in September an unfortunate accident occurred on the set of "Transformers 3" where an extra was hurt. Since then, the Chicago Sun Times reports the producers have been cleared of wrong doing. That said, the article states that the lawyers for the extra, Gabriella Cedillo are still pursuing legal action against Paramount Studios.

Transformers 3 filming in Washington D.C. and police SUV Decepticons?

When it was announced that the third live action Transformers film would be shooting on location in Washington D.C., movie fan site Aintitcool put out a call for any folks in the area with news or better yet, pictures. They received a nugget of both the other day in the form of a brief report showing some pictures of explosions and describing what may be the vehicle forms of possible Decepticons as Police vehicles!

Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk reviewed

The Autobots have called in air support in the Hunt for the Decepticons! Taking on aerial warriors like Terradive and Jetblade, Tomahawk roars into battle with a combination of rockets, missiles and machine guns. Check out the review of this brand new sculpt!

October 12th

War for Cybertron Generations Soundwave reviewed

One of the feature characters in the "War for Cybertron" video game is the classic Decepticon Soundwave! Reimagined as a dangerous looking SUV with a robot mode that takes several design cues from his Generation One design, this is one awesome figure. Take a look at my review with photos including his "Boom Box" mode!

IDW Publishing announces "Transformers 3" Prequel comic series!

It's been traditional for IDW to release both prequel and sequel series for each of the Transformers feature films, and "Transformers 3" is no different. Coming in December is "Foundation", a mini-series leading up to the third Transformers film. According to IDW:

"The first TRANSFORMERS 3 MOVIE PREQUEL begins here! The origin of the bitter rivalry between Optimus Prime and Megatron starts here! But what is the secret connection that will forever bind them? And how will it affect the future of all Transformers?!"

October 11th

It's Conehead day! "Generations" Thrust and Dirge reviewed!

The Seekers return in force in the "Generations" line with the new incarnations of Thrust and Dirge. Previously the only way to get these two Decepticons would be to get the Botcon 2007 versions, but now these mass release versions (different from the Botcon ones) are available for all fans in the "Generations" toy line. Check out Dirge's review and my review of Thrust to see what I thought of them and photos!