Archive - Nov 2010


November 30th

Power Core Combiners Stakeout with Protectobots Reviewed

Once a brash warrior, the responsibility of being a Power Core Combiner Commander has tempered the Autobot Stakeout, who now defends those who cannot defend themselves using his team of Protectobot Drones! BWTF reviews Stakeout with the Protectobots in the Power Core Combiners review section.

November 27th

Reveal the Shield toy review section opens with a look at Mindset!

The newest Transformers sub-line has begun! Part of the first line of "Reveal the Shield" figures are redecos, and one of them is Mindset, a redeco of Hailstorm, but this time the figure has a new head sculpt and he's an Auotbot to boot! Check out's review of Mindset.

November 26th

"Transformers: Prime" episode reviews!

Post-Thanksgiving brings about the debut of the long awaited Transformers show: "Transformers: Prime"! The Hub has aired the first two episodes and has launched its "Transformers: Prime" section with reviews of "Darkness Rising - Part One" and Part 2!

November 24th

Variety reviews "Transformers: Prime"

Variety has posted a review of "Transformers: Prime", set to debut on Friday at 4pm on The Hub, Hasbro's new joint venture with the Discovery Channel. Reviewer Brian Lowry enjoyed the program, pointing out (among other things):

Power Core Combiners Steelshot with Beacon Reviewed

The third wave of Power Core Combiners introduces Steelshot, a new Autobot paired with the Mini-Con Beacon. Working together, this Autobot can hit targets from 100 miles away! Take a look at's review of Steelshot with Beacon and visit the gallery of over twenty five images!

November 22nd

Power Core Combiners Windburn with Darkray Reviewed

Wave three of the Power Core Combiners gives fans a line of redecos from the first wave. Searchlight gets a new paint job as Windburn, a Decepticon partnered with the Mini-Con Darkray! Check out's review of these two Decepticons and take a look at Windburn's gallery featuring over thirty photos!

November 18th

Black Friday Sales - Transformers video games!

If you've been holding off on Transformers video game purchases, and if you're brave enough to shop during the infamous "Black Friday", then you're in for a treat. According to, three Transformers games will be on sale during Black Friday including "War for Cybertron" at $29, that's about half off the original price! Check out the full list of deals on

Hunt for the Decepticons Rescue Ratchet Reviewed

The Autobot medical officer Ratchet is back in deluxe form with a whole new paint job during the Hunt for the Decepticons. Check out's review of Rescue Ratchet and see who this figure pays homage to!

November 15th

Transformers Animated Ironhide Reviewed

Joining Rodimus Minor as a Toys R Us "Transformers Animated" exclusive is Ironhide! Check out Ironhide's review to check out this almost-not-released figure!

November 12th

"Transformers: Prime" promo videos: Arcee, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Jack Darby!

The Hub has posted four new "Transformers: Prime" videos on its Youtube channel. Each focuses on a character from the new series: