Archive - Feb 13, 2010


BWTF's Toy Fair 2010 coverage begins

Today I had the great fortune of visiting The Times Center in New York City and attending Hasbro's Toy Fair 2010 event. I've begun to post photos from the event in the Toy Fair 2010 album. More photos will go up between tonight and tomorrow as well as a written report. Check out cool stuff like Power Core Combiners, upcoming Star Wars Transformers, new RPM's and more!

Added: The "Hunt for the Decepticons" begins in 2010! I've added images from this sub-line that continues the story of the "Revenge of the Fallen".

Update 2/17/10: I've added the official, high resolution images provided by Hasbro to several sections including the Power Core Combiners and "Hunt for the Decepticons". Enjoy!

Wall Street Journal Article: "Hasbro: 2010 Growth In EPS, Revenue May Be Back-End Loaded "

The Wall Street Journal has reported that while Hasbro experienced blockbuster profits last year thanks to brands like Transformers and G.I. Joe, their relative lack of movie tie-ins at the beginning of 2010 may result in lighter profits towards the beginning of the year. According to the article: "Hasbro's financial results in the first half of 2009 benefited as the toy maker shipped products to retailers that were tied in with the movie hits "Transformers 3" and "G.I.

Hasbro announces Power Core Combiners and more in official press release

Hasbro, the toy company behind Transformers has posted a press release in advance of tomorrow's Toy Fair media event. The text from this release is pasted below: