Archive - Feb 17, 2010


Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker Reviewed

Originally a name ascribed to a Generation One Micromaster who transformed into a car(!), this time out the name Skystalker belongs to a Decepticon who takes to the skies before swooping down and snatching away his enemies with his claws! Check out my review of Scout Class Skystalker from "Revenge of the Fallen"!

Amazon Japan lists upcoming Japanese exclusives

Amazon Japan has listed several upcoming Transformers items that will be exclusive to Japan. The listings include clear images of each item. These figures include Buzz Lightyear, Alternity Starscream, Alternity Skywarp, Powered Up Optimus Prime (from Revenge of the Fallen) and a redeco of Voyager Class Megatron from Revenge of the Fallen.