Archive - Jul 18, 2010


Transformers Timelines Punch/Counterpunch Reviewed

When Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were released last year for the Universe 2.0 toy line, the alternate transformations of the sculpt immediately made many fans think of Punch/Counterpunch from Generation One. The Transformers Collector's Club decided to make this idea a reality, and now you can read's review of Punch/Counterpunch. Check out this modern day take on a classic character!

Fourty foot tall Movie-style Optimus Prime statue in China

Visitors to China's "Green Dream Park" (located near the Olympic stadium) will soon be greeted by a gigantic statue of Autobot leader Optimus Prime! This statue is styled after the Movie Optimus Prime. You can read an article about the statue and see a photo on

Revenge of the Fallen Activators Bumblebee Reviewed

Activators are back! First introduced in the "Animated" toy line, this sub-line of Transformers is now part of the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line. BWTF has reviewed its first Activator from this line: Bumblebee! You can read the review here.