Archive - Jul 29, 2010


Speed Stars Stealth Force Gears Reviewed

2010 introduces a new play pattern into the Transformers world. Borrowing from the 80's toy line "M.A.S.K." and the 90's toy line "VOR-tech", the "Stealth Force" features a line of vehicles inspired by Transformers characters that transform to reveal weaponry underneath various parts and panels on the vehicle. BWTF has put up its first review of these new toys: Stealth Force Gears. Check out the review for images, my thoughts and even video of the motorized transformation!

IDW Publishing "Ironhide" Chapter Two: Iron in the Blood Reviewed

As Ironhide explores a Cybertron in ruins, he hopes to encounter a friendly face but instead finds a mockery of Transformers life! Check out BWTF's review of Ironhide #2!

"Ironhide" Chapter One: The Iron Age comic book reviewed

He's one of the most battle tested, rough, tough and loyal Autobots out there. He's Ironhide and despite his fate in the ongoing Transformers series, a whole new set of adventures await this intrepid Autobot on Cybertron! BWTF reviews Ironhide #1 in the comic books section.