Archive - Sep 2010


September 30th

IDW Publishing's "Drift #1" Comic Book reviewed

Once a fierce warrior known as Deadlock, this Transformer would go on to change his ways and become the Autobot known as Drift. This series takes us through is journey starting with his banishment from the Decepticon forces! Check out's review of "Drift #1"!

September 29th

Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave and Firetrap reviewed

Today's reviews bring you one new figure review and one not-so-new review. Firetrap is a new character to the movie universe and a redeco of Scattorshot. I'm also playing review catch up with a look at Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave! Enjoy the reviews!

September 21st

Issue #35 of the Official Transformers Collectors Club magazine reveals first photo of Classics/Generations Wreck-Gar!

The latest issue of the Official Transformers Collector's Club has revealed photos of upcoming "Generations" figures: Perceptor and Wrek-Gar! Word of Perceptor's return as a deluxe figure was revealed at Botcon 2010, but Wreck-Gar is a pleasant surprise. This figure looks like it is very faithful to the original figure down to having an axe as a weapon! Check out the cover of issue #35 to see the image!

September 18th

Need to power up on "War for Cybertron"? 5X Multi-player event is on!

This weekend a multi-player event for fans of "War for Cybertron" will be going on all weekend. Participate, battle and get the ability to gain 5 times the rewards you normally would! You can read about it on Playstation Lifestyle. Get ready for action!

Hunt for the Decepticons Sidearm Sideswipe Reviewed

When you've mastered the blade and want to learn a new weapon, it doesn't hurt to have an Autobot like Ironhide pushing weapons like Flare Blasters on you. Sidearm Sideswipe represents the character after he has traded in his signature swords for more conventional weapons as he chases down Decepticons across the globe. Check out my review of Sidearm Sideswipe!

September 16th

Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm reviewed

Combine a hulking figure of a Decepticon with missile launchers that total eight missiles and you've got a Transformer who's worth some attention! Check out my review of Hailstorm from the "Hunt for the Decepticons"!

September 15th

Power Core Combiners Icepick with Chainclaw Reviewed

The Decepticons have brought on a new recruit. Smug with his Combiner abilities, Icepick doesn't care who gets in the line of his weaponry so long as they're not fellow Combiners. Teamed with the missile firing Chainclaw, this is one nasty Decepticon for both sides! Check out my my review of Icepick with Chainclaw.

September 10th

Generations Red Alert reviewed

He's one of the most paranoid Autobots you'll ever meet. The Generation One security officer Red Alert has been given a new form in the "Generations" toy line as a redeco and retool of Sideswipe. Take a look at's review of Red Alert and see if this sculpt is worth yet another purchase!

September 9th

"Transformers: Prime" awesomeness: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to lend his voice to the new show!

In an exclusive reveal, ENI News has revealed that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, famous for his wrestling and film career has joined the cast of "Transformers: Prime" as Cliffjumper! According to the article:

"He will be voicing the Autobot known as Cliffjumper in the series. Although little is known about this particular incarnation of the character,"

You can read the entire article here.

September 8th

Comic Book Review: "Ironhide #4"

As Ironhide battles Insecticons across Cybertron, Alpha Trion readies the next stage of his plans. Check out my review of "Ironhide #4" Any old iron!