Archive - 2010

December 13th

Generations Thunderwing Reviewed

In Generation One, this character was obsessed with the Autobot Matrix, later in the IDW continuity he was a scientist gone mad. Now he's back as a Deluxe scale figure in the "Generations" toy line! Take a look at my review of this exciting new figure!

December 8th

Power Core Combiners Darkstream with Razorbeam Reviewed

The Skyburst sculpt gets a new deco and new identity as Darkstream. His partner is Razorbeam, a redeco of Chopster. Does this pair make a strong 2 pack in the Power Core Combiners line? Read my review to find out!

"Transformers Dark of the Moon" teaser trailer debuts

The teaser trailer for the third live action "Transformers" film has been posted on trailers. The trailer starts with footage from the 1969 moon landing mingled in with film footage showing the landing we are all familiar with - but there was truly more than meets the eye going on forty years ago as we discover the true reason for the mission - exploration of a crashed Transformers ship! What follows is a very brief look at a mysterious robot (who bears some resemblance to Vector Prime) awakening. You can view the trailer on!

Transformers 3 Robot

December 1st

Takara Tomy launches its "Transformers United" section

While the "Generations" and "Reveal the Shield" lines are filling the shelves in the U.S., they are slowly making their way overseas to the land where Transformers were born: Japan. Takara Tomy has launched its "Transformers United" section, the banner which they will launch these new figures from, most with slightly different (and some more dramatically different) color schemes. It's really nicely put together and worth a look!

Michael Bay denies rumors of 3D problems with "Transformers Dark of the Moon"

Hollywood is a place where the rumor mill churns 24/7. Among the latest batch of rumors were some saying there are problems with the development of the 3D footage for "Transformers Dark of the Moon". Director Michael Bay has flat out denied this rumor on his web site. Bay posted on his own board, saying in part "Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D.

"Transformers: Prime" Episode Three Reviewed

Megatron's plan comes to fruition as Starscream and Soundwave capture Agent Fowler! To make things worse, the kids are caught in the crossfire between the Autobots and Decepticons. It's all in the third episode of "Transformers: Prime". Check out my review of tonight's episode of "Transformers: Prime".

November 30th

Power Core Combiners Stakeout with Protectobots Reviewed

Once a brash warrior, the responsibility of being a Power Core Combiner Commander has tempered the Autobot Stakeout, who now defends those who cannot defend themselves using his team of Protectobot Drones! BWTF reviews Stakeout with the Protectobots in the Power Core Combiners review section.

November 27th

Reveal the Shield toy review section opens with a look at Mindset!

The newest Transformers sub-line has begun! Part of the first line of "Reveal the Shield" figures are redecos, and one of them is Mindset, a redeco of Hailstorm, but this time the figure has a new head sculpt and he's an Auotbot to boot! Check out's review of Mindset.

November 26th

"Transformers: Prime" episode reviews!

Post-Thanksgiving brings about the debut of the long awaited Transformers show: "Transformers: Prime"! The Hub has aired the first two episodes and has launched its "Transformers: Prime" section with reviews of "Darkness Rising - Part One" and Part 2!

November 24th

Variety reviews "Transformers: Prime"

Variety has posted a review of "Transformers: Prime", set to debut on Friday at 4pm on The Hub, Hasbro's new joint venture with the Discovery Channel. Reviewer Brian Lowry enjoyed the program, pointing out (among other things):