Archive - 2010

April 23rd

Revenge of the Fallen Stealth Bumblebee Reviewed

When Bumblebee needs to sneak around with more efficiency than usual, he goes stealth! This redeco of Legends Bumblebee has been reviewed here.

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Hot Toys has just announced the Iron Man Mark IV figure from the upcoming
movie. This piece should come with alternate parts and lights like
previous releases, and we have it listed at $179.99.

The second wave of these interesting novelties includes chopsticks based

"Revenge of the Fallen" Sequel "Nefarious" #2 Reviewed

The Decepticons begin to escalate Scoundwave's plans as The Initiative continues its machinations, all in issue #2 of "Nefarious", the "Revenge of the Fallen" sequel. Check out my review of issue #2 here.

New Botcon 2010 exclusive revealed: Streetstar!

The third Botcon 2010 exclusive has been revealed to be Streetstar (a.k.a. Streetwise from the Protectobot team). No doubt the name has been changed due to trademark issues, but the deco is clearly based on that character's unreleased Generation 2 deco was. This cool figure will be part of the Botcon 2010 boxed set and shows the unconventional direction this set is taking!

April 16th

Revenge of the Fallen Bumblebee versus Shadow Striker Target exclusive Reviewed

The beginning of 2010 kicked off with the Transformers "NEST" promotion, involving getting figures with the "NEST" symbol that included stickers to mail in with a form. One of these exclusive figure sets is Bumblebee versus Shadow Striker, only available at Target. BWTF reviews this set is here for you to read!

April 15th

Botcon 2010 Brochure Posted

As the excitement builds for Botcon 2010, registration draws near. To whet your appetites, the Botcon 2010 brochure has been posted. Check it out to find out information on the convention and some previously unrevealed character choices for the toy set!

Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Rampage and Ravage Reviewed

The Hunt for the Decepticons begins on BWTF with reviews of Legends Class Rampage and Ravage. These two tiny titans are among the first wave of Legends Class figures from the new subline branching off of the "Revenge of the Fallen" storyline. Check out their reviews here and here.

April 9th

Revenge of the Fallen Human Alliance Bumblebee Reviewed

Transformers figures have had "partners" since the days of Generation One. Soundwave had his cassette force, Headmasters had their...well, heads and later some larger Transformers came with Micromasters. Now a sub-line of Transformers has been added to this pantheon: the Human Alliance Transformers! BWTF reviews the first of these figures: Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky!

April 8th

Actors Kevin Dunn and Julie White to return for "Transformers 3"

Casting for "Transformers 3", the as-yet-untitled third feature film of the franchise has picked up speed. Veteran actors Kevin Dunn and Julie White (Ron and Judy Witwicky, respectively) have signed on to appear in the film as Sam's parents once again. According to the article by Variety: "Thesps Kevin Dunn and Julie White have closed their deals to return in the roles of Ron Witwicky and Judy Witwicky, respectively, and reunite with leads Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.".

April 6th

War for Cybertron video game pre-order exclusives

As the excitement for the new Transformers video game "War for Cybertron" builds, another exclusive unlockable character has been revealed! Previously it was revealed that ordering via Gamestop will allow you to unlock Shockwave. Now order through and unlock Demolishor, based upon the Armada character of the same name! Images for both are available at