Archive - 2010

September 1st

Revenge of the Fallen Activators Starscream Reviewed

Megatron isn't the only major Decepticon character from Generation One to take center stage in the movie universe! Right behind him is the powerful Air Commander Starscream, and now he takes on a whole new form as an Activator. Check out the BWTF review of Activators Starscream!

August 29th

Transformers meets Mad Max with the new Power Core Combiner Mudslinger/Destructicons set!

If you're a powerful Decepticon with a bad attitude and you transform into a monster truck, what more appropriate group of Drones to back you up then a bunch that looks like they were made for a destruction derby? Take a look at BWTF's newest review: Mudslinger with the Destructicons and visit the gallery of images to see over thirty pictures of this set!

August 28th interviews G1 voice actor Gregg Berger on the newest Transmissions podcast

You read it right, "Transmissions" is back and with a wonderful conversation I recently had with Generation One voice actor Gregg Berger, better known to many fans as the voice of characters such as Grimlock, Skyfire, Long Haul and Outback! Mr. Berger took time out of his busy schedule to chat with me and the result was a conversation that covered not only his career, but his philosophies on work and life. Check out the podcast on the Transmissions Libsyn site or on iTunes!

Activators Optimus Prime reviewed

With a simple press of a button you activate the transformation of this heroic Autobot leader! Check out's toy review of Activators Optimus Prime!

Japanese exclusive Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy pictures and report from Japan

Yahoo! Japan blogger GENgoraw has put up photos on his blog featuring the previously announced Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy figure. As fans have been speculating, the figure will not just be Rodimus Convoy, but it will also be able to transform into the smaller "Hot Rod" form, complete with a face that can be changed from the "young" face to an "older" one! He will also feature two vehicle modes, a car as Hot Rod and then the larger futuristic truck as Rodimus Convoy.

August 26th

Chicago Sun Times: "Transformers 3" wraps up filming in Chicago

For months now Chicago has been a major location for the "Transformers 3" crew where several key scenes have been filmed. In the final days of filming, Mayor Daley held a press conference with "Transformers 3" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Economically speaking, the filming had a huge effect. According to the article:

"...benefits to Chicago that go far beyond the 1,200 jobs and $20 million pumped into the local economy."

Wal-Mart exclusive "Bombing Run Battle" two pack reviewed

As the Autobots search the globe to hunt down Decepticons, Bumblebee takes on the Decepticon flier Grindor! This battle is represented in the "Bombing Run Battle" two pack recently released at Wal-Mart. You can read my review of this set here and check out a gallery of images featuring Bumblebee and Grindor!

August 25th

Generations Autobot Drift Reviewed with gallery

I'm playing catch up on reviews again. This time around, it's Generations Autobot Drift, the sword wielding Autobot from the pages of IDW's "Generation One" inspired series. Take a look at my review of this figure along with a gallery of over 30 images!

August 24th

Big Bad Toystore Exclusive Seacons released!

Originally announced at Botcon 2010, the Big Bad Toy Store exclusive Generation One Seacons set has been released! Featuring all six of the original Seacons in their Generation One colors, this impressive set is boxed in a clear plastic box in the combined "giant mode". You can purchase this awesome set for $59.99 at Get them before they're all gone!

August 17th

Hunt for the Decepticons Hunters Rumble Target exclusive set reviewed

As part of the "Hunt for the Decepticons" promotional campaign, Target has released several two packs featuring an Autobot versus a Decepticon. BWTF reviews one of these two packs, the "Hunters Rumble" featuring Barricade versus Sideswipe! Check out my review for the Hunters Rumble two pack.