Archive - 2010

August 4th

Botcon 2010 Exclusive Sharkticon reviewed

Troop builder packs have become a Botcon tradition. Since 2005's "Virulent Clones", Fun Publications has upped the ante first with last year's Sweeps three pack, and now 2010's Sharkticon three pack. Check out BWTF's review of the Sharkticon figure here.

July 30th

Botcon 2010 Exclusive figures for sale on ebay!

Missed out on Botcon 2010? Now you can own part of the Botcon collector experience with several Botcon exclusive figures! I have listed three auctions for Botcon figures. The actions are:

I have set "buy it now" prices on each auction if you just want to purchase them outright. Best of luck to all bidders!

July 29th

Speed Stars Stealth Force Gears Reviewed

2010 introduces a new play pattern into the Transformers world. Borrowing from the 80's toy line "M.A.S.K." and the 90's toy line "VOR-tech", the "Stealth Force" features a line of vehicles inspired by Transformers characters that transform to reveal weaponry underneath various parts and panels on the vehicle. BWTF has put up its first review of these new toys: Stealth Force Gears. Check out the review for images, my thoughts and even video of the motorized transformation!

IDW Publishing "Ironhide" Chapter Two: Iron in the Blood Reviewed

As Ironhide explores a Cybertron in ruins, he hopes to encounter a friendly face but instead finds a mockery of Transformers life! Check out BWTF's review of Ironhide #2!

"Ironhide" Chapter One: The Iron Age comic book reviewed

He's one of the most battle tested, rough, tough and loyal Autobots out there. He's Ironhide and despite his fate in the ongoing Transformers series, a whole new set of adventures await this intrepid Autobot on Cybertron! BWTF reviews Ironhide #1 in the comic books section.

July 24th

Power Core Combiners Smolder with Chopster Reviewed

When you see that fire truck charging down the road you may think you're in for a rescue, but this fire truck has a surprise - he's an evil Decepticon! This morning BWTF brings you a review of Power Core Combiners Smolder, one of the newest Decepticons to join the Transformers ranks.

July 23rd

ABC News: "Transformers 3" filming continues in Chicago - photos and video!

This weekend there will be street closures all over the area of Wacker Drive thanks to filming of a battle scene for "Transformers 3" this weekend. Check out ABC's coverage to see what streets will close as well as photos and video from the shoot!

Botcon 2010 Exclusive "give away" figure Slice Reviewed

Every year, Primus Package attendees at Botcon receive a free figure as part of their registration package. This year, the figure was Slice, based on the Generation One Action Master character Slicer. While obscure to many, European exclusive figures like Slicer hold a special place in the hearts of many fans so this was a welcome addition to the set. Take a look at BWTF's review of Decepticon Slice here!

"Transformers: Prime" test footage!

Information on the upcoming "Transformers: Prime" series has continued to be released. IGN has released test footage from the upcoming Transformers series whose design aesthetic reflects that of the movie and the current "War for Cybertron" video game. Check it out!

July 22nd

Botcon 2010 Sky-Byte Reviewed

He's a big bad shark in any universe, he's Sky-Byte! This "wildcard" entry into the Botcon 2010 "Generation 2: Redux" set was a surprise as well as a fan favorite. Now BWTF has reviewed this figure. Check it out here!