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November 22nd

Transformers Prime Starscream reviewed

in Decepticon, Deluxe, Generation One, News, Prime, Seeker, First Edition

Across the many generations of Transformers, most Decepticon leaders have always had a treacherous right hand 'bot who would keep them on their toes while serving as a deadly warrior by their side. In "Transformers Prime" that Decepticon is Starscream, who seeks to take power for himself from Megatron! Today, BWTF brings you a review of Transformers Prime Starscream.

November 19th

Transformers Prime Arcee reviewed

in Autobot, Deluxe, Generation One, News, Prime, First Edition

Some Transformers characters have been there since the beginning and became legends such as Optimus Prime, but others came later but still went on to become extremely popular characters. One of these is Arcee. First introduced in the 1986 "Transformers: The Movie", the character has had many new incarnations including her role as a member of the Autobot team in "Transformers Prime". The deluxe figures have hit Toys R Us stores in force, and now BWTF brings you a review of Arcee!

November 15th

Transformers Prime "Entertainment Pack" Reviewed

in Deluxe, Generation One, News, Prime, First Edition

One was forged in the fires of combat, the other an intellectual turned warrior. Once they were brothers in arms, but since have become the most bitter of enemies. This introductory two pack of Optimus Prime versus Megatron is a great way to introduce fans to "Transformers Prime", and BWTF brings you a review of this two pack today!

November 9th

Transformers Prime Bumblebee Reviewed

in Autobot, Deluxe, Movie (2007), News, Prime, First Edition

Transformers Prime action figures have begun to hit stores in Asia, giving BWTF the chance to begin bringing you reviews of these figures (as I get them). The first is one of the key characters in the Transformers mythos: Bumblebee!

November 1st

Voice Actor Interview: Sumalee Montano (Arcee of "Transformers Prime")

in Autobot, News

Sumalee Montano is one of those actresses that has had a varied career, moving back and forth between animation and live action with ease. Her past credits include television shows such as E.R. and Close to Home. Her work in animation ranges from video games such as Dead Island. Transformers fans were first introduced to Sumalee as Arcee, a key member of the Autobot team in "Transformers: Prime". BWTF was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Ms. Montano about her work both past and present.