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Generations Junkheap Reviewed

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On the far away planet of junk known as Junkion the tribe of Transformers known as the Junkions spend their days watching TV and learning new ways of talking to each TV speak! One of these warriors is Junkheap, who once helped reassemble Ultra Magnus after he fell in battle. Check out BWTF's review of Generations Junkheap!

Hasbro responds to allegations of poor working conditions in China

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On December 19, 2011, a story broke pointing out poor working conditions in the "Jet Fair" factory that produces items including Transformers products. This report included photos and first hand accounts of these conditions.

Hasbro has now released a statement responding to these allegations. Among the steps they have taken to ensure compliance with their standards was an unannounced inspection of the site.

"Transformers Dark of the Moon" Blu-Ray Ultimate Edition Details

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Blu-Ray Definition has posted details of the upcoming "Dark of the Moon" Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray. For those of you who skipped the version put out around Thanksgiving, this is the one you've been waiting for! Among the extras will be:

  • Trailers
  • Previsualizations with commentary
  • "The Art of Cybertron"
  • Marketing gallery

Generations Sky Shadow Reviewed

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There are stories of Decepticons so dangerous that Megatron himself secretly fears them. Among them is Sky Shadow, a force to be reckoned with by Autobots and Decepticons alike! Today's review brings you a look at Generations Sky Shadow.