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March 27th

BWTF opens up its "Dark of the Moon" toy review section with Preview Optimus Prime!

in Action Figure Review, Autobot, Commander, Dark of the Moon, Revenge of the Fallen, Cyberverse

March 2011 has seen the first official "Dark of the Moon" Transformers figure released onto the mass market. The first figure out in stores now is Optimus Prime! Featuring a cool jet pack and weaponry, this Optimus Prime represents what we'll see in the upcoming "Cyberverse" toy line as seen at Toy Fair 2011! Check out's first "Dark of the Moon" toy review with Preview Optimus Prime!

March 17th

Power Core Combiners Salvage with Bomb-Burst reviewed

Sometimes waiting to get an upgraded body pays off. Salvage spent ages in one form, but then took on a new and more powerful form: a Power Core Combiner! Now paired with Mini-Con Bomb-Burst, this duo takes on Decepticons together! Check out my review and gallery of this new Autobot to see if you want him in your army today!

March 16th

Transformers "Timelines" Collector's Club exclusive G2 Ramjet box art revealed!

Botcon 2010 was a celebration of the Generation 2 era of Transformers, when colors were loud and old characters mixed with new ones. As an extension of that set of figures, the Transformers Collector's Club is releasing the "Classics" Ramjet sculpt in Generation 2 colors, based on the figure released over fifteen years ago! Check out the box art for this figure inspired by its G2 origins on The Transformers Collectors Club web site!

March 14th

Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Spray Reviewed

Once upon a time the name Seaspray meant a Mini-Bot with a gurgling voice. In the "Hunt for the Decepticons" Transformers line Sea Spray is back, but this time he's a Voyager Class figure armed with harpoon launchers and equipment suited for any aquatic environment!

Hasbro and Jagex partner to develop online Transformers game

According to Gamasutra, Jagex Game Studio and Hasbro have partnered in a deal to develop an online Transformers game. Already known for online games such as RuneScape, Jagex is definitely a veteran of the online gaming world. According to the article: "Under the new Transformers deal with Hasbro, Jagex will release the MMO in North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia next year.". You may read the article in its entirety on Gamasutra's web site.

Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive reviewed

As his fellow DecepticonJetstorm serves as a decoy, Terradive swoops in to attack their Autobot enemies! Check out's review of an unconventionally designed Transformers jet complete with a trident weapon!

March 11th

Retro Review: Generation 2 Space Case Reviewed!

Here's a retro review from the days of Generation 2, an era that ended one period of Transformers history before the Beast Wars began! This time out I review the Cyberjet Space Case, a figure that utilized ball joints and design elements that would later go on to become standard in future Transformers!

March 6th

Hunt for the Decepticons Highbrow Reviewed

One of the elder Autobot warriors takes on a cool retro vehicle mode in his fight against Megatron's forces! reviews Highbrow from the "Hunt for the Decepticons" toy line.

March 1st

Time Magazine names "Transformers" as one of its 100 Greatest Toys of all time

Time Magazine has released its list of what it considers the 100 Greatest Toys of all time. There are many familiar names in there including "Play Doh" and "My Little Pony", but fans of this site will smile knowing that the Transformers was also named one of these lines! You can jump straight to the entry on Transformers here!