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Dark of the Moon Activators Starscream reviewed

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Through thousands of years of war, Megatron has had key Decepticons that he could count on to survive and remain by his side. One of them is his Air Commander, the powerful and treacherous Starscream. Today's review brings you Starscream in a somewhat less threatening form, a cute little Activator!

Moviehole: A chat with ‘Neil Armstrong’ of Transformers : Dark of the Moon

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Movie entertainment site Movie Hole has interviewed Don Jeanes, who plays the small but crucial role of legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong in the upcoming "Transformers Dark of the Moon" film. In the interview, the actor discusses how his prior projects compared to something as big as "Transformers". About the sets Jeanes says On Transformers: Dark of the Moon the sets were shockingly realistic for being artificial. The entire moon surface was real, not green screen, and looked real even when you were right on top of it.

May 27th

Dark of the Moon Legion Class Crowbar reviewed

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Crowbar is one of those rare Transformers who combines stealth like abilities with destructive potential. The combination is a threat the Autobots cannot afford to ignore! Check out my review of Legion Class Crowbar from the "Dark of the Moon" Cyberverse!

May 26th

Generations Scourge reviewed

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His origins are the stuff of legend and rumor. Was he one of Scorponok's warriors on Nebulos? Or was he the creation of a Dark God made to lead the dreaded Sweeps? Whatever his origin, Scourge is back in the Generations toy line. Today, (finally) reviews this cool figure, take a look!

May 25th

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Autobot Skids reviewed

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Autobot Skids has matured since his battle with Devastator in "Revenge of the Fallen". With it he has upgraded his form to that of a new Chevrolet Spark. Now fighting alongside the Autobots, he is there to ensure the Decepticons do succeed in their invasion of Earth! Today's "Dark of the Moon" review brings you a look at Autobot Skids from "Dark of the Moon".

May 24th

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Powerglide reviewed

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He's an aerial daredevil whose moves win the admiration and envy of friends and enemies alike. Powerglide may not be the most heavily armored Transformer, but he doesn't need the armor as he dodges enemy blasts with enthusiasm! Start off your day with a look at this cool reincarnation of the G1 Mini-Bot!

Daily News: James Cameron and 'Transformers' director Michael Bay promote bright future for 3-D

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"Transformers Dark of the Moon" is one of the few recent films that will be released in 3D that was actually filmed in 3D, using the same technologies that went into Jim Cameron's highly successful "Avatar" movie. The two filmmakers recently gathered to preview "Dark of the Moon" footage as well as discuss the technology and its challenges. Among the challenges they cited were more behavior oriented than technical. Said Cameron "Brightness is the biggest technical issue in the field right now," said Cameron.

"Transformers Dark of the Moon" release date updated on official web site

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Last week, "Dark of the Moon" studio Paramount decided to move up the release date of the third Transformers live action film by a few days to June 29. This has been reflected on the official web site and posters are beginning to appear that reflect this new date as well. I know where I'll be June 29th, what about you?

May 23rd

Dark of the Moon Activators Optimus Prime reviewed

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The latest in the descendents from the original Dynasty of Primes, Optimus Prime seeks to defend the innocent from the machinations of the Decepticons, even if it is in a cute, pint size form! This week kicks off with a review of Dark of the Moon Activators Optimus Prime.

May 22nd

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Roadbuster Reviewed

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He may not be the most sophisticated Autobot around, but Roadbuster knows what to do when it comes to kicking Decepticon tail! Kick off your Sunday morning with my review of Mech Tech Roadbuster.