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Dark of the Moon Activators Starscream reviewed

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Through thousands of years of war, Megatron has had key Decepticons that he could count on to survive and remain by his side. One of them is his Air Commander, the powerful and treacherous Starscream. Today's review brings you Starscream in a somewhat less threatening form, a cute little Activator!

Moviehole: A chat with ‘Neil Armstrong’ of Transformers : Dark of the Moon

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Movie entertainment site Movie Hole has interviewed Don Jeanes, who plays the small but crucial role of legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong in the upcoming "Transformers Dark of the Moon" film. In the interview, the actor discusses how his prior projects compared to something as big as "Transformers". About the sets Jeanes says On Transformers: Dark of the Moon the sets were shockingly realistic for being artificial. The entire moon surface was real, not green screen, and looked real even when you were right on top of it.