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May 11th

Botcon 2011 Guest List welcomes Neil Ross!

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As Botcon 2011 draws closer, the list of guests just keeps getting bigger and better! Joining the likes of David Kaye and Greg Berger will be Neil Ross, who Transformers fans may know better as Hook, Slag, Bonecrusher and Springer! You can read the entire article here!

Moviehole interviews "Dark of the Moon" director Michael Bay

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Recently, several news venues were granted the opportunity to speak with "Transformers" director Michael Bay. While discussion centered around the "Transformers" film, the director and producer offers his perspectives on where movies stand in the grand scheme of things. Among his more interesting comments when addressing his "haters" is: Bay laughs at the suggestion made by some journalists that his fantasy blockbuster is responsible for the world’s problems.

Reveal the Shield Legends Class Optimus Prime reviewed

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Near the dawn of the Transformers race, the Dynasty of Primes was born. Each generation of Transformers since has had a brave robot take up the mantle and our age has the wise and powerful Optimus Prime. This popular character has now returned in Legends Class form as part of the Reveal the Shield toy line. Check out my review of this cool figure!

May 10th

Botcon 2011 Guests Announcement Round Up

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With Botcon 2011 less than a month away, guests are being announced one by one! First up is Flint Dille, a writer who lent his talents to both the original Transformers and G.I. Joe animated series. The second guest announced is David Kaye, the actor who brought "Beast Wars" Megatron (among others) to life along with "Animated" Optimus Prime. The most recent announcement is Gregg Berger, the awesome talent behind the famous Dinobot Commander Grimlock! This smashing line up promises to offer fans lots of fun during the weekend.

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Class Megatron Reviewed

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After the defeat of the Fallen, the Decepticons are in disarray and their leader has gone into hiding. When the invasion begins anew in "Dark of the Moon", Megatron rises up again in a new form! Take a look at my review of Commander Class Megatron from "Dark of the Moon".

May 9th

Generations Deluxe Class Warpath Reviewed

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If there's one thing Warpath has in abundance, it's enthusiasm. How can you not love a guy who happily yells stuff like "Blowie! Zam! Pow!" in the middle of battle as he happily pummels enemies with insane amounts of firepower? Check out my review of Warpath's latest incarnation!

May 8th

Huliq: 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' trailer viewed 6 million times in 24 hrs

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Are you excited for the upcoming Transformers "Dark of the Moon" feature film? If so, you're not alone. According to, the iTunes version of the "Dark of the Moon" trailer has been viewed 6 million times! According to the article " a period of 24 hours, the movie trailer became the most-viewed trailer in the history of iTunes Movie Trailers." You can read the entire article on Huliq.

If you haven't seen it yet, the trailer is embedded below:

Dark of the Moon Legion Class Bumblebee reviewed

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No line of movie Transformers figures would be complete without Bumblebee making an appearance, and the Legion Class of figures is no different. This version of Bumblebee represents the upgraded version to be seen in "Dark of the Moon". Check out's review of this Cyberverse version of this awesome Autobot!

May 6th

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Autobot Ratchet reviewed

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In some ways, Ratchet embodies the best of the Autobots. A healer at heart, he just wants to help heal the wounded, but when he has to protect life he is a fierce opponent on the battlefield! Check out's review of deluxe "Dark of the Moon" Autobot Ratchet!

May 5th

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Jolt Reviewed

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Crucial in the battle to defeat The Fallen, Jolt returns again in "Dark of the Moon" as part of Optimus Prime's Autobot forces fighting against the Decepticon invasion. This new Deluxe Class Jolt figure has been reviewed on, check it out!