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June 30th

Hunt for the Decepticons Breacher Reviewed

in Action Figure Review, Autobot, Hunt for the Decepticons, Revenge of the Fallen, Scout

Teamed up with Sea Spray, Breacher is on the job to lead the charge on land. This awesome Scout Class figure took many fans by surprise last year, and I finally got around to writing down just how cool I think he is! Check out my review of Breacher.

June 28th

Thunder...Thunder...Thundercracker Revieeeeeewed!

in Decepticon, News, Seeker

Tuesday is Thundercracker day this week! Today I bring you not one, not two, but THREE Thundercracker reviews! First up is Thundercracker from the Botcon 2007 "Games of Deception" set, Generations Thundercracker and Shattered Glass Thundercracker!

June 27th

Reveal the Shield Windcharger Reviewed at last!

in Autobot, Generation One, Mini-Bot, News, Reveal the Shield, Scout

Released towards the end of the "Reveal the Shield" toy line, Windcharger has been a fairly elusive figure for many fans. I've finally gotten my hands on one so you can start your day with BWTF's review of Reveal the Shield Windcharger!

June 16th

Dark of the Moon Backfire witih Spike Witwicky reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Generation One, News, Scout, Human Alliance

The dark streets of the city are just as treacherous as the open landscape of the desert or the dense jungles. When you need as specialist to back you up in hunting Decepticons in the city, count on Backfire! reviews this addition to the Human Alliance toy line.

June 15th

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Barricade reviewed

in Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, Deluxe, Movie (2007), News, MechTech

He disappeared at the end of the the first "Transformers" movie, and it seems you can't keep this Decepticon down! The first wave of "Dark of the Moon' deluxe figures includes a new incarnation of Barricade, this time armed with a Mech Tech weapon! Start your morning off with's review of Mech Tech Barricade.

June 13th

BWTF is now on Facebook! "Like" and you could win a free toy!

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You like Ben's World of Transformers don't you? Well now you can make it part of your every day Facebook reality with's Facebook page. Stop on by and "Like" my page for a chance at winning a Transformers "Dark of the Moon" action figure. That's right, "Like" my page by 11pm Eastern Time on Sunday June 19th, you could be randomly picked to receive a randomly selected Transformers "Dark of the Moon" action figure!

Reveal the Shield Trailcutter reviewed

in Autobot, Generation One, Legends, News, Reveal the Shield

Trailcutter is a light-hearted Autobot who helps Optimus Prime keep up the morale of the Autobots. However, he often asks to be left out of missions because of his low self-esteem but other Autobots are always ready to remind him of how valuable he is to the cause. BWTF kicks off this week with a review of Reveal the Shield Trailcutter!

June 8th

MTV.COM: 'Transformers 3'has "Best Action' yet, according to Shia LeBeouf

in Dark of the Moon, News

It's no secret that "Dark of the Moon" may be the last live action Transformers production invovling Michael Bay as director, but "Transformers" star Shia LeBeouf is also ready to move on. In a recent interview with MTV he discussed his role in the series and the action that makes it great. When asked if he would return for a fourth installment, LeBeouf stated "I'm not coming back to do another one. I don't think Mike will either. It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they'll reboot it at some point with someone else."

Dark of the Moon Legion Class Crankcase reviewed

in Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, Dreads, Legion Class, News, Cyberverse

The Dreads are a team of Decepticons that all Autobots fear for their destructive potential and their ability to blend in with their surroundings. One of the most skilled Dreads is Crankcase, who has now come to Earth to wreak havoc! Take a look at's Legion Class Crankcase review!

June 7th

Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Shockwave reviewed

in Action Figure Review, Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, Generation One, Voyager, MechTech

There are few Autobots who can say they have fought Shockwave and lived to tell the tale. This cold, calculating and efficient Decepticon knows only how to kill and it is something he does very well! I'm back from Botcon 2011 and kicking my return home off with a review of Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Shockwave!