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August 30th

Dark of the Moon Cyberfire Bumblebee reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, News, Revenge of the Fallen, MechTech

Bumblebee has been battle tested for ages, and as time has gone along he has made it a point to record what he has learned in the great Autobot computer Teletraan-1. Along the way, he also adapts himself to snazzy new paint jobs to keep his enemies guessing! Start this morning off with a review of Cyberfire Bumblebee!

August 26th

Timelines Botcon 2011 Sideswipe reviewed

in Animated, Autobot, Botcon, Deluxe, News, Timelines

Once a young, brash warrior who was fond of breakign the rules, Sideswipe has matured over the years to become a seasoned investigator. When necessary however he can still bust Decepticon heads with the best of them! Start your day off by checking out my review of Timelines Animated Sideswipe!

August 24th

Dark of the Moon Mudflap reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, News, Revenge of the Fallen, MechTech

It's been a while since the battle with The Fallen, and Mudflap remembers his time fighting Devastator well. Now more serious, Mudflap has taken on a new form and a new attitude! Start your morning off with my review and photos of Mudflap from "Dark of the Moon".

August 22nd

Dark of the Moon Scan Series Ironhide Toy Review

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, Hunt for the Decepticons, News, Toys R Us Exclusive, Scan Series

When Ironhide first landed on Earth, he knew he needed a new alternate form, one that would represent the power he knew he had. Taking on the form of a gigantic Topkick pickup truck he knew he'd be able to take on the Decepticons in either his modes! Check out this review of Scan Series Ironhide, showing the Autobot when he first took on his form on Earth!

August 20th

Dark of the Moon Thundercracker reviewed

in Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, Deluxe, Movie (2007), News, Seeker, MechTech

What kind of Air Commander would Starscream be without a legion of Seekers to follow him? One of them is Thundercracker, a younger Decepticon learning from his commander in the ways of destruction and treachery! Check out my review of Dark of the Moon Thundercracker!

August 17th

Timelines Botcon 2011 Exclusive Breakdown reviewed

in Animated, Botcon, Decepticon, Deluxe, News, Stunticon, Timelines

So you're paranoid, have low self esteem and you kind of dig destruction, so what do you do? You join up with the Decepticons and wreak some havoc! That's Breakdown's job as part of the Stunticon team in this year's Botcon set. Check out my review of this figure in the Timelines review seciton.

August 15th

Rescue Bots Optimus Prime and Charlie Burns reviewed

in Autobot, News

Working together, the Autobots and humans are stronger than they are standing apart. It is this philosophy that both Optimus Prime and Chief Charlie Burns believe in. Both help lead the Rescue Bots and today you can read the review of each of these leaders! Optimus Prime is in a classic G1 inspired new form while Charlie Burns borrows plenty of influence from his Autobot counterpart.

August 13th

Rescue Bots Axel Frazier with Microcopter reviewed

in Autobot, News

The Rescue Bots are fairly young Transformers. In his wisdom, Optimus Prime has decided to pair each Autobot up with a Transformer so they can serve as mentors. Axel Frazier is a pilot chosen for this team and he flies into rescue operations with his Microcopter vehicle! This morning, BWTF brings you a review of this human/vehicle two pack!

August 12th

Rescue Bots section opened! Bumblebee reviewed!

in Autobot, News

The Rescue Bots have arrived! This Playskool brand of Transformers figures focuses on a young team of Autobots working together with humans in rescue operations on Earth.

While he is a young Autobot himself, Bumblebee is experienced enough to help Optimus Prime lead the Rescue Bots team on Earth as they team up to save the day! Check out my review of Rescue Bots Bumblebee.

August 11th

Dark of the Moon Robo Fighter Ironhide reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, News, Revenge of the Fallen, Robo Fighter, Robo Power

While other Autobots are sleek and use melee weaponry to take down their enemies, Ironhide trusts in his giant cannons and strength to take care of Decepticon punks! Today, BWTF brings you a review of Robo Fighter Ironhide.