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September 29th

Marvel Crossovers Ghost Rider reviewed

in Marvel Transformers

Over the years, the Spirit of Vengeance has taken on many forms and identities, but hey have always had certain things in common: a thirst for vengeance, supernatural powers and a big ol' flaming head. Now Ghost Rider joins the ranks of the Transformers in one of the last "Marvel Crossovers" releaes!

September 25th

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Guzzle reviewed

in Autobot, Commander, Dark of the Moon, Generation One, News, Cyberverse

He's not the tallest or most fuel efficient Autobot around, but when Autobots need a confident warrior on the battlefield choc full of weaponry, they have Guzzle! I'm excited to bring you my review of this awesome G1 homage form the "Dark of the Moon" toy line!

Dark of the Moon Scan Series Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, News, Revenge of the Fallen, Toys R Us Exclusive, Scan Series

When the Autobots first came to Earth, they were still in their "Protoform" state, without Earth based vehicle modes. To adapt to their new world, they all took on new forms. Ratchet took on the form of a rescue Humvee vehicle. As part of the Toys R Us exclusive "Mission Earth" line, Ratchet has been released representing the moment he changed his form. Check out my review of "Scan Series" Autobot Ratchet!

September 20th

Dark of the Moon Specialist Ratchet reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, News, Revenge of the Fallen, MechTech

Specialist Ratchet is one of the best medics in Cybertronian history, but he is also an experienced combat veteran who is ready to take on Decepticons with his powerful Mech Tech weaponry! Today takes a look at Specialist Ratchet.

September 19th

Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime with Armored Weapons Platform reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, News, Playset, Revenge of the Fallen, Cyberverse

Optimus Prime is tough, but sometimes when the odds are against him he calls upon the powerful weaponry contained within his trailer to help him defeat the Decepticons! The Cyberverse version of Optimus Prime finally gets a trailer that can transform into a base and armor for Optimus himself. Start your day off with my review of this Cyberverse playset!

September 18th

Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Icepick with Sergeant Chaos reviewd

in Commander, Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, News, Human Alliance

Icepick is one of those names that has bounced around the Transformers multiverse for almost three decades now. His most recent incarnation is a member of the "Human Alliance" series in "Dark of the Moon". Check out this review of one of the few Decepticons to wear a hockey mask!

September 15th

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Sideswipe reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, News, Revenge of the Fallen, MechTech

The Decepticons return to wreak havoc in "Dark of the Moon", but Sideswipe is ready for them with his trademark blades and Mech Tech weaponry. Start your day off with my review of deluxe class Mech Tech Sideswipe.

Transformers Related News round up - Barricade visits kids, Toys R Us offer and more

in News

Toys R Us is offering a "gift pack" if you purchase $20 or more worth of Transformers: Dark of the Moon action figures between 8/17/11 and 10/20/2011. You can read the details and print out the form here.

September 14th

Hasbro at New York City Comic-Con in October!

in News

Hasbro will be attending New York Comic-Con this year. While they have had a presence at the event in the past, it was relatively low key. This time it looks like they're hoping to do more than just display a few toys. Check out the press release below:


The Global Branded Play Company to Showcase Its Iconic Pop-Culture Properties at the Convention and Host the National BEYBLADE Championship at New York Comic Con’s “NYCC Kids!”

Dark of the Moon Flak reviewed

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Legion Class, News, Cyberverse

Flak is a bit of an enigma. He believes his battlefield tactics will bring victory, but they are untested. Genius or Autobot with delusions of grandeur? You decide after reading my review.