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September 12th

Dark of the Moon Commander Class Sentinel Prime reviewed

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The Dynasty of the Primes has produced one legend after another in the history of Cybertron. A great warrior and scientist, Sentinel Prime was the one who commanded both Optimus Prime and Megatron ages ago! Check out my review of Cyberverse Sentinel Prime!

September 6th

Dark of the Moon Blackout with Scorponok reviewed

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He was one of the first Decepticons to reveal himself in the modern age, and when he did, Blackout destroyed a military base and struck fear into the hearts of humans everywhere. With his partner Scorponok, he continues to wreak havoc on Autobots and humans alike! Now Blackout has returned to the Transformers toy line as a Commander Class figure in the Cyberverse, check out my review!

"Transformers Dark of the Moon" on DVD and Blu-Ray September 30, 2011

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The release date for "Dark of the Moon" on DVD and Blu-Ray has been announced: September 30, 2011! The initial release is rumored to be fairly bare bones with just the movie, but there are future editions with extras planned as well. Get more details on Comic Book

September 5th

Dark of the Moon Decepticon Hatchet reviewed

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When the terrifying visage of Decepticon Hatchet appears on the battlefield, the Autobots know they're in for one heck of a fight, especially if he has his fellow Dreads with him! Start your day off with my review of Decepticon Hatchet from the Cyberverse toy line!

September 4th

Transformers KRE-O Labor Day Sale

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Labor Day sales are a part of the holiday weekend in the US, and now Transformers are getting in the act too thanks to Toys R Us! Until tomorrow, you can get 50% off the price of one KRE-O set when you purchase one at the regular price. You can see the sale online here. Buy $75 or more and shipping is free too!

September 3rd

Rescue Bots Heatwave Reviewed

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One of the newest recruits into the Autobot Rescue forces is Heatwave. He's inexperienced but he's strong and willing to learn how to be a better Autobot! Today's review brings you a look at Heatwave!