Archive - 2011

January 12th

Power Core Combiners Skyhammer with Airlift reviewed

The Decepticons have added a new warrior to their ranks of aerial warriors. Not only is he a Power Core Combiner with the ability to merge with Drones and wreak havoc, but he comes with a snazzy Mini-Con Targetmaster partner AND he can control the weather! Read's review of this new Decepticon here along with a link to a gallery of images!

January 9th

Transformers voice actor Scott McNeil appears on "Sanctuary"

Actor Scott McNeil, who has voiced many Transformers characters over the years (most notably Dinobot, Rattrap and several others) has appeared on the SyFy channel program "Sanctuary". You can view the episode "The Hollow Man" on the Syfy channel web site and see him play the character "Birot". "Sanctuary" focuses on the adventures of Dr.

Generations Swashplate Reviewed

In 2005 the Cybertron series introduced audiences to the Mini-Con Jolt, part of the Recon team that befriended the humans in that story. Now that sculpt is reborn as a new Mini-Con: Swashplate!

Hunt for the Decepticons Elita-1 Reviewed

"Revenge of the Fallen" introduced three new Autobots: Arcee, Chromia and Elita-1. The trio helped destroy the Decepticon warrior Sideways and would later protect Sam against the Decepticons in the desert. takes a look at this redeco of Chromia with some cool photos to boot.

Generations Darkmount reviewed

Once a Transformer character created for the Marvel Comic book series in the 80's, Straxus went on to appear in small cameos here and there. Through the years however he never had a toy - until now! Check out's review of Darkmount, the Generations version of Straxus: Darkmount!