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IDW Publishing: "Infestation 2" #1 Comic Book Reviewed

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In the late 1800's, a threat awakens after a long slumber and uses the Decepticons as its soldiers, destroying all in its path! The Autobots must come out of hiding to confront this threat, but they can't do it alone! Today BWTF takes a look at this unlikely mash up.

Transformers "Autocracy" #2 Reviewed

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Tensions escalate on Cybertron as Zeta Prime becomes more fanatical in his desire to wipe out the Decepticon threat! Today BWTF takes a look at the political machinations in "Autocracy" #2.

January 30th

"Chaos" and "Autocracy" artist Livio Ramondelli interviewed

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Artist Livio Ramondelli was introduced to "Transformers" fans with the "Chaos" IDW Transformers series. Now he is in the midst of his latest project, the online exclusive "Transformers" comic book "Autocracy". BWTF had an opportunity to interview Mr. Ramondelli in advance of this week's release of "Autocracy #2". You can read the interview here!

January 29th

Dark of the Moon Track Battle Roadbuster Reviewed

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When Roadbuster has to change up his look to fool Decepticons, he has plenty of options to choose from as he surveys the NASCAR race tracks. Once this Wrecker is near his enemies, he can transform and take them down with his blaster chain saw weapon! Today's review brings you a look at the Wal-Mart exclusive Track Battle Roadbuster.

January 28th

Transformers Prime Soundwave Reviewed

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Silent, powerful and fiercely intelligent - Soundwave is one of the most feared Decepticons in Megatron's army. When he joined Megatron's forces on Earth he traded in his original ground based vehicle mode for that of a Reaper Drone. Along with his loyal servant Laserbeak, he continues to further Megatron's agenda on Earth! Today's toy review brings you a look at Robots in Disguise Soundwave!

January 27th

Transformers News Round Up: Victor Caroli interview, "Transformers" Blu-Ray set Give away and Runabout!

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Transformers Collector's Club reveals Runabout (aka Over-Run) - via Transformers Collectors Club

A clip of the "Dark of the Moon" special features has been posted online via Twitvid

UGO has a giveaway for the upcoming "Transformers" movie boxed set, check out their Facebook page for details - via UGO

Legendary voice actor Victor Caroli joined "Microphone Monday" on their videocast to provide insight into his start in the industry and his involvement with the Transformers cartoon, see embed below.

IDW Publishing: "Robots in Disguise" #1 Comic Book Reviewed

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Rodimus and his crew are seemingly dead and more non-aligned Cybertronians arrive daily. Meanwhile the Decepticons are getting restless. With intrigue and conflict aplenty, life isn't easy for our favorite Robots in Disguise! IDW's relaunch of their "Transformers" titles continues with "Robots in Disguise" and BWTF takes a look at the first issue!

Transformers Prime Wheeljack Reviewed

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Once one of Cybertron's most ingenious and prolific engineers, Wheeljack would later wind up joining the elite Autobot group known as "The Wreckers", befriending Bulkhead in the process. Now, ages after the Cybertronian wars began Wheeljack finds his old friend on a strange planet called Earth where he must do battle with the forces of evil once again! This morning's review brings you a look at "Transformers Prime" Wheeljack!

January 26th

Transformers Prime Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

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An army is not just made up of warriors. At the end of the day when battles have ended, there must be those who attend to the wounded. Among the best of these healers is Ratchet, an Autobot who has survived millions of years worth of war healing the wounded and when necessary, defending the helpless. Check out BWTF's first review of the new wave of "Transformers Prime" toys with my look at Transformers Prime Autobot Ratchet!