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Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Autobot Ratchet with Lunar Crawler Reviewed

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When the Autobots discover the Moon has hidden secrets, Ratchet and Optimus Prime arrive to find something they thought long gone. To assist him with his mission, Ratchet has brought along the Lunar Crawler able to transform into a Repair Station or a Lunar Combat vehicle! Today's review brings you a look at Autobot Ratchet with his Lunar Crawler!

IDW Publishing: "Autocracy" #1 Comic Book Reviewed

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The IDW "Digital Exclusive" Transformers comic book "Autocracy" focuses on the days before the Great Wars that would shatter Cybertron forever. As Orion Pax leads a group of Autobots to find an illegal arms dealer, they find that Decepticons aren't the only enemies they have to worry about! Today BWTF brings you a review of "Autocracy" #1!

SOPA and Fandom

Many Transformers fan sites along with sites such as Wikipedia have gone "dark" today in protest against SOPA, the "Stop Online Piracy Act". Without going into a long winded analysis, know that SOPA has the potential to shut down all sorts of sites. Sure there are the "big ones" like Google and Wikipedia, but what about sites like BWTF or TF2005? We too would be subject to attack by this policy since we carry material that could be construed as copyrighted or trademarked material (think screen captures from TV shows, scanned items from comics etc.).