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October 25th

Toy Review: Generations "GDO" Toys R Us Exclusive Sandstorm

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Sandstorm wants to be wherever there's action, explosions and excitement. Equipped with the alternate mode of a rugged dune buggy, this Autobot is more than ready for battle on rough terrain! Today's review brings you a look at the Toys R Us exclusive Generations Sandstorm!

October 24th

Sponsor News: BBTS G2 Bruticus Arrives, Star Wars, Sideshow, Hobbit, Play Arts Kai

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This exclusive set includes Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex and Blast off in their G2 colors. Leave them in vehicle or robot mode, or merge them to create the mighty Bruticus!

This figure of Optimus before he became the leader of the Autobots has Decepticon symbols and comes with a gold chromed version of Ratchet's Arms Micron. This figure is listed at $54.99.

We have received a small restock shipment of this popular set. This version of Soundwave has Soundblaster's double-deep cassette bay, and comes with Laserbeak and Ravage as well. We have this set listed at $64.99

Rumor Mill: Mark Wahlberg being courted for "Transformers 4"? Not so much.

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The rumor mill has been churning about "Transformers 4" casting for quite some time now. At one point, action star Jason Statham (Expendables, The Transporter) was thought to have been in the lead for a role in the film. Now the latest name to pop up is Mark Wahlberg (who just worked with Michael Bay on "Pain and Gain").

Sponsor News: TFSource - Knight Morpher, Colossus, new Japanese TF scans!

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Hi Guys -

We have some 3rd party news, that fans may be pretty excited for.

First is KM-05 Screecher, the first of Mastermind Creations 3 planes in their Knight Morpher series is now in stock at TFsource! At $89.95 he's a great price and MMC said this is a promotional price, a second run will be at a higher price. Now in stock, with preorders shipping out order yours at TFsource here: - KM-05 Knight Morpher Screecher

Toy Review: Generations "GDO" Dead End

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Dead End is an effective warrior, but mostly he just wants everyone to go away and leave him alone. After all, what's all the point of this battling. The wa he figures it, everyone is just going to die eventually anyway! This morning's review brings you a look at the Asia/Toys R Us exclusive Dead End!

October 23rd

Sponsor News: BBTS Knight Rider, Transformers, Mass Effect and more!

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Hi - A few new preorders of note listed in the last day or so:

'Best of' Minimates Wave 02

Knight Rider - 8" David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight

Alice - Madness Returns- Royal Guard

Batman - Killing Joke - ArtFX Statue

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Legion Class Fallback

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Before the war, FALLBACK scouted newly discovered worlds to determine if they were suitable for colonization. Now his duty is to assess a world's environmental health and recommend ways in which the AUTOBOTS®* can protect it while also using natural resources to their advantage. Today's review brings you a look at Cyberverse Fallback from Transformers Prime!

October 18th

Toy Reviews: Legion Class Flamewar & Tailgate

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One is an evil Decepticon highly trained in combat. The other is a fighter who was partnered with Arcee. If these two fight, you can bet the battle will be fierce! This morning's reviews bring you a look at Legion Class Flamewar and Tailgate!

October 17th

Toy Review: Bot Shots "Battle Mask" Bumblebee

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When the battle gets fierce, Bumblebee deploys his Battle Mask, giving him an extra edge and a new look in combat! Check out my review of this cool figure!

Sponsor News: BBTS Gentle Giant, DC, Transformers, LotR, NECA & More

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Gentle Giant has announced six new items for the beginning of 2013. We have a Gandalf Mini Bust from The Hobbit at $62.99 ($7 off the MSRP), a Walking Dead Zombie Army Men Bag of 10 at $12.99, a Marvel Venom Bookend at $123.99 ($14 off the MSRP), a Sy Snootles Mini bust at $67.99 ($7 off the MSRP), a set of AT-AT Bookends at $199.99 ($25 off the MSRP) and a 12" Scale Power Droid at $79.99 ($10 off the MSRP). All of these new items can be seen at the link.