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Sponsor News: BBTS TF Prime - First Edition - Preorders Open

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Hi - We are happy to announce that the BBTS Shared Exclusive - Transformers Prime - First Edition figures are now available for preorder.

The Deluxe set of 4 contains Vehicon, Starscream, Terrorcon Cliffjumper, and Arcee - and is priced at $59.99

The Voyager set of 2 contains Optimus and Bulkhead - and is priced at $49.99

The Entertainment 2-Pack features Optimus & Megatron and is priced at $39.99

Toy Review: Bot Shots Megatron (Truck) Reviewed

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Roaring into battle in his truck mode, Bot Shots Megatron is not afraid of any opponent! With his power, he is ready to take on any challenger! Today's review looks at the regular version of the Bot Shots Megatron truck!

Toy Review: Timelines Botcon 2012 Exclusive Spinister Reviewed

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Mysterious and extremely guarded about his past, Spinister serves the Decepticons under the command of Gigatron for purposes unknown to everyone except himself! Today BWTF takes a look at Botcon 2012 Spinister!

Sponsor News: TF Source - Encore Fortress Maximus, Masterpiece, Anime Devastator, Japanese Generations and more!

Greetings SourceFans!

This week we have many new preorders on the site including Encore #23 Fortress Maximus, Encore #20A Anime Devastator, and many new Takara/Tomy Masterpiece figures! New instock figures like iGear Hench and UFO, Make Toys Green Giant, Arms Micron Restocks and New Recruits! Be sure to check out our Source Blog for a new Source Article, Interview and Review as well. All this, and more... in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - Now up for Preorder!
2. New Masterpiece Preorders @TFsource!