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October 8th

Sponsor News: TF Source - Encore Fortress Maximus, Masterpiece, Anime Devastator, Japanese Generations and more!

Greetings SourceFans!

This week we have many new preorders on the site including Encore #23 Fortress Maximus, Encore #20A Anime Devastator, and many new Takara/Tomy Masterpiece figures! New instock figures like iGear Hench and UFO, Make Toys Green Giant, Arms Micron Restocks and New Recruits! Be sure to check out our Source Blog for a new Source Article, Interview and Review as well. All this, and more... in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - Now up for Preorder!
2. New Masterpiece Preorders @TFsource!

October 3rd

Sponsor News: BBTS - HUGE UPDATE! Fortress Maximus Encore Edition and more!

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Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - $349.99 (April Release) or $399.99 for the early air shipment (March Release)

Takara MP-15 Masterpiece Ravage & Rumble - $59.99

Takara Generations - Fall of Cybertron:
Ultra Magnus

Takara Prime
Darkest Megatron
Jet Vehicon General

October 2nd

Toy Review: Super Bot Optimus Prime Reviewed

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Upgrading to a powerful Super Bot, Optimus Prime is now ready to take on any opponent as he crashes his way to victory! Today's review brings you a quick look at Super Bot Optimus Prime!