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December 11th

Comic Books: "Robots in Disguise" #9 reviewed

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Near Iacon, Sky Lynx returns home battered after his mission with Ironhide, but he can't tell anyone where the Autobot is. Meanwhile, Ironhide struggles for his life in the Wilderneass against the Dinobots. Check out my review of "Robots in Disgise" #9!

Comic Books: "More than Meets the Eye" #9 Reviewed

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BWTF is playing "comic book catch up" with reviews, and the first up is "More than Meets the Eye" #9. When the Autobots try to help their friend Rung recover from his catatonic state, they tell tales of Cybertron's past!

Toy Review: Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream

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Once a staunch defender of Cybertron from orbit, Starscream became twisted over time and turned into a treacherous Decepticon! Now Starscream has taken new form in the "Generations" toy line and today BWTF brings you a review of this cool new figure!

Sponsor News: BBTS Holiday Sale!

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We've aggregated all remaining sale items from the last 6 months into a giant sales list! Nearly 4000 items are priced 20% or more off list price, and over 1400 of those are priced at 50% or more off list price!


Takara has just announced two new figures in the TG series, which comes from the Fall of Cybertron game. TG17 Blaster is a redeco of Soundwave, comes with Steeljaw and is listed at $64.99, while TG18 Skywarp is a redeco of Starscream and is listed at $37.99.

Takara is also releasing a mix of 12 old and new Microns, with six Autobots in Matrix clear blue and six Decepticons in Dark Energon purple. We have these figures listed by the Set of 12 for $34.99, Random Single at $2.99 each and by the Bag of 50 Pieces at $129.99.

This new combo deal will give you all six figures needed to assemble the Hercules Gestalt, all in one package deal. We have this set listed at $499.99.

We also have the red and white recolor of Hercules, called Perseus. It is based on the Shattered Glass color scheme, and is priced at $549.99.

Sponsor News: TF Source FP-DX Armored Battalion Holiday Exclusive - Now Shipping

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Great news – the FP-DX Armored Battalion Holiday Exclusive is now instock and shipping out! Many orders are being processed and barring any delays all domestic customers should receive theirs well in time for the holidays.

International shipping will vary by country and service selected, so if you are overseas and want to receive this by a certain date make sure to choose one of the faster shipping services!

If you haven’t ordered yet, there is limited stock remaining here: Thanks and Best

December 10th

Generations Blast Off and Decepticon Brawl reviewed

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When the Combaticons need air support from high above they can call in Blast Off and if that's not enough, Decepticon Brawl can roll in to add some firepower into the mix! Today's reviews bring you a look at the mass release of these two Combaticons.

December 6th

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Leadfoot

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A former engineer and now a warrior, Leadfoot is one of the infamous Wreckers, a group of Autobots who aren't afraid to take on any challenge! Today's reviews brings you a look at Bot Shots Leadfoot.

December 5th

Toy Review: Fall of Cybertron Vortex

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This Decepticon knows how to interrogate his enemies using both his robot and vehicle modes to get information from them! Today's review brings you a look at Fall of Cybertron Vortex.

December 4th

Comic Books: "Regeneration One" #86 Reviewed

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Grimlock is being held captive by Scorponok, who reveals his grand plan to conquer Cybertron! Meanwhile, the Autobots clean up their mess on Earth, but the humans have a surprise message for them. All this and more in my advance review of "Regeneration One" Issue 86!

December 3rd

Sponsor News: BBTS Shared Exclusive TF - Year of the Snake Prime & Omega Supreme & More!

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BBTS Shared Exclusive - Platinum Series - Year of the Snake - Fall of Cybertron Omega Supreme = $99.99

BBTS Shared Exclusive - Platinum Series - Year of the Snake - Optimus Prime = $79.99

Order both and save $5

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