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February 28th

"Autocracy" #4 Digital Exclusive review

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Orion Pax is deep in the Decepticon lair where Megatron is not looking to destroy him, but to recruit him! Meanwhile, Zeta Prime's machinations continue in "Autocracy" #4.

February 25th

Transformers Speed Stars Gallery Opened

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Going through a pile of figures buried in my closet I dug out a bunch of the carded Speed Stars vehicles I've been hunting over the last half year. I've photographed most of them in package and put them into a new Speed Stars gallery, check it out!

February 24th

Dark of the Moon "Dinobot" Mini-Con Team Reviewed

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When the Autobots need to bring in some muscle, they call upon a team of beast based Transformers inspired by the Generation One Dinobots team. Check out my review of this limited exclusive set of Catilla, Dualor, Rav and Triceradon!

February 22nd

Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime Reviewed

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Once a simple data manager named Orion Pax, Optimus Prime was always destined for greatness. As the leader of the Autobots, he is the bold line between Megatron and his plans of universal domination! Today's review brings you a look at the Japanese version of First Edition Optimus Prime.

February 21st

IDW Publishing "Robots in Disguise" #2 comic book reviewed

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The Decepticons are ready to strike as Bumblebee holds a memorial for Rodimus and his crew. Will the Autobots be able to survive the Decepticon assault? Find out in my review of "Robots in Disguise" #2!

February 17th

"Transformers Prime" First Edition Vehicon Reviewed!

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When Megatron needed an army, he knew the best way to drive conformity and fear into the hearts of his troops was to outfit them with a standard body shell and instill a sense of dread into each and everyone of them. The result was his army of Vehicons, Decepticons who will battle Autobots to the death! Today's review brings you a look at First Edition Vehicon, imported from Japan!

News Roundup: "Transformers" Mega Event on The Hub February 18, "Transformers 4" announced and more!

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Tomorrow brings us the first episode of "Transformers Prime" season 2. Could Cybertron be returning to life? Check out these pics from Hit Fix to see some intriguing possiblities! - via Hit Fix

Also airing tomorrow (February 18th) with be the premiere of "Rescue Bots" and the 1986 "Transformers: The Movie" on The Hub - via Hub World

February 14th

New Comic Book Reviews: "Autocracy" #2, "Infestation 2" #2 and "More than Meets the Eye" #2!

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Tomorrow, "Transformers" fans face a triple treat with the release of three new "Transformers" comic book issues! BWTF brings you advance reviews of "Autocracy" #2, "Infestation 2" #2 and "More than Meets the Eye" #2!

February 13th

Bot Shots Optimus Prime Reviewed

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When Transformers speak of Optimus Prime, they think of either a hero or an unstoppable opponent. Either way, this is one 'bot you don't want to mess with! Check out my review of Bot Shots Optimus Prime!

February 11th

Toy Fair 2012 Transformers Bot Shots Gallery up!

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The final gallery for tonight revolves around the cool new "Bot Shots" game! Check out both my photos and the Official Hasbro Photos of the Bot Shots figures in the Bot Shots gallery!