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March 29th

Comic Book Review: "Autocracy" #6 Reviewed

in Generation One, News

Zeta Prime and his Omega Destructors have launched their assault on the citizens of Nyon! Will Orion Pax and his team be able to stop the power mad Autobot? And what role will Hot Rod play in this game? Find out in my review of "Autocracy" #6.

March 27th

Toy Review: Speed Stars Stealth Force Optimus Prime

in Autobot, Movie (2007), News, Robot Powered Machines

As he tears down the road, Optimus Prime knows it takes more than speed and power to defeat the Decepticons. Rapidly transforming into his battle mode, Optimus can still chase down his enemies while blasting through anything that gets in his way! Simulate these road warrior battles with Speed Stars Stealth Force Optimus Prime - check out my review of this toy!

March 22nd

Video: New KRE-O stop motion video - "Megatron's Revenge"

Megatron can't catch a break can he? All he wants is one victory and maybe with Starscream's help he'll get it! See the embed for the fun.

March 21st

Sponsor News: Big Bad Toy Store to open retail shop!

Big Bad Toy store, the online retailer known to Transformers fans for years will soon be adding a retail store front to their operation. According to the New Richmond News the store will be part of their current warehouse operation. Owner Joel Boblit was quotes in the article:

“We’ve got one of the most comprehensive selections of current action figures from a bunch of manufacturers around the world. We have a lot of products that you can’t find in the mass market at all,”

Action Figure Review: Transformers Collector's Club Runamuck advance toy review

in Battlechargers, Collector's Club Exclusive, Decepticon, Deluxe, Generation One, News, Timelines

Chaos and destruction are not just part of the job for Runamuck, they're the best part of the job! This cackling maniac is trouble for anyone in his way and thanks to the Official Transformers Collector's Club Runamuck has been updated for a new generation. Take a look at BWTF's advance review of Timelines Runamuck!

March 20th

Comic Books: "Robots in Disguise" #3 Advance Review!

in News

Ratbat is gone and the Decepticons aren't happy about it, but before they can do anything about it mysterious explosions begin to erupt on Cybertron! Who can figure it out? Wheeljack of course! The adventures of the Autobots, Decepticons and NAILS (sorry, "Non Aligned" Transformers) continue in "Robots in Disguise" #3.

"Transformers Prime" Robots in Disguise Cliffjumper Reviewed

in Autobot, Deluxe, Generation One, News, Prime, Robots in Disguise

Tough guy, powerful soldier and a loyal friend, Cliffjumper was one of the greatest assets to the Autobot army. Check out my review of the "Robots in Disguise" version of Cliffjumper!

March 15th

Interview: Playworks speaks with Hideaki Yoki about "Transformers"

in News

Playworks, a Digital Entertainment Magazine has posted an article with "Transformers" legend Hideaki Yoki, one of the progenitors of the "Transformers" toys that inspired almost 30 years of transforming robot goodness. When asked if he thought "Transformers" would ever be as successful as it has been he said:

"Never ever! The franchise we see today is more than something that I could have imagined. All I can say is that all of this is more than a dream come true to me."

"Transformers Animated" Lockdown Reviewed (at long last)

in Decepticon, Deluxe, News, Transformers Animated

Some Transformers only side with one faction or another if it suits their purposes, and one of the moust infamous is Lockdown! Serving only himself as a bounty hunter, Lockdown has thrown down with some of the most high profile Autobots including Optimus Prime and Ratchet! Check out my (long delayed) review of "Animated" Lockdown.

"Tranfsormers Prime" Cyberverse Starscream reviewed

in Commander, Decepticon, Generation One, News, Prime, Seeker, Cyberverse

Treacherous and scheming, Starscream may be a Decepticon but he's really on only one person's side: his own! Now Starscream has joined the "Commander Class" of Cyberverse figures so you can battle on an all new scale! Start off your day with my review of Commander Class Starscream.