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August 30th

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Transmetal Waspinator & Transmetal 2 Spittor reviews restored

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Two Predacons make their way back on to Ben's World of Transformers today! Complete with new photography, the reviews for Transmetal Waspinator and Transmetal 2 Spittor have been restored!

August 29th

Toy News: Transformers Prime "First Edition" to be a shared exclusive

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BWTF has just received this fantastic news from Hasbro:

Transformers fans,

At Comic-Con, the Transformers team announced that the Transformers Prime First Edition action figure line would be made available at Toys R Us. We’re excited to share with you that and Entertainment Earth will also carry the line. The Transformers Prime First Edition items that will be available at all three of these retailers include:

Deluxe Scale:


Voyager Scale:


Additionally, will start pre-sell for their Dark Energon exclusive items that were announced at Comic-Con on September 1. The items in this line include:

Deluxe Scale:


Voyager Scale:


Comic Books: "Fall of Cybertron" #1 Reviewed

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In the distant past on Cybertron, Energon is a scarce resource and the Autobots are fighting a desperate war of attrition. When Grimlock and his Lightning Strike Coalition discover something on the front lines, they begin an adventure that will change their lives forever! Today BWTF brings you a look at "Fall of Cybertron" Issue #1!

Video Games: Changes being made to "Fall of Cybertron" multiplayer

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After taking into account feedback on the Multiplayer aspect of the "Fall of Cybertron" video game released last week, High Moon Studios will be updating the multiplayer portion of the game with several tweaks to make for a more positive game play experience. Changes are being made to all classes of robots in the game including:

  • Scatterblaster damage increased to 15 per pellet from 12 – Those who got early access to the demo know the scatter blaster started off as a beastly weapon, we overshot our correction and we’re hopeful we've found the right setting. (Infiltrator)

August 27th

The Avengers Hulk Flip and Change Smasher Tank Reviewed

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Hulk smash puny bad guys! Sometimes Hulk want smash bad guys with big cannons so Hulk use Smasher Tank! BWTF review Smasher Tank today!

Video Games: Fall of Cybertron Campaign Mode Reviewed

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When their world began to die, the Autobots knew it was time to leave the world they had fought so hard to defend against tyranny. This epic story is now told through the newest multimedia Transformers experience: The "Fall of Cybertron" video game! BWTF takes a look at the "Campaign Mode" of this game which focuses on missions and the central story of the game.

August 23rd

Beast Wars Transmetals Tarantulas review restored

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Creepy, sneaky and deadly, Tarantulas was a fan favorite character in the "Beast Wars" television show. After being exposed to a massive dose of radiation, he mutated from his first bio-mechanical form to an upgraded one: Transmetal Tarantulas! The review for this classic figure has now been restored in the Beast Wars toy review section. This updated review includes additional commentary and new photos!

August 22nd

Masterpiece Transformers: Takara Tomy MP Lambor Video

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Takara Tomy has uploaded a video where designer Shogo Hasui talks about this upcoming figure based on the Generation One character Lambor (aka Sideswipe):

Transformers Collector's Club News: Jackpot head sculpt revealed!

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Orders have opened up for the Transformers figure subscription service, and among the figures fans can expect is Jackpot, a "Transformers Animated" version of the character first introduced in the Generation One "Action Masters" toy line. While previous pictures have shown mock ups of the new head the club has now revealed the unpainted prototype of the actual head! Check it out on the Transformers Collector's Club web site!

Sponsor News BBTS: New Diamond, Dark Horse, Koto & More

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Hi - we've just listed a nice batch of cool new items this morning:

Game of Thrones - The Imp - Tyrion Lannister Statue

Mass Effect 3 - SX3 Alliance Fighter Replica

New Diamond Select:

Star Trek Select - Mr Spock

Star Trek - Landing Party 3-Pack