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Sponsor News: BBTS STGCC Red Lion-O, Yellow Devastator, Prime, Generations, POTC

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STGCC Red Lion-O (Mumm-Ra Version) - BBTS is exclusive distributor for this item - preorders listed at $69.99

New Takara Encore, Prime, Generations

Yellow Devastator
Prime: Rumble, Frenzy, Wildrider - Japanese paint version
Generations: Bruticus - all 5 individual pieces - Japanese paint version

Sideshow Premium Format - Jack Sparrow

Revenge of the Fallen Activators Ironhide Reviewed

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Sometimes you go through a pile of toys and find out you missed a review that you thought you already did. Today's example is Activators Ironhide, who (finally) gets a review two years after his release! Check out my review for Activators Ironhide.