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Sponsor News: BBTS Transformers, Diamond, Rocky III and More

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Hi - Here is an update about more cool new stuff just listed:

Arms Micron - Thundercracker & Orion Pax Exclusives. Please Note - the $64.99 price is not final and will likely be reduced once further details are known.

NECA Rocky III figures with Clubber Lang

Aoshima Airwolf 1:18

Puppet Master 1:1 Replicas

Toy Review: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Mirage Reviewed

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With his incredible talent for stealth, MIRAGE would be the ultimate spy. But he’d much rather be in the thick of a fight, moving silent and invisible through a melee to strike where the enemy is weakest. This morning's review brings you a look at Cyberverse Mirage!