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August 13th

Toy Review: Bot Shots Mirage

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Once a wealthy Transformer who only hunted Turbo Foxes for sport, Mirage would later join the Autobots to fight for his planet Cybertron. Now Mirage takes on a new form as a member of the Autobot Bot Shots army. Check out my review of this new version of a classic character!

August 6th

Video Games: Transformers "Fall of Cybertron" pre-order bonus roundup

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We're about two weeks away from the release of "Fall of Cybertron" on XBox, PS3 and PC platforms! Here's a list of the various retailers running specials to coincide with the pre-orders and release of this exciting game! Note: Other retailers such as Best Buy are taking pre-orders too, but without any bonuses.

August 4th

Video Games: Fall of Cybertron Demo First Impressions (Bumblebee Level)

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High Moon Studios has released playable demos of the upcoming "Fall of Cybertron" video game, and I just finished playing the Bumblebee demo level so I thought I'd share my impressions on it. Take a look at my demo Bumblebee mission review!

Video: High Moon Studios takes you to Botcon 2012!

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Back in April, Botcon 2012 gathered fans far and wide for the official annual Transformers convention. High Moon Studios was on hand for this event and put together the video below for you to check out whether or not you managed to attend this fantastic event, check it out!

August 3rd

Toy Reviews: Generations Wheelie

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Once a lone survivor of a crash on a savage planet, Wheelie learned to survive using nothing but his own skills and guts. Years later, he has upgraded his form and is now more of a survivor than ever! Today's review brings you a look at Generations Wheelie!

Transformers Universe MMO Registration now live!

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Ever want to play as your own character instead of a just Bumblebee or Optimus Prime? Now's your chance! Registration for the "Transformers Universe" MMO is now online at their web site: This is a browser based game so no need for a console to enjoy this new Transformers experience!

August 1st

Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Airachnid

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Conditioned to battle and hardship by her years spent hunting rare creatures across the depths of space, AIRACHNID is a primed and powerful warrior. All of her voyaging has been in preparation for the day she will once again face ARCEE in combat. Today's review brings you a look at Transformers Prime Airachnid!

Sponsor News BBTS: TFC Toys Photron & Uranus, Hot Toys Mark VII & more!

Hi - Some great new listings going up this morning!

The first 2 figures of the 5 figure combiner set Uranus from TFC Toys have just been listed at $99.99 each:

F15 Eagle and F4 Phantom are available here:

TFC toys Photron camera that transforms to 3 figures is available here at $124.99

Hot Toys Avengers - Iron Man Mark VII has been listed $20 under MSRP at $229.99

July 31st

Toy Reviews: Dark of the Moon Air Raid Reviewed

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Ages ago, a special group of Transformers left Cybertron to find energy sources for their homeworld. Known as "Seekers", one of these was Air Raid! After ages of war, this Transformer has aligned himself with the Autobots and fights against the evil Decepticons! Check out my review of the Deluxe Air Raid figure.

Comic Books: "Regeneration One" #82 Advance Review

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The Wreckers have survived the destruction of their ship, but when they reach Earth they encounter horrors they couldn't have imagined! Elsewhere, Grimlock goes rogue in an effort to save those damned by his very own actions. All this and more in my review of "Regeneration One" Issue 82 available tomorrow!