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Toy News: Botcon 2013 "Machine Wars" Hoist revealed!

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The Official Transformers Facebook page has revealed the first of many Botcon 2013 exclusive figures: "Machine Wars" Hoist! Based on the "flipchanger" from the 1997 Kay Bee exclusive toy line, this interpretation of the character gives him a whole new look! A redeco of "Generations" Kup with a new head, this figure really brings the goods as an updated version of the character!

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Sunstorm

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Possessing incredible power, this Seeker is not one to be trifled with! Behold the terrible power of Sunstorm, now in KREON form!

Sponsor News: TF Masterpiece, FansProject, Omega Supreme, Hot Toys Iron Man 3, Import Exclusives, Marvel Universe/Legends & more

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Three new figures from FansProject combine homages to figures past with current articulation and engineering. Function X-01 Code transforms into a futuristic four-wheeled vehicle whose driver becomes the robot's head; Function X-02 Quadruple U Becomes a wolf-like creature whose trainer becomes its head in robot mode; Function X-03 Smart Robin becomes a futuristic star fighter whose pilot becomes the head of the robot. Each of these figures is listed at $68.99, with the Function X-01 being very limited.

The third of the "Nissan brothers" is getting a Masterpiece figure as well. Bluestreak will be joining Prowl and Smokescreen in September, and he is listed at $79.99. We also still have the other two on pre-order, so feel free to grab Prowl and Smokescreen while you're here.

This new 1/6 scale figure includes a brand new likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, light up effects, armor parts, a lab table covered with blueprints and armor parts, a lit lab floor base, an articulated robotic arm with camera, and more. This set is listed at $269.99, $10 off the MSRP.

Play Imaginative is also releasing a 1/6 scale Iron Man, this time in the Mark VII armor and coming with a Hall of Armor bay. This version is a follow-up to their Super Alloy Batman, and will be at least 88% die-cast, plus light up sections and more. We have this set listed at $449.99.

January 30th

Toy Reviews: KRE-O Microchangers Insecticon and Warpath

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One is a creepy warrior armed with a dangerous blade and the other is an enthusiastic warrior with heavy firepower. Today's reviews bring you a look at the KREON Microchangers Insecticon and Warpath!

Toy News: Voyager Class "Fall of Cybertron" Springer and Astrotrain announced!

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Exciting news everyone! For years fans have wanted more "Triple Changers" from the Transformers Generations toy line, and now it looks like we're getting them! Online retailer RobotKingdom has put up a preorder page for "Fall of Cybertron" Astrotrain and Springer! From the looks of the concept art image on their page, these guys are due to be triple changing figures!

January 28th

Toy Review: Masterpiece 12 "Lambor"

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Lambor (aka Sideswipe) is an Autobot who is well aware of all the rules he has to live by, he just chooses to bend them - a lot! Now this Autobot has taken on "Masterpiece" form in 2013 and you can check out my review of this figure today!

January 24th

Retro Toy Review: Beast Wars Transformers Fox Kids! Transmetal Rhinox

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When a mysterious wave of energy hits ancient Earth, Rhinox was transformed into a Transmetal beast/vehicle/robot combination that made him more powerful than ever before! When "Beast Wars" moved to the Fox Kids! block of television programs a special sub-line of toys was released to promote it. Among them was Transmetal Rhinox in new colors! Check out this restored "retro review" with new pictures and some added notes!

Comic Book Review: "Mars Attacks Transformers"

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Think the Decepticons are the only baddies in town? Think again! It's full on chaos when the Martians attack Earth, but will it be Megatron who's key to stopping them? All the silliness and action of a "Mars Attacks!" storyline mixed in with our favorite robots in disguise gets reviewed today!

January 23rd

Sponsor News: BBTS MP-17 Prowl, MP-18 Smokescreen, TF Prime Beast Hunters, MP-12T, Star Wars, GI Joe: Retaliation, Bioshock!

This new Masterpiece Transformer has just been listed at $79.99. Please Note: The pricing on this item is subject to change while we verify final costs with suppliers.

This new Masterpiece Transformer has just been listed at $79.99. Please Note: The pricing on this item is subject to change while we verify final costs with suppliers.

We have just listed new pre-orders for the Japanese versions of a number of new Transformers Beast Hunters figures, as well as a new EG line comprising both Legends and Cyberverse figures. The Beast Hunters line includes Voyagers of Hunter Optimus Prime, Dragotron and Hunter Shockwave, and each is priced at $49.99; it also has Deluxes of Hunter Bumblebee, Hunter Bulkhead, Hunter Wheeljack, Hunter Starscream, Hunter Soundwave and Hunter Smokescreen, and each of these is listed at $29.99. The EG line appears to include Legends of EG01 Optimus Prime, EG02 Bumblebee, EG03 Prowl, EG05 Hound, EG06 Tank Megatron and EG07 Starscream, as well as EG04 Smokescreen and EG08 Airachnid, both of which seem to be the newest Cyberverse versions, and each of these figures is priced at $10.99.

This upcoming release will be a yellow redeco of the MP-12 Masterpiece Lambor/Sideswipe, just like the original version was a recolor of the original Sideswipe. We have him listed at $99.99.

Toy Reviews: "Transformers Universe" Soundwave & Space Case

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When Unicron chose to recruit Decepticons to his cause, he picked two warriors and paired them up into a duo of destruction! Delivering intelligence and power is Soundwave and providing air support is the super fast Space Case. Check out my review of this pair of figures.