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June 30th

Events: Botcon 2013 Live Tweets from Glenn Morshower panel

I'm currently live Tweeting from Botcon 2013's Glenn Morshower panel, check it out!

June 29th

Toy News: Press Release Reveals from Botcon!

Greetings, TRANSFORMERS fans!

This morning at The Official TRANSFORMERS Convention — BotCon— in San Diego, California, Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS brand team revealed several amazing new TRANSFORMERS toys, as well as the 2013 inductees to the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.

This year's TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame class, as entirely voted on by TRANSFORMERS fans online, consists of the following two characters:

Events: Hasbro panel at 11am PT - live coverage!

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The next Botcon panel is the Hasbro Brand Panel at 11am PT, follow me on Twitter for coverage!

Update: Also check out for the rest of my coverage!

Events: Live Tweeting from voice actor panel!

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I'm currently tweeting from the David Sobolov (Depth Charge, Shockwave) and James Horan (Wheeljack) panel! ,a href="" target="_blank">

June 28th

Events: Botcon 2013 Coverage! Beast Hunters! Generations! Dealer's Room pics!

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BWTF is at Botcon 2013 and reporting has begun! First, check out my Botcon 2013 gallery on Facebook. Also follow my Twitter feed for updates from the convention. A longer written report will go up as the weekend goes along.

June 27th

Interview: "Transformers ReGeneration One" writer Simon Furman

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Continuing my series of interviews celebrating those who have been behind "Transformers" over the course of the last thirty years, today I bring you an interview with the legendary Simon Furman. Simon has worked across the generations, from Generation One, to G2, to the Unicron Trilogy, the Beast Wars era and continues to write to this day, working on IDW Publishing's current "ReGeneration One" series. Check out my interview to see his thoughts on ReGeneration One and what he's been up to!

Sponsor News: BBTS Takara Transformers, Hasbro, GI Joe, ThreeA, The Expendables & More

GI Joe Retaliation - Wave 04 - Case, Set, Singles

G23 Dragotron (Ultimate)

G11 Hunter Optimus Prime Exclusive Black Version

Transformers GO - G01 Kenzan Samurai (Police Car) Exclusive Black Version

Transformers GO - G01 Kenzan Samurai (Police Car) Exclusive Black Version

Comic Book Review: "Beast Hunters" #2

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Sludge and Snarl continue their investigation into the mysterious deaths at Last Spark but it leads them down a dangerous path with unexpected twists! Today's comic book review brings you a look at "Beast Hunters" Issue #2!

June 26th

Events: Ben heading to Botcon 2013!

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Tomorrow (Thursday, 6/27) I'll be heading out to San Diego, CA for Botcon 2013! Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for photos and my Twitter feed for updates from the 'con (reception permitting).

I also plan on posting longer reports here on BWTF whenever I can, but the above updates will provide the most recent information I can pass on!

Comic Book Review: "Beast Hunters" #1

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The Dinobots are doing their best to maintain order on Cybertron even as the world is slowly dying. When a mysterious Autobot comes to ask for their aid, they discover a mystery! See what's going on with Cybertron while Team Prime is on Earth in "Beast Hunters" Issue 1.