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August 28th

Comic Book Review: "ReGeneration One" #94 "Destiny" Part Four

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The invasion of Cybertron continues as the Warworld unleashes its armies of Drones who can adapt to any attack the Autobots muster! Meanwhile, the crazed Decepticon known as Galvatron makes it his mission to destroy Ultra Magnus! Check out my review of "ReGeneration One" Issue #94.

Game News: "Transformers Legends" Junkion Reunion Campaign Begins!

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After the defeat of UNICRON, Ultra Magnus must return to Earth to rebuild in the aftermath of the brutal Decepticon assault. He brings with him his Autobot comrades from the planet Junkion, including their new allies WRECK-GAR and WHEELIE. However, their reunion is short-lived as they are interrupted by a sneak attack by the INSECTICONS who have a score to settle.

Comic Book Review: "ReGeneration One" #93 "Destiny" Part Three

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The invasion of Cybertron has begun! As the Warworld arrives on Cybertron, Galvatron deals with treachery even as he plans his own invasion. Meanwhile, Hot Rod sees a vision of his possible future! Today's "catch up" review takes a look at "ReGeneration One #93.

August 27th

Sponsor News BBTS: End of Summer Sale: 5000 Items, SDCC, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Avengers, Funko POP, Man of Steel & More!

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We've reduced prices by 15% to 50% on over 5,000 items! Take a look at the huge sale menus, there are tons of Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Anime, Statues, Props, T-Shirts, Trinkets, Stand-Ups, Imports, Movie Figures and much much more!


More SDCC 2013 exclusives are on the way. These include the Aardman Superman with Cookie at $37.99, the Super Best Friends Three-Pack at $74.99, the Batman Arkham City Dr. Hugo Strange figure at $44.99, the 3.75" Green Lantern Four-Pack at $74.99 and the Man of Steel: Superman 1/6 Scale Iconic Statue at $189.99.

August 23rd

Toy Review: "Generations" IDW Megatron

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Over the many eons of war, Megatron has taken on many forms to battle the Autobot forces. With more power than ever in his new form, Megatron has not only increased his ruthlessness, but also his ambition! This morning's review brings you a look at the latest "Generations" Megatron!

TV Show News: "Transformers Prime" Predacons Rising Footage!

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The official "Transformers" Youtube channel has released video from the upcoming "Predacons Rising" direct to dvd/blu-ray movie! The footage was previously shown (and leaked out) at conventions, but this is crisp and clear! Check it out in the embed below. "Predacons Rising" is currently slated for an October 8th release.

Toy News: Official "Transformers" / FJx Cruiser vehicle crossover announcement

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A while back it was revealed that some type of partnership was occurring between Japanese toy company Takara Tomy and Toyota. Using the FJx Cruiser as a base, this new Transformers figure will transform into a version of Optimus Prime. Now you can check out official photos of the figure here: on Takara Tomy's web site.

It would appear there are two different toys. One is a near two foot tall figure that appears to auto-transform (lending to its slightly awkward appearance). The other looks like an action figure that has partial transformation capabilities with armor you can swap out to have different colors!

August 22nd

Toy Review: "Transformers Generations" Bumblebee

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When Bumblebee was stationed on Earth and took command of the Autobots, he also upgraded his form. Basing his vehicle mode on an Earth muscle car, this brave Autobot is ready to take on Decepticons with his stinger weapons that can combine into a cannon! Check out my review of the new Deluxe Class Bumblebee.

TV Show News: "Beast Hunters" Meet Bulkhead Video

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The official "Transformers" Youtube channel has put up a new video featuring Bulkhead for those who aren't familiar with the character. There are some fun moments in there for sure, check it out!

August 21st

Toy Review: "Transformers Generations" Kickback

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Kickback is not only a fierce warrior, but he is also a sly and cunning opponent who can convince you he's your friend right before he blows you away! With hordes of Insecticons to back him up, Kickback is a force to be reckoned with! Check out my "catch up" review of Generations Kickback!