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December 17th

Music News: "Transformers: The Movie" composer Vince DiCola releases new album!

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Vince DiCola is known to most "Transformers" fans as the composer of the awesome 1986 "Transformers: The Movie" theatrical film. A part of the letter BWTF received from Vince is below:

"...Saturday Morning RPG. While it's not Transformers, the game visits familiar 1980s cartoon themes, including some robots that look (and sound, thanks to Vince's work!) a lot like them.

Vince has just released a Christmas medley single from the game, and as you know he's always been supportive of the Transformers community and would love
your help in getting the word out about this:

December 16th

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Battlemaster Bumblebee

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Bumblebee has been battling Decepticons for ages, but when he had to hide out on Earth he adopted a new paint job. To face Predacons however, he needs more weaponry so he arms himself with his Beast Hunting Bow and rolls out for action! Check out my review of Battlemaster Bumblebee!

Game News: Hasbro Arcade to feature brands such as "Transformers"

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Diving into the world of mobile gaming, Hasbro is launching "Hasbro Arcade", a game with "mini-games" inside that include one based on "Beast Hunters Transformers". The "Transformers" game features "Beast Hunters" Optimus Prime in an "endless runner" style game. Check out this link to download the game!

Toy Review: "Beast Wars Neo" Guiledart review updated with new photos!

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The photo updates to the "Beast Wars Neo" toy reviews continue! Next up is the update to Guiledart's review! Check it out for all new photos of this cool Destron dinosaur.

December 15th

Toy Review: "Beast Wars Neo" Crazybolt review updated with new photos!

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Now that the "Beast Wars Neo" toy review section has been restored, I've begun to take new photos of the toys. First up is Crazybolt, a redeco of "Beast Wars" Iguanus!

Toy Review: "Beast Wars" Rhinox review restored!

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After an absence of a couple years I've restored the "Beast Wars" Rhinox toy review to its full glory including new photos!

Toy Review: Generations Ruination

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The Wreckers are an elite team of Autobots called in for the toughest missions. However, there are times when they need more strength and power than they can muster individually. When that times comes, they combine to form Ruination and instill fear in any Decepticon facing them! Check out my review of Generations Ruination!

December 13th

Toy Review: "Beast Wars Neo" section reopened!

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After years of absence, I finally got around to restoring the text of my Beast Wars Neo toy reviews! Back in the day I used to mainly use scans of catalog photos for the toys, so I'll need some time to catch up and photograph the figures themselves - but for now you can read my thoughts from the distant past on one of the lesser known lines of Transformers, enjoy!

Sponsor News: BBTS - Transformers, Hot Toys, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Robocop, The Walking Dead, Street Fighter, Funko POP & More!

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The new Deluxe Generations assortment has been okayed to go up. We have the Set of 4 (Scoop, Starscream, Skywarp, Minicon Three-Pack) listed at $53.99, with the Case of 8 (two of each figure) at $104.99. We have singles listed as well, with Scoop, Starscream and Skywarp at $15.99 each, and the Minicon Three-Pack at $11.99.

The Elder Predator comes with alternate hands, a shoulder cannon, a sword with sheath, forearm blades, a pistol and more. We have this figure listed at $224.99.

The first alternate earth on the New 52 is Earth 2, and DC is releasing figures of the different heroes from this world. The first assortment includes Earth 2 versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern, and they are priced at $21.99 each, saving you $3 each off the MSRP.

December 12th

Sale Alert: Amazon marks Platinum Predaking down to $49.99!

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Heads up thrifty fans! has marked down the Platinum Edition Predaking gift set to $49.99, that's less than half its normal retail price of $119.99! Follow the link below to get yours before they're gone!