February 11th, 2011

Power Core Combiners Steamhammer with Constructicons reviewed

In Generation One, Transformers fans were introduced to six fearsome Decepticons who transformed and combined into the mighty Devastator. Now over twenty years later, a new team takes on the mantle of the name "Constructicon" with Steamhammer in the lead!

Activators Rally Bumblebee Reviewed

When it comes to fighting Decepticons in a good old fashioned rally rumble, Optimus Prime makes sure to bring backup: Rally Bumblebee! BWTF reviews this redeco of Activators Bumblebee, a figure that really empahsizes the "bee"part of his name!

February 10th

Botcon 2011 Exclusive Stunticon Drag Strip revealed!

Yesterday brought about a treat for "Transformers Animated" fans, a new exclusive reveal! This time out it's Drag Strip, but rather than being a redeco of Blurr or Swindle as some fans speculated, this Drag Strip is a redeco of the limited edition Arcee sculpt previously only available as a Toys R Us exclusive in the States! Head over to Botcon's website to see images of this cool redeco!

February 7th

io9 reveals "Transformers Dark of the Moon" Ultra Class "Mechtech" Optimus Prime!

With so many "Transformers Prime" reveals, fans of the "Transformers" movie franchise may be feeling left out. Well, feel that way no longer fellow fans! Thanks to io9, we can now see what Optimus Prime with his trailer looks like in robot and vehicle modes! This trailer is based on the classic G1 design and now serves multiple purposes including a suit of armor. You can see the photos of this awesome new figure on io9's website.

USA Today reveals Arcee from "Transformers Prime"!

Sure we've all seen the newest Arcee in all her animated glory, but today brings about a reveal of what Transformers fans have been waiting for: her action figure! Check out Arcee from "Transformers Prime" courtesy of USA Today!

Hasbro reveals "Transformers Prime" Bumblebee figure!

With Toy Fair coming this weekend, it's no surprise that Hasbro is ramping up its toy reveals via several media outlets. Next up is Bumblebee from "Transformers Prime". While the character takes cues from his movie design, much of it is unique to this figure. This reveal comes to us courtesy of IGN's web site! reveals "Transformers Prime" action figures!

As the exciting new "Transformers Prime" series has been building excitement amongst fans, many have wondered "What about toys?!" Well, wonder no more! has revealed the first of many "Transformers Prime" figures: Starscream! Check out's first look at this exciting toy line.

Revenge of the Fallen Activators Rally Rumble Optimus Prime reviewed

Optimus Prime has taken on a new paint job and is ready to rumble with any Decepticons that get in his way! After a bit of a hiatus from the first wave, a new wave of Activators is out and one of them is Rally Rumble Optimus Prime!

"Transformers Dark of the Moon" Super Bowl Trailer online

Those who watched the Super Bowl yesterday were given a treat, a look at all new footage from "Transformers Dark of the Moon"! This amazing trailer features a scene of what looks like an all out invasion by Decepticons. We also get a peek at Optimus Prime in his new form battling Decepticons and some insane transforming action. Michael Bay's official web site has posted the video, check out the embed below.

Transformers 'Dark of The Moon' Super Bowl Trailer (720p) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

February 4th

Reveal the Shield Perceptor Reviewed

War is not all about bruisers and weapons. Sometimes you need a scientist to figure out the best way to get the bruising done and invent some gadget to use as a weapon! If you need a scientist, Perceptor is your 'bot! reviews this new "Reveal the Shield" figure, check it out!