July 27th, 2011

Contest: Crave Comic-Con Giveaway!

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CraveMissed out on Comic Con 2011 last week? Get your fix at We’re running a giveaway of rare collectible Transformers & Star Wars items including an SDCC exclusive! Now every fan can take part in the ultimate fan convention. Sign up by July 31st for your chance to win!

July 25th

Dark of the Moon Skyhammer Reviewed

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Once upon a time, Autobots were said to be unable to fly, but that was ages ago and now the Autobots have flying aces like Skyhammer on their side! Highly decorated and a key strategist for Optimus Prime, Skyhammer flies circles around the Decepticons while loaded up with Mech Tech weapons. Today, BWTF brings you a review of "Dark of the Moon" Skyhammer!

July 22nd

Sponsor News: Image Anime receives "Transformers Chronicles EZ Collection 1"!

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Earlier this year several Legends Class Transformers were released in limited numbers as part of the "Generations" style line of figures. These included Optimus Prime, "Gold" Bumblebee, Starscream and Megatron. However these were hard to find and Megatron had an orange cap (blech!). Now thanks to Takara Tomy, you can own all these figures in proper color schemes! sponsor Image Anime has received their shipment of this figure set including the previously unreleased Thundercracker!

July 21st

IDW Publishing News: Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman to reteam for "Transformers #81"

Some time ago, a fan based campaign began to bring the "original" Marvel Transformers continuity back in comic form, specifically written by Simon Furman and drawn by Andrew Wildman, the gents responsible for a large portion of the series before its end in the 90's. IDW has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the dynamic duo will be back! A new "Transformers" title will launch with "#81", a number significant for being the issue following the last issue of the US Generation One series.

Timelines Botcon 2011 Exclusive Motormaster reviewed

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Every team needs its leader, and in the world of the Stunticons, one name has remained at the head of the group since Generation One: Motormaster! This morning brings you a review of the Stunticon leader in the Animated universe: Botcon exclusive Motormaster!

July 20th

Timelines Botcon 2011 Exclusive Dead End Reviewed

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Dead End isn't exactly the guy you go to for a bright conversation, but he is one powerful warrior who is capable of amazing feats of daring as he battles the Autobots with his fellow Stunticons! This morning brings you a review of Botcon 2011 Dead End.

July 19th

Timelines Botcon 2011 Drag Strip Reviewed

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This is not a gal you want to mess with! A member of the Stunticons in the Animated universe, Drag Strip is angry that the Autobots rule Cybertron and is ready to do her part to end that by whatever means necessary! Today, brings you a review of Botcon 2011 Drag Strip.

July 15th

Dark of the Moon Wal-Mart Exclusive Sideswipe reviewed

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All Transformers know the importance of blending in to their surroundings. In a world where the Wreckers have taken on the forms of NASCAR vehicles, Sideswipe has decided to blend in by taking on a deco inspired by their colors! Add to that a cool homage and this is one unexpected figure, check out my review!

July 12th

Botcon 2011 Timelines Autotrooper Reviewed

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The Cybertron of the "Transformers Animated" universe is a fairly peaceful place, and that's thanks in part to the armies of Autobots who volunteer to be Autotroopers, the police force of Cybertron! This morning's review is of Autotrooper from the Botcon 2011 troop builder three pack.

July 11th

Dark of the Moon Laserbeak reviewed

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One of the surprising characters in "Dark of the Moon" is Laserbeak, a character who relied on his stealth in Generation One to infiltrate Autobot installations. In "Dark of the Moon", the character takes it to a whole new level, earning his place among the deluxe Transformers figures in the Mech Tech line! Check out my review of Laserbeak.