March 22nd, 2010

Generation 2 returns at Botcon 2010!

One of the most anticipated days of the year for Transformers fans is the revelation of the theme for Botcon's toys, and this year we go retro with Generation 2 themed Transformers! Check out the first image revealing the vehicle mode for "Autobot Spark" on!

Michael Bay announces Transformers 3 shooting locations, casting and a new Autobot!

"Transformers" and "Revenge of the Fallen" director Michael Bay has announced new information regarding the as-yet untitled third Transformers film on his blog today. Florida and Washington DC are among the shooting locations while Frances McDormand and John Malkovich have been cast in the film.

March 19th

"Revenge of the Fallen" Sequel "Nefarious" #1 Reviewed

"Revenge of the Fallen" wasn't the end of the Decepticons. As Megatron licks his wounds, Soundwave discovers something that may interrupt his own plans to soften Earth up for the Decepticons. What mystery has he uncovered? And what role with the Autobots play? The adventure begins in "Nefarious" #1!

March 17th

The Official Transformers Collector's Club 2 Page Comic Book Preview

The Official Transformers Collector's Club has put up a two page preview of their upcoming comic book set in the Wings of Honor universe featuring Dion, the upcoming club exclusive! According to the club: "The Coming Storm" is a 36-page story, told in 6 page installments throughout 2010, that follows the adventures of the Generation 1 Elite Guard. The story takes place approximately 10 years after the events of Transformers Timelines Issue 4: "Wings of Honor."

March 14th

Transmissions Podcast Mid-March 2010 Edition

Thank you for the positive response to the first episode of Transmissions. This podcast features two segments with guests. The first segment is the Council of Primes, where I bring in fellow Transformers fans to discuss current Transformers related topics. The second segment is part one of a conversation with Transformers voice actor Garry Chalk. Head over to the Transmissions blog page to download this podcast or you can also grab for your media player from iTunes.

I value feedback so please feel free if you'd like to leave me a voice mail with questions or comments to be addressed on the show, call (917) 512-9614 and leave a message. If you're under 18, please get your parent's permission before calling. Messages are limited to three minutes each. Three random visitors who provide feedback will be chosen to receive a free toy courtesy of Hunter PR. Just write or call in and you could get an exciting G.I. Joe or Transformers figure to add to your collection!

Revenge of the Fallen Wal-Mart Exclusive Windy City Chase Reviewed

As part of a new wave of exclusive Transformers in early 2010, Knock Out and Dead End were given new decos as the "Windy City Chase" two pack consisting of two new characters in the Movie universe: Slap Dash and Trenchmouth. Check out my review of these two Transformers!

March 9th

Revenge of the Fallen Evac Reviewed

An off-screen character from the first movie toy line returns in a new form and as a homage to a classic G1 character. Check out my review for Revenge of the Fallen Evac.

March 4th

Revenge of the Fallen Road Rivals Showdown Reviewed

Beachcomber and Deadlift were once peaceful Transformers who just went about their job until the war started. Now they're warriors locked in combat in a Road Rival showdown! My review of this Wal-Mart exclusive two pack Road Rivals Showdown two pack!

March 2nd

Revenge of the Fallen Defender Optimus Prime Reviewed

After his battles in Egypt, Optimus Prime decided to get his systems upgraded so of course, that means it's redeco time! Take a look at my review of Defender Optimus Prime.

February 28th

Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

An army isn't much good without a medic to patch the troops up, and even in the universe of the live action movies, the Autobot known as Ratchet takes on that role. In his latest incarnation, Ratchet is a deluxe class figure. You can take a look at my review for this figure and see how he differs from his Voyager and Legends counterparts!