June 27th, 2009

Race, stereotypes and Transformers collide with criticisms of "Revenge of the Fallen"

Among the recent criticisms of "Revenge of the Fallen" are accusations of offensive racial stereotypes used in the portrayals of twin Autobot brothers Mudflap and Skids. has published an article covering this issue. Of the two characters the article states "...they do little real fighting and mostly squabble amongst themselves. One of them even sports an ornate gold tooth, serving no real function.". My personal feelings are that you can take the pair as "wannabe gangsters" of any race.

Asbury Park Press interviews Tyrese Gibson

The Asbury Park Press recently interviewed "Revenge of the Fallen" star Tyrese Gibson. Gibson has been tireless in his efforts to promote the movie, even appearing at June's Botcon 2009 event! Of his future projects the article states "...and he'll produce an upcoming reality TV show about firefighters for BET. Gibson's company, HQ Entertainment, also will produce a new comic series with Image Comics called "Mayhem."".

June 25th

BusinessMirror interviews Shia LaBeouf

When the first "Transformers" came out in 2007, Shia LaBeouf was a rising star who was slowly building up his credibility in Hollywood. Now two years later with a huge number of pictures under his belt for someone so young, he is one of Hollywood's most prominent young stars. BusinessMirror recently interviewed the "Sam Witwicky" actor and discussed topics such as filming around explosions, how his life has changed in the past few years and what he does in his spare time.

New York Daily News interviews "Revenge of the Fallen" actress Julie White

Julie White is the delightfully funny actress who portrays the stubborn and hilarious character of Judy Witwicky in both "Transformers" films. After years of the issue of "Spike's mom" being ignored, it was cool to see the family aspect of the human interest teenager focused on in a Transformers story. The New York Daily News interviewed the actress who is appearing in "Twelfth Night" this summer.

Botcon 2009 Leozak for auction

Missed Botcon 2009? Here's your chance to own the attendee exclusive Leozak figure sealed in package! My ebay auction is up here. Happy bidding!

June 24th

Transformers invade San Diego - sort of

Entertainment site Shoot Online has posted an article discussing "Revenge of the Fallen" filming in the city of San Diego. The city served as the backdrop for several key scenes including one involving a car being suspended from a helicopter! The article states "One of the most electrifying scenes in the movie was filmed while a CH-53 Marine helicopter flew up and down the city's waterfront over San Diego Bay while a Saturn was suspended in mid air.".

New York Daily News interviews Ramon Rodriguez

The New York Daily News interviewed actor Ramon Rodriguez yesterday. The actor portrays the role of Leo Spitz in "Revenge", a conspiracy theorist obsessed with aliens on Earth and government cover ups. The actor discusses his audition with Michael Bay, the role of being a latino in Hollywood and more. You can read the full interview with Ramon Rodriguez here.

"Revenge of the Fallen" earns $16 million overnight

Critics may be panning it, but audiences spoke with their dollars last night as "Revenge of the Fallen" debuted at midnight showings. Sales figures for the midnight showings alone have reached $16 million according to Marketwatch. The article states ", an online ticket sales service, said Tranformers sold out 2,000 midnight and early-morning shows."

MTV's Splash Page covers Transformers comic books through the years

The MTV sub-site dedicated to comic books known as "Splash Page" has posted an article that briefly describes the major eras in Transformers comic book history, starting with the Marvel Comics series all the way to the current IDW Continuity. Read the full article here.

Revenge of the Fallen Depthcharge Reviewed

Aquatic Transformers are rather uncommon. Most years, you see maybe one or two "boat based" Transformers at the most. This year one of the first is Depthcharge, a heroic Autobot who transforms into a military naval vessel. Read my review of Revenge of the Fallen Depthcharge here.