February 15th, 2009

"Transformers Animated" Blurr and Soundwave reviewed

Blurr and Soundwave were two of the most memorable characters from G1, and in "Animated" their appearances have been just as memorable. BWTF has reviewed both of these cool figures. Check out the reviews for Animated Blurr and Animated Soundwave.

Fast Action Battlers Night Attack Megatron and Smokescreen reviewed

Two more of my "catch up" reviews are up! Take a look at the reviews for Fast Action Battler Smokescreen and Night Attack Megatron.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer 2 in better quality

Yahoo! has posted an official video of the second trailer for "Revenge of the Fallen". The trailer can be seen here.

February 13th

Toy Fair Gallery open

Today was Hasbro's annual collector's event where various media outlets get to view presentations on the latest products being offered by the "Big H". I have uploaded almost all my images, with only some role play items and licensed product remaining. Check out the Toy Fair 2009 gallery now for a look at "Revenge of the Fallen" Devastator, Animated Arcee and more! interviews Michael Bay has posted a video where they interviewed Michael Bay during the opening of "Friday the 13th". The "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" director discusses his ability to shoot at exotic locales, filming "Revenge" in IMAX as well as his access to military vehicles. He also gets to show off some of his trademark humor. Check out the video below!

Fast Action Battler Ramjet reviewed

He's a crazy warrior who loves destruction! Check out the review for Fast Action Battler Ramjet.

Fast Action Battler Fire Blast Optimus Prime reviewed

In an attempt to catch up with some older reviews, I've written up a short review for the Fast Action Battler Optimus Prime redeco "Fire Blast Optimus Prime". Read the review here to see who's color scheme this figure pays homage to!

Masterpiece Convoy gallery restored

The gallery for Masterpiece Convoy has been restored. Check it out to see images of one of the most loved Optimus Prime/Convoy figures ever produced.

Two more Masterforce episode galleries restored

The galleries of screen captures for episodes 2 and 3 of Masterforce, "The Destrons' Terrifying Manhunt!" and The Targeted Jumbo Jet" are now available for viewing, check'em out!

Animated Grimlock reviewed

He's the belligerent and powerful leader of the Dinobots, and now BWTF has reviewed the latest incarnation of Grimlock! Take a look here to see if you'll want this figure bossing around the rest of your Animated Autobot troops today!