September 2nd, 2009

"Revenge of the Fallen" Gravity Bots Optimus Prime and Starscream reviewed

Super deformed Transformers that actually transform themselves?! No, this isn't some weird fanboy invention, it's the latest sub-line of Transformers: Gravity Bots! Check out my reviews for Gravity Bots Optimus Prime and Starscream.

August 30th

Revenge of the Fallen Nightbeat and Reverb reviewed

Summer time brings about a new group of redecos in the "Revenge of the Fallen" line. Two of these are Nightbeat and Reverb, Scout class additions to the "Revenge of the Fallen" line. Check out the reviews for these two guys in the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy review section.

August 26th

IDW Publishing "Reign of Starscream" #5 Reviewed

The tale of Starscream's rise to power comes to a close as he unleashes his final plan on all of Cybertron. But who is it that will stop him? The answer may surprise you! Read my review of "Reign of Starscream" #5 here.

Revenge of the Fallen Chromia reviewed

While Arcee was denied a role in the first Transformers movie, she would appear in "Revenge of the Fallen" alogn with two other female Transformers, including Chromia! Check out my review of deluxe Chromia in the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy review section.

August 25th

Botcon exclusives up for auction on ebay (UPDATED)

It's late summer cleaning time and I've put up several exclusive items up for auction from various Botcons. Missed a convention? Looking for an exclusive? Choose from any of the following to bid on or buy it now! UPDATED: Nemesis Prime added!

August 23rd

Transformers Universe "Standoff Beneath the Streets" Target exclusive two pack reviewed

Last year fans were able to purchase two classic characters in their "War Within" incarnations. This Target exclusive set featured Ratbat versus Springer. Check out Ratbat and Springer's review here.

August 19th

Reign of Starscream Issue #4 Reviewed

Starscream's plans are coming to fruition, and he is mere steps away from becoming Cybertron's savior...or will he? And what role do the Autobots play in this adventure? Find out in in my review of "Reign of Starscream" #4!

August 16th

Reign of Starscream Issue #3 Reviewed

Starscream returns to Cybertron and things begin to look worse and worse for the Autobots. Who will rise up to lead the remaining Autobot resistance fighters against his mad plan? Find out in my review of "Reign of Starscream #3".

August 14th

Sponsor News: Nike Transformers Sneakers in stock at Image Anime!

In July 2009 a very limited run of special Transformers based sneakers were released as a House of Hoops exclusive. Limited to only three US Stores (Chicago, NY and LA) these hard to find items are as cool as they are hard to find. Official numbers haven't been releaed, but it is likely there are less than 1,000 of these in existence. Image Anime has a limited stock of these items available at Image Anime's site.

August 13th

"Reign of Starscream" #2 reviewed

As the events of the first "Transformers" movie conclude, we get to see what Starscream was up to until he retreated into space. Read my review of "Reign of Starscream" #2 and see if he was planning a new Decepticon Empire or knitting a sweater for Ravage! (Hint: Ravage doesn't like sweaters).