June 23rd, 2009

"Revenge of the Fallen" Movie Review

Thanks to fellow fan Donnelly Shah (aka Galvatron1) of the Transformers NYC Meetup Group, I was able to see an advance screening of "Revenge of the Fallen" last night. Head on over to the movies section to read my full review of "Revenge of the Fallen".

June 21st

Memo indicates Bay's unhappiness with Paramount marketing efforts

Recently leaked emails indicate that "Revenge of the Fallen" director Michael Bay was not 100% pleased with the way "Revenge of the Fallen" has been treated by Paramount. The leaked memo dated May 4th indicated Bay's dismay with the studio handling of the marketing efforts for "Revenge of the Fallen".

California man creates "life size" Bumblebee statue

California resident Tom Rhoads was always a fan of Transformers, but when his son was born he decided to kick things up a notch by creating a life sized Bumblebee statue. Utilizing parts from an actual Volkswagon beetle, steel, iron and more! Read about the statue and see photos at the Daily Stab.

June 19th

Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe Reviewed

In "Revenge of the Fallen", the Autobots have a new ally: Sideswipe! With his ultra sleek Corvette concept mode and slashing blades, this is one fierce looking Autobot. You can read my review of Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe here.

IDW Publishing makes the New York Times Bestsellers list

IDW Publishing, the folks behind the current line of Transformers and Star Trek comic books have found themselves on the New York Times Bestsellers list with their adaptations of "Revenge of the Fallen" and the recent Star Trek "Countdown" comic book. You can read the NY Times article here.

June 18th

'Transformers' blasts back: Another Michael Bay direct hit

USA Today has published an article discussing Michael Bay and his directoral style including the criticism he has had to take over the years. The article says "Critics have never given Bay much respect, and aren't likely to start now — not that a lack of Oscars and accolades has hurt his swagger. Bay acknowledges his movies aren't deep, but he is proud of his rock'em, sock'em style of popcorn filmmaking.".

'Transformers' Stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox On Their Favorite Robots

"Revenge of the Fallen" stars including Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox talk about their favorite robots in the movie. Who's Shia's favorite? The answer may surprise you! Tyrese and Ramon Rodriguez also chime in. You can read the full article here!

Revenge of the Fallen Sideways Reviewed

In Armada he was a minion of Unicron, and later he would appear in various guises in different series. Now the name Sideways has been given to a Decepticon in the movie universe. Check out the review for "Revenge of the Fallen" Sideways.

June 14th

Revenge of the Fallen Demolishor Reviewed

Featured in the teaser trailer and subsequent trailers was a weird Decepticon rolling on one wheel causing mass destruction. That Decepticon is Demolishor, one of the first Voyager Class releases in the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line. Check out my review of Demolishor here.

Sunday morning reviews: Autobot Ratchet and "Revenge of the Fallen" Jetfire

This Sunday morning brings you reviews from two ends of the Transformers spectrum. First up is a character from the beginnings of the Transformers line in a new form: Universe 2.0 Autobot Ratchet! Next up is a Legends version of a character from this summer's "Revenge of the Fallen" movie: Jetfire. Check out both reviews as you munch on your breakfast cereal.