March 1st, 2009

Botcon 2009 Scourge revealed!

“All who defy me shall lay at my feet; broken, crushed and defeated!”, so says this herald of Unicron who will be part of the figures released exclusively at Botcon 2009! Check out the Botcon 2009 Scourge preview!

Universe Legends Class Autobot Jazz and Megatron reviewed

One is a powerful warrior bent on conquering the entire galaxy while the other is one of the coolest Autobots around. Check out the reviews for two Universe Legends Class figures: Autobot Jazz and Megatron!

February 28th

Universe 2.0 Legends Class Hound reviewed

He may be pint sized but this figure represents one of the first Transformers from the 80's: Hound! Check out the review for Legends Class Hound.

Transformers Animated Swoop Reviewed

The aerial member of the Dinobots has been reviewed. Take a look to see if this sleek warrior is one you'll want workin with Grimlock in your collection!

February 27th

Sponsor News - New Henkei!, Alternity and Disney Label Transformers at Image Anime!

BWTF Sponsor Image Anime has received some awesome new items! First up are the amazing 1:32 scale Transformers from Alternity featuring rubber tires and die cast metal parts. Choose from Convoy in red or Convoy in silver. Also up for sale is the adorable Disney Label Mickey Mouse based on Optimus Prime!

Bailed-out GM Unlikely to Back 'Transformers' Sequel according to Advertising Age

Ad Age has posted an article discussing GM's plans towards advertising and "Revenge of the Fallen". Indeed, in the past 12 months, the carmaker has been forced into a new frugality, abandoning many long-standing entertainment-marketing initiatives. the article states. You may read the complete article here.

February 25th

Elite Guard Bumblebee and Universe Silverstreak reviewed

When Bumblebee wants to join the Elite Guard, he figures a paint job may just be the best first step. Meanwhile, the Universe Prowl figure sprouts a redeco in the reviews for Elite Guard Bumblebee and Universe Silverstreak.

February 24th

Cyberslammers Decepticon Brawl reviewed

He's a powerful engine of destruction and...cute?! The pudgy version of Decepticon Brawl from the 2007 live action Transformers movie has been reviewed.

Machine Wars section restored

The section containing BWTF's Machine Wars reviews has been restored. Take a look at some of the figures from this Kay Bee exclusive line here.

February 23rd

Botcon 2009 figure previews have begun and the brochure is up! has updated with its first figure preview from the Botcon 2009 set and it's a rather youthful looking Kup!. Also be sure to read the Botcon 2009 brochure for information about this fantastic event!