February 13th, 2011

Hasbro Toy Fair 2011 Galleries all online!

After a good night's rest, I've managed to put up the rest of my photos from toy fair. Check out over a hundred new photos from Toy Fair 2011 including MechTech Transformers, Star Wars Transformers, Rescue-Bots and more!


February 12th

"Dark of the Moon" Cyberverse and Human Alliance galleries online! has begun to post photos from its Toy Fair 2011 visit today! For tonight, check out my albums for the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse and the Human Alliance figures. More to come tomorrow!

Toy Fair 2011 - Presentation Coverage - Twitter!

I'll be trying something new this year. During the Hasbro presentation at the Times Square Center for Toy Fair 2011, I'll be taking notes and tweeting tid bits on my feed (see the left hand navigation to follow!). Fingers crossed this helps bring news to you guys in a timely manner!

Optimus Prime defends Toy Fair 2011!

Guarding against any dastardly Decepticon shenanigans is Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, parked right outside the Hasbro Toy Fair 2011 showroom this year! Check out's pics of this awesome truck with a trailer I never thought I'd see in real life as a kid!

Off to the Hasbro showroom at Toy Fair 2011!

The subject line says it all everyone. I'm off to check out Hasbro's latest offerings for 2011. They've already revealed a variety of toys including "Dark of the Moon" figures and items from "Transformers Prime", but more surprises are likely to greet me in the showroom! I'll be taking lots of photos for you to enjoy and do a bit of a write up as well. Please check back late this afternoon as the coverage begins!

February 11th

Entertainment Weekly reveals three new Transformers toys: The Ark, Sentinel Prime and Megatron!

With only a matter of hours to go before attends Hasbro's Toy Fair 2011 media event, Entertainment Weekly has published images of three upcoming toys from "Dark of the Moon": Sentinel Prime, Megatron and the Ark! You can see these pictures in all their glory on EW's web site!

Power Core Combiners Steamhammer with Constructicons reviewed

In Generation One, Transformers fans were introduced to six fearsome Decepticons who transformed and combined into the mighty Devastator. Now over twenty years later, a new team takes on the mantle of the name "Constructicon" with Steamhammer in the lead!

Activators Rally Bumblebee Reviewed

When it comes to fighting Decepticons in a good old fashioned rally rumble, Optimus Prime makes sure to bring backup: Rally Bumblebee! BWTF reviews this redeco of Activators Bumblebee, a figure that really empahsizes the "bee"part of his name!

February 10th

Botcon 2011 Exclusive Stunticon Drag Strip revealed!

Yesterday brought about a treat for "Transformers Animated" fans, a new exclusive reveal! This time out it's Drag Strip, but rather than being a redeco of Blurr or Swindle as some fans speculated, this Drag Strip is a redeco of the limited edition Arcee sculpt previously only available as a Toys R Us exclusive in the States! Head over to Botcon's website to see images of this cool redeco!

February 7th

io9 reveals "Transformers Dark of the Moon" Ultra Class "Mechtech" Optimus Prime!

With so many "Transformers Prime" reveals, fans of the "Transformers" movie franchise may be feeling left out. Well, feel that way no longer fellow fans! Thanks to io9, we can now see what Optimus Prime with his trailer looks like in robot and vehicle modes! This trailer is based on the classic G1 design and now serves multiple purposes including a suit of armor. You can see the photos of this awesome new figure on io9's website.